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Do Bernese Mountain Pet dogs Odor Even worse Than Most Canine? The Attention-grabbing Respond to!


Mar 8, 2023
Bernese Golden Mountain Dog


Bernese Golden Mountain Dog

Does your Bernese Mountain Puppy constantly scent, or did a person notify you they’re just a smelly breed? The real truth is that a Bernese Mountain Canine ordinarily smells no worse than any other dog breed.

So, why is it that your pup has a frequent odor and what can you do about it? Terrible odors can be a indication of further overall health fears, so it’s not some thing you will want to dismiss if your pup has been specifically stinky recently.


Factors Why Your Bernese Mountain Canine Could possibly Odor

Before you can determine out how to preserve your pup from smelling bad, you will need to figure out what is resulting in the odor in the initial position. We have highlighted 5 of the most popular motives your Bernese Mountain Puppy could have a lousy odor for you here:

1. Their Atmosphere

A Bernese Mountain Doggy has a wonderful thick coat. And even though it seems to be excellent, it also functions like an odor magnet. If the smells all around them are fantastic, which is not a problem, but if there are disagreeable smells in the air, they can soak into the fur.

Regardless of whether it is a constantly dirty ecosystem in their household or they just received into a little something they should not have even though they were being outside, all those scents can stick with a Bernese Mountain Canine for a longer period than they would with other breeds.

bernese mountain dog near a pond

2. They Will need a Bath

In some cases Fido just desires a tiny time in the tub! Their coat picks up scents and sooner or later, all individuals scents can start off to fester and make an uncomfortable aroma. You need to imagine about bathing a Bernese Mountain Puppy at the very least the moment a month, and even more generally if you frequently see an unpleasant odor.

3. Bacterial Problems

If your Bernese Mountain Dog life in an overly humid surroundings or spends a whole lot of time in and out of the drinking water, they can start to establish microorganisms dwelling in their fur and on their skin. These bacterial microbes typically give off an unpleasant scent, and that may possibly be what you’re finding up on.

bernese mountain dog lying on the floor with droopy red lower eye lid due to skin looseness
Image Credit score: RasaBas, Shutterstock

4. Ear Bacterial infections

Ear bacterial infections are notorious for their rancid scent, and if your Bernese Mountain Pet receives an ear infection, you will probable smell it. The very good news is that Bernese Mountain Dogs are really no extra probably to get an ear infection than any other dog breed.

5. Other Wellness Worries

There are tons of health fears that could lead to a Bernese Mountain Canine with an unpleasant odor. Challenges like leaking anal glands, skin infections, and far more can all lead to an unpleasant scent. If you suspect a professional medical concern is behind your pup’s smell, consider them to a vet immediately.

sad dog lying on the floor
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How to Maintain Your Bernese Mountain Doggy Smelling Good

It is better to continue to keep your canine smelling fantastic than to have to attempt and remedy the situation just after the truth. Down below are a couple issues you can do to preserve your Bernese Mountain Dog smelling its best day soon after day.

1. Thoroughly clean Environment

A dirty residence prospects to a negative-smelling pup. Preserving up with dishes, getting the trash out, and carrying out other daily chores will make a major variance in holding your pet smelling great. You also should take into account maintaining your Bernese Mountain Dog away from mud and other terrains that can guide to foul-smelling odors.

Bernese mountain dog with toy on carpet in living room
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2. Recurrent Baths

Although a Bernese Mountain Canine shouldn’t need any a lot more baths than any other variety of dog, it’s still crucial to stick with a steady bathing routine. Offering baths at the time a thirty day period will go a long way in trying to keep bad odors away, and it’s infrequent ample that it should not create any problems for their skin or coat. Just assure you are applying a leading-notch doggy shampoo and completely drying them off afterward.

3. Regular Grooming Regimen

With a lengthy, thick coat, a Bernese Mountain Canine requires each day brushing to retain their fur from matting up and gathering all kinds of dust and grime. Brushing them the moment for each day will help apparent out any extra gunk in their coat prior to it has a chance to start out gathering germs and generating a foul odor.

bernese mountain dog being groomed
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4. Typical Vet Visits

Considering that fundamental wellness troubles are the results in of so lots of poor-smelling pet dogs, retaining up with annual checkups and getting your pup to the vet at any time one thing is incorrect will go a long way in encouraging. These points will enable be certain you can catch problems when they’re even now small and easily treatable.


Remaining Feelings

When a Bernese Mountain Dog calls for a large amount of operate and really like to treatment for effectively, if you preserve up with all their treatment necessities, they should not odor any even worse than any other style of dog. They are nonetheless likely to odor like a canine, of program, but it shouldn’t be unbearable.

If your Bernese Mountain Dog has an odor you cannot shake, we recommend having them to a vet for more tips and to rule out any possible wellness challenges they might have.

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