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Do Dachshunds Smell Undesirable? Every thing You Require to Know!


Feb 14, 2023
miniature chocolate dachshund standing on rock


miniature chocolate dachshund standing on rock

When any pet dog can stink, Dachshunds are not notoriously any additional smelly than other breeds. Though they lose reasonably, they are regarded to be fairly clean up pet dogs who can go for lengthy intervals of time without having seeing the tub. In reality, they only want to be bathed every 3 months or so except they turn into particularly muddy at the doggy park. If your Dachshund smells dreadful, you must check out them for indicators of sickness, this kind of as ear bacterial infections, skin problems, or anal glands that require to be expressed.


Top rated 4 Probable Factors Your Dachshund Smells Lousy

1. Their Anal Glands Are Total

You know that humorous move the place puppies scoot together the carpet? That is usually a signal that their anal glands want to be manually expressed. Your pet dog has two sacs positioned near their anus that are filled with a foul odor that releases every single time they poop. To individuals, it smells a small like rotten fish mixed with a fart, but to canines it’s their signature scent that shares key aspects about their age, health, and sexual intercourse.

Most canines luckily possess the capability to convey their own glands, but some never. Chronic inflammation or inadequate diet usually prevent them from expressing their glands thoroughly, but the problem is also far more normally observed in smaller sized canine breeds in common, which usually means genetics may well perform a part.

Because most canine can categorical their glands the natural way, you should not consider unless of course it is completely important. Some canines can eliminate the ability to specific their possess anal glands if someone does it for them, and you absolutely really don’t want to be executing that for their full lifestyle unless of course you require to.

Dachshund butt
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2. Ear Complications

Your Dachshund’s lovable ears might be the internet site of the unrelenting stench. Mites, bacterial infections, and constructed-up earwax can all induce unpleasant odors. Black specks resembling coffee grounds typically accompanied by an excessive sum of wax signify ear mites. Although this issue is quickly addressed, you will have to have to acquire your Dachshund to the vet to obtain a prescription for ear drops.

If your dog has an ear an infection, their ears will possible scent funky, and may perhaps appear unusually pink on the within. Your dog may well howl if they are touched there, and they may even have a reduced-quality fever. Your vet will possible want to examine their ears to identify if the an infection was prompted by a bacterial, viral, or fungal resource. Soon after cleansing out their ears, they’ll ordinarily give you ear drops to address the dilemma at house.    

3. Skin Infections

Slick, oily skin with a moldy or sour odor may perhaps be a indication that your dog has an external yeast an infection. Your vet will likely prescribe drugs to your pup to cure the challenge and might propose eating plan variations to prevent it from recurring. Regrettably, some Dachshunds look susceptible to pores and skin concerns. You may well want to communicate to your vet about switching your Dachshund’s foods to an allergy-welcoming diet plan with anti-inflammatory ingredients to see if that assists, specifically if they experience repeated GI upset or ear bacterial infections.

a silky wire-haired dachshund dog on a grooming table
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4. Lousy Breath

Did you know that 80% of canines establish periodontal illness by age 3? Unless they’re chomping down on food stuff (or our fingers during the puppy dog phase), we may well not feel about our Dachshund’s teeth really usually. However, it’s essential to preserve up with your dog’s oral wellbeing with day-to-day toothbrushing and expert cleanings as advised by your vet.

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How to Retain Your Dachshund Smelling Contemporary

Thankfully, it doesn’t choose considerably exertion to hold your Dachshund smelling excellent. You must bathe them each individual 1-3 months with a sulfate-cost-free shampoo that doesn’t strip their coat. We like Colloidal Oatmeal Shampoo by Hepper since it doesn’t incorporate any harsh or damaging substances this kind of as soaps or parabens. Furthermore, it endows them with a long-long lasting cucumber scent.

Whilst your Dachshund requires only quarterly bathing, you may have to clean their hind quarters a lot more frequently if they have an upset tummy or soon after an anal gland expression. To maintain your Dachshund thoroughly clean, you can wipe them down immediately after a reasonably soiled journey to the park. Normally, they’ll bathe themselves and keep somewhat clear.

You will need to have to brush them, having said that, at minimum after or twice a week. Brushing distributes their organic oils throughout their coat, which nourishes their fur and stops them from acquiring any greasy places.

Your Dachshund’s teeth require to be brushed day by day in buy to preserve their pearly whites in best form, and tame doggie breath.

Aside from cleanliness, be absolutely sure to feed your Dachshund a nutritious, properly-balanced eating plan to prevent extreme gas and help avoid scooting. If you do all of these things, your Dachshund really should be normally stench-free of charge. If they continue to scent like a skunk, it’s most likely time to see a vet.



If you’re hesitating on adopting a Dachshund simply because of the possible stench, you can breathe a pleasant sigh of relief. Although no living creature may possibly be strictly odorless, Dachshunds aren’t acknowledged to be significantly smelly. If you do odor a foul odor emanating from your hound, you should almost certainly take a look at them for any medical difficulties these types of as ear infections or blocked anal glands. Or else, protecting a regular grooming program that consists of weekly brushing and daily tooth-brushing really should keep them smelling fresh in concerning baths.

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