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Do Birds Dance to Audio? Here is What Science Says


Mar 17, 2023
yellow dancing parrot with blue wings


yellow dancing parrot with blue wings
Dr. Luqman Javed Photo

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About the a long time, science has proved that birds really don’t only enjoy listening to new music, but they also enjoy to dance to the conquer.1 They do so in various methods, including bobbing their heads, swirling their bodies, and taping their toes synced with the tune.

Various scientific tests found different hen species dancing to various tracks on YouTube. Just one these kinds of investigation was revealed in Existing Biology in which a sulfur-colored cockatoo named “Snowball” was described grooving together to a YouTube online video with audio in the track record.2

So, the query is, what will make birds dance to new music? Do they adore listening to songs, or is there any other factor that can make them do so? Let’s dig further into the famous “Snowball” review and come across our responses.


Birds Present a Child-Like Dancing Exhibit

In the analyze conducted at The Neurosciences Institute in La Jolla, California,3 the researcher Dr. Aniruddh Patel located Snowball dancing to the regular beats of the rock tune “Another Just one Bites the Dust.” Dr. Patel then applied the popular Cyndi Lauper track “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” to see how the hen would react to a distinct track.

Though the cockatoo danced differently in each video, the scientist concluded that the bird’s dancing mixture contains particular moves. These include banging his head, swaying his body, and tapping his foot in accordance to the musical rhythms.

From time to time, the chicken may transfer in another way, like a kid hoping to match their movements to beats. Dr. Patel even more provides that the dancing sample of Snowball is mostly out of sync, identical to a little one.

In another research,4 psychologist Adena Schachner examined the dancing sample of an African gray parrot alongside with Snowball. Schachner concluded that Snowball could also transfer their overall body pieces to the song’s beats. This actions is the exact same as people.

Four canary birds (Serinus canaria) sitting in a branch
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Can Birds Do Vocal Mimicry?

Schachner and her team also analyzed YouTube films on animals dancing to music. Their purpose was to identify the rhythm and actions of distinctive species to musical beats. They spotted 14 parrots and one Asian elephant that could dance to songs in unique patterns.

The prevalent trait amid the overall dancing team was vocal mimicry. Dancing was thought to be the final result of this ability. Additionally, the researchers located that elephants and parrots can imitate noises, these kinds of as going cars or repeating anything they hear.

When it will come to birds, Snowball surprised his owner by dancing to German Polka tunes. Irena Schulz stated she did not anticipate her cockatoo to bang its head with so a lot passion for the German beats.

Why Do Birds Dance to Tunes?

Tunes makes joy, unhappiness, and several other feelings in the listeners’ hearts. It allows us channel our emotions in the ideal way. That is why we pay attention to it. But why do birds pay attention to or dance to audio? Do they expertise the very same thoughts as we do?

Understandably, a bird’s head cannot possibly translate a song’s lyrics. But they can hook up with its beats, vocal styles, rhythms, and other features. That is the principal issue inducing the dancing behavior in them.

Numerous birds also make their very own tunes to converse with other people. Over time, numerous reports have investigated the precise intent of a bird dancing to tunes. Do they expertise satisfaction, or is it just a neural reaction to particular beats?

In an Emory University review in 2012,5 experts discovered that when woman birds pay attention to fowl tunes, their brains answer like a human brain. This suggests their brain employs the very same pathways as people when listening to tunes.

Concerning males, researchers uncovered that the neural pathways ended up far too complicated to establish as constructive or destructive. In point, some males come to be angry at a number of tracks.

Lots of birds also understand to dance to particular tracks from their homeowners. They mimic the dancing behavior when they see their human dad and mom beginning a tune and transferring to its defeat. About time, you will see your chicken dancing to that tune as before long as it performs.

Two Fischer's lovebirds hanging out
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Do Birds Like Specific Styles of Songs?

Of course, birds can be picky when liking or dancing to new music. Many owners report that they discovered their birds dancing to only a specific model of new music. Their likeness is to this extent that they even rejected other tunes with a robust dislike.

A person research confirms that parrots are choosy when selecting their favorite music.6 Some birds like to pay attention to calm, classical music, even though other individuals like louder rock tunes. The examine also concluded that most birds dislike digital tunes. This demonstrates that birds also have different tastes about what they want to hear to.

The researchers installed contact screens on two parrots’ cages to detect if they could self-pick out tunes. The screen supplied different types of new music to parrots to accommodate their decisions. Soon after a thirty day period, it was uncovered that equally birds chose their favored tracks far more than 1,400 occasions.

At the finish of this examine, the researchers concluded that we need to put in selectable jukeboxes in our parrot’s cages to deliver them with self-amusement. This way, they won’t get bored and clearly show destructive habits.

Of class, we however want extra exploration to verify the type of new music birds take pleasure in. Having said that, one thing is sure. Birds don’t like severe digital tracks they choose tunes of a specific type.



Birds not only dance to songs, but they also have precise tastes when it will come to listening to a song. Numerous studies have found that birds dance in a certain way, together with head bobbing, foot stomping, and swirling their bodies. That is generally relevant to parrots, together with cockatoos.

Researchers also concluded that birds dance in a baby-like method. Additionally, they can do vocal mimicry like human beings.

An additional review also observed that parrots can be picky when listening to or dancing to a tune. While some desire serene tunes, others start off dancing to rock tunes. Nevertheless, most species confirmed a strong dislike to electronic tracks.

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