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Can Two Male Cats Get Together In The Identical Dwelling? What You Need to Know


Mar 28, 2023
two cats on a cat tree


two cats on a cat tree

Even though a lot of entrepreneurs have amazing tales of how possessing two cats is awesome, supplying each individual cat with business and a playmate to continue to keep them entertained, there are just as many horror tales of warring felines building their possess lives and individuals of their proprietors a misery.

Commonly, with a thorough and patient introduction, two male cats can get together very very well in the exact household. And, even if the two do not grow to be closely bonded, even getting the presence of a different cat in the household can present stability and reassurance for equally cats. Frequently, male cats are far more likely to get along if they are each neutered and it is generally much easier to introduce cats when they are equally youthful.


Just one Cat Or Two?

If you at present have no cats and are considering receiving a person, quite a few adoption centers and breeders recommend finding two cats. They argue that this will supply company for both equally cats, which is particularly valuable when you are not at residence but can also be effective simply because it delivers them with feline corporation.

It can offer you healthful play chances for both cats, much too. If you are getting two cats from the similar litter, nevertheless, you should really think about finding two of the exact same gender and acquire methods to prevent the prospective for littermate syndrome, which we focus on beneath. Over-all, a lot of proprietors do agree that two cats establish far better than a single.

two cats playing with toy at home
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Getting On a Next Cat

If you already have a cat at household and are looking at getting a next cat, there are many things to take into account. If your cat is to some degree older, is nicely settled, and has never experienced other feline organization, it may possibly not be a fantastic plan to get a 2nd cat. Your unique cat may possibly experience threatened by the new arrival. Even if they never bodily battle, bringing yet another cat into the house may possibly lead to stress and anxiety. It will just take time to combine the new cat. However, if your primary cat is young, energetic, and properly-socialized, finding a second cat can reward everyone.

Matching Temperament

Test to match the temperament of a new cat to that of your current feline companion. If you attempt to introduce a boisterous cat to a placid, laid-again cat, it can cause worry. It can be tough to predict the temperament of a new cat, but if you are adopting, make sure you meet the new cat a several moments right before you get it household. This will give you a clearer photograph of its temperament and action amounts.

Littermate Syndrome

When getting two or more kittens from the identical litter, or even from diverse litters but of the similar age, there is the possibility that they will establish littermate syndrome. Littermate syndrome happens when two cats turn out to be dependent on a single a different.

While it can seem to be adorable that your cats get alongside truly properly, littermate syndrome can cause serious mental and psychological problems. One or each cats may possibly become anxious when they are divided even for a shorter room of time. Reduce littermate syndrome by receiving cats of a various age or by using them on at distinct occasions, and ensuring that they never turn into much too dependent on a person a different.


Strategies To Introduce a New Cat To Your Property

1. Give Your New Cat Time

Your new cat is going to endure a good deal of transform in its daily life when it arrives. As effectively as conference you and your family, it will want to get applied to its surroundings. Forcing it to satisfy your existing cats and other animals could verify way too a lot even for a degree-headed, self-confident cat. Make confident your new cat has some house to contact its personal and allow it settle in prior to you start off the massive introduction.

two semi-feral cats outside the house
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2. Take It Slowly

Never just throw the cats in a space and let them form it out. Let the cats see one particular a different and get used to the other’s presence just before introducing them, if feasible. This can be done using playpens or by permitting them sniff at the door wherever the new relatives member is remaining held. When introductions do begin, make them gradual. The to start with couple of conferences really should only final 5 or 10 minutes before you different the cats and give them equally their area.

3. Reward Optimistic Interaction

If the conference goes nicely, praise each cats and give them a address. This will act as favourable reinforcement, so the cats will affiliate the meetings with these good benefits. About time, you can cease feeding treats, but they will be helpful for now.

4. Really do not Press It

Even if the very first pair of meetings go effectively, really do not be tempted to suppose that the occupation is carried out. It only will take just one detrimental encounter to set the procedure back again. Wait until finally the cats have been fully integrated right before you leave them by yourself in the house with entry to 1 one more, or you may well arrive back to warring felines.

two domestic cats playing with cat toys in the living room
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5. Keep Relaxed

Cats decide on up on the feelings of people, so if you are feeling and performing anxious, your cats will adopt these exact feelings. Check out to remain relaxed, even if you are emotion nervous. Be well prepared, be certain that your new cat has an escape route to a safe and sound put, and don’t forget that if items never go very well through the initially introduction, that doesn’t suggest all is shed.



Cats make excellent companions, and lots of individuals enjoy their independence as nicely as their loving nature. With that claimed a good deal of cats seriously do benefit from having other feline company. They can find out from just one a further, perform with one a different, and even present psychological assistance that we individuals cannot supply. Obtaining a 2nd cat does not necessarily imply you have to have two times the methods or area, possibly.

But, do think about your current cat if you are considering incorporating a second feline companion. If your cat is previous and has in no way definitely lived with other cats, it may perhaps be way too substantially to anticipate them to adapt.

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