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Do Corgis Have Tails? What You Failed to Know!


Feb 16, 2023
pembroke welsh corgi dog butt outdoors


pembroke welsh corgi dog butt outdoors

Keep onto your hats due to the fact we’re about to dive deep into the earth of Corgi tails. Most men and women know and enjoy these limited-legged, poofy pups, but have you ever wondered why some of them have a nub though other folks have a wag-worthy tail?

All Corgis do have tails nonetheless, some are docked for aesthetic purposes. Docking is a method in which the tail of a pup is taken out shortly soon after beginning to make them search far more cosmetically pleasing. That reported, not all Corgis will have their tails docked as this eventually is dependent on the proprietor. Permit us break it down for you.


The Situation at Start

Just before you decide to shack up with a Corgi, you need to know that there are two varieties of furry monsters to decide on from: the Cardigan and the Pembroke. The Cardigan Corgis are the initial breed, and some people say Pembroke Corgis were being designed from Cardigans. All Corgis are born with tails, but in some circumstances, they are docked (aka surgically eradicated) for a variety of reasons—mostly since of aesthetic and historic reasons.

So, what the heck is up with that? A debate is raging, with some arguing that docking is cruel and pointless though other people argue that it is a tradition that need to be upheld. Exclusively, present-high quality Pembroke Corgis typically have their tails docked as per breed benchmarks, when pet-top quality kinds might or might not be, based on whether or not the breeder chooses to dock them prior to sale. But one particular thing’s for sure, whether they have a tail or not, Corgis will always be the supreme canine companion.

Corgi Splooting
Picture Credit: danielleshea, Pixabay

So, Which A person Has a Prolonged Tail?

If you see a Corgi with a happy, fluffy, sizeable tail, then odds are you are on the lookout at a Cardigan. Here’s the situation: Cardigan Corgis commonly keep their tails, but Pembroke Corgis usually have them lower off. Each breeds are naturally meant to have tails—and they are born with them. Only Pembroke Corgis have them docked—or shortened through amputation—at all-around a few days outdated.

pembroke and cardigan corgis in a field of flowers
Picture Credit: Rita_Kochmarjova, Shutterstock

The Follow of Tail Docking

The controversial follow of tail docking is owing to American Kennel Club (AKC) specifications. Initially, Corgi pups ended up bred as cattle herding puppies. Again in the working day, farmers considered it finest that Corgis did not have their tails acquiring in the way—there was a risk of the doggos finding pinned down underneath thundering cattle hooves. Accordingly, the tradition of docking their tails as puppies was born. But no one is making use of a Corgi to round up cattle these times!

Docking tails is all about hyping a glimpse. But is this follow humane? Despite the fact that some American breeders preserve that “puppies really do not really feel suffering at a few days aged,” but in the United Kingdom and Europe they identify this for lies and it’s illegal to dock Corgi tails more than there. So, it’s clear the debate is legit—and raging on.

Pain Is Soreness

This claim that Corgis never really feel suffering is bogus, in accordance to the professionals at the American Veterinary Professional medical Affiliation. Finding your Corgi’s tail docked is not just a very little bit of discomfort for them it can be everyday living-altering. And truthfully, it’s tricky to even evaluate just how considerably struggling we’re conversing about right here.

But here’s the actual kicker—if you’re finding this accomplished to your pup when they’re tremendous younger, it can influence their anxious program in a major way. And that can guide to all sorts of problems down the street when it arrives to how they really feel and understand agony in afterwards existence. This suggests it may well be safer to avoid docking your Corgi’s tail.

Corgi dog on the green the grass on the leash barks
Graphic Credit score: Bachkova Natalia, Shutterstock

It is Showtime!

What does the AKC regular have to say about the Pembroke’s tail in the breed conventional? They never pull their punches. The AKC normally encourages house owners to slice the tail without having “indenting” this signifies chopping off the tail as aggressively as attainable without creating it shorter than the protrusion of the dog’s hind legs. Something in excess of two inches in a entirely grown pet dog is thought of a no-go—aesthetically speaking.

The purpose? They say a longer tail messes up the over-all shape of the dog’s again. So, this has nothing to do with perform and almost everything to do with variety.



To sum up, all Corgis have tails. On the other hand, since a lot of Corgis have their tails docked, it would seem like they are all butt and no tail. Though both Cardigans and Pembrokes are born with tails and supposed to reside out their life with tails, there is a lot of debate in excess of whether docking Pembroke Corgis’ tails is humane or not. Some breeders (and the AKC) nevertheless argue that it will cause the pup no soreness, even with vets telling them in different ways.

But if you are just hunting for a adorable very little furball to make your eternally BFF, you can completely skip the docking surgical procedure and the pointless puppy suffering.

Featured Image Credit score: Natalia Fedosova, Shutterstock

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