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Do Basset Hounds Make Good Apartment Dogs? Facts & FAQ


May 31, 2023
Basset Hound


Basset Hound

With many young people adopting pets and delaying home ownership, finding pet-friendly apartments and apartment-friendly pets is a high priority. Some popular dog breeds aren’t the best choice for apartment living, but what about the Basset Hound? Basset Hounds have many traits that make them good apartment dogs, but one issue could pose a significant problem in a crowded living environment.

Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of living in an apartment with a Basset Hound. You’ll also learn some tips to help your Basset Hound be a better neighbor if you live in an apartment.


First the Good News…

Basset Hounds have several qualities that make them good apartment dogs.


Almost all apartments have weight limits for pets. Basset Hounds are medium-sized dogs, generally weighing between 40-65 pounds. This allows them to meet weight requirements for many apartments.  Basset Hounds are heavy, but not very tall. They generally won’t feel too big, even in small apartments.

basset hound puppy
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Basset Hounds are calm, friendly, laid-back dogs by nature. They aren’t very energetic, meaning you usually won’t have to worry about them running around a small apartment. Downstairs, neighbors will appreciate not having to listen to the constant thump of dog feet. Meanwhile, you won’t feel crowded out of your own space by a dog who won’t stop moving.

Exercise Needs

High-energy breeds generally don’t make good apartment dogs, and it’s hard to get them the exercise they need without a yard. Basset Hounds don’t have that problem. Basset Hounds are prone to obesity, so they must get daily exercise. However, their needs can generally be met simply by a brisk walk. After exercise, Basset Hounds are happy to lounge around the apartment in the sun.

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Now the Bad News…

While their size, personality, and activity level make Basset Hounds good apartment dogs, there is one problem: Basset Hounds are loud.

They were developed to sniff out game for hunters who followed their trail on foot. As they tracked, Basset Hounds were typically very vocal, barking and baying, so the hunters could find them. Modern Basset Hounds still have the instinct to express themselves.

Basset Hounds can be vocal when they’re lonely, frustrated, excited, or bored. They’re also fairly protective of their homes and may bark at strangers. Busy apartment buildings always have unknown people coming and going, so a Basset will find a lot to bark at.

Not all Basset Hounds are constant barkers, and they may be a better fit for apartments. In addition, there are some steps you can take to keep your Basset Hound quieter. We’ll talk about those in the next section.

Basset Hound
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Helping Your Basset Hound Be a Better Apartment Neighbor

A well-trained, well-socialized dog is generally calmer and more in control of itself. You can provide your Basset Hound with basic obedience training to help them behave in an apartment. Daily physical and mental stimulation helps your Basset Hound channel the energy they have away from barking and howling.

Basset Hounds are independent dogs but generally don’t enjoy being left alone. Lonely Bassets can get especially loud, which apartment neighbors certainly won’t appreciate. They may do better in apartments if they live with someone who works from home or can take their dog to work.

Alternately, provide your Basset Hound with toys and other enrichment so they stay busy while you’re away. If your dog must be left alone all day, consider hiring a dog walker to spend time with them. Basset Hounds usually get along with other dogs well, and doggy daycare may be a good option.



Not all Basset Hounds are a good fit for apartment living, but they have many qualities that work well for small-space living. With training and planning, Basset Hounds can make good apartment neighbors. However, if you live in an apartment and are considering a Basset Hound, be aware of their potential to bark and be disruptive. Be prepared to find alternate solutions if your Basset Hound is being too loud.

Featured Image Credit: Bill Anastasiou, Shutterstock

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