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Do Cats Overeat? Vet Reviewed Specifics & FAQ


Mar 31, 2023
cat not eating food


cat not eating food
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Cats are regarded for loving meals and can be pretty pesky when they are hungry. Their meals tends to be gone seriously quickly as nicely. Does that suggest that all cats are overeaters, or can some cats self-control? The answer to that problem is tricky and will differ from cat to cat. No two cats are the exact same, and as a outcome, no two cats have the similar feeding on behavior. It is crucial to know if your cat is an overeater mainly because overeating can be hazardous and have disastrous consequences on your cat’s well being. Numerous indoor cats both are or turn out to be overeaters for the reason that returning to the ever-entire dry food plate turns into habitual actions. 


Do Cats Overeat?

Lots of cats overeat, but not all of them will. Overeating is ordinarily the final result of a wide range of variables, together with personality characteristics, earlier gatherings, diet regime, activity stage, and the atmosphere. It is extremely hard to inform which cats are overeaters and which kinds will self-control just by seeking at them.

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Things That Bring about Overeating

There are some vital aspects that are a lot more probably to lead to a cat to be an overeater. First, cats that reside in a household with other animals, especially other cats, are additional probable to overeat. When there is competition, it will bring about cats to want to consume as a great deal as they can to stay clear of dropping meals to a different pet. That is doubly accurate if the other animals in the property are also overeaters due to the fact they will promptly check out to consume any leftover meals from your cat or test to steal it from their bowl. This behavior will bring about a cat to turn out to be an overeater.

Some cats have occasions in their previous that will bring about them to overeat. Cats that have lived on the street or invested time in the shelter will typically overeat out of fear of missing a food. Kittens that have been underfed or undernourished when they ended up extremely youthful might also have a worry of lacking out on food items, producing them to overeat.

Dry cat food items is ordinarily lower in protein and bigger in carbohydrates than a cat’s organic diet plan. Several cats fed completely dry food stuff will overeat in research of the nutrients that their food plan is not delivering mainly because they crave far more protein.

Finally, some cats simply like the style of their meals. If the cat has the right taste pallet and the appropriate temperament, it will basically eat as well a lot due to the fact they like the style of the food stuff and love the approach of consuming.

Symptoms of a Self-Regulator

It is rather straightforward to notify if a cat is a self-regulator when it comes to their meals. If you endeavor to cost-free feed your cat by leaving out enough quantities of foods and they do not eat everything at the moment, they likely have some ability to regulate their food consumption. Self-regulating cats will take in tiny amounts commonly during the working day. They will be at ease leaving food stuff in their bowl and returning to consume it later on. By comparison, overeaters will rarely really feel comfy leaving food items in their bowl. Overeaters will take in as a lot as they can in just one sitting down.

You should really not cost-free feed overeating cats. You should only leave out food for cats that have the capacity to regulate their having behaviors. Normally, you must feed your cats carefully proportioned meals at normal moments.

A ragdoll cat eating dry food
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Hazards of Overeating

Numerous entrepreneurs believe that if a cat is feeding on all of their foodstuff and inquiring for more it suggests that they are however hungry and have to have extra foods. Having said that, that is not the scenario. It is perilous to permit cats overeat. Overeating usually qualified prospects to being obese, which then leads to sick overall health results.

Cats that overeat are at chance of getting overweight. Being overweight can trigger numerous troubles in cats, such as joint ache, coronary heart disorder, diabetes, and cancer. Numerous of these side consequences can trigger lingering well being complications that can usher in early loss of life. The quick-phrase outcomes of overeating can include nausea, vomiting, and lethargy.



Cats can self-control when it arrives to ingesting, but a lot of of them don’t. Lots of cats are overeaters. A range of components can cause a cat to overeat, together with their natural environment, their earlier, and their identity. If your cat is an overeater, you really should not free feed them or overfeed them. You should really feed them standard proportioned meals. If you suspect your cat is a regulator, you can be much more relaxed about your feeding schedule but continue to keep an eye out for indicators of overeating so you can avoid overfeeding.

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