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Do Guinea Pigs Figure out Their Name? (How to Educate Them)


Feb 28, 2023
young boy playing with guinea pig


young boy playing with guinea pig

Guinea Pigs, also recognised as Cavia porcellus, are very popular small furry, lovable animals. They’re indigenous to different Andean areas of South The united states, wherever they have been in the beginning domesticated to provide reliable foodstuff sources. During the 16th century, traders from Europe and North The united states brought Guinea Pigs back again from their travels. While there are in excess of 13 Guinea Pig breeds, English, Abyssinian, and Peruvian Guinea Pigs are the most preferred.

Some have lengthy, silky hair, and other folks have shorter, tough coats. They can weigh up to 2½ pounds most reside in between 5 and 6 a long time, but some notably wholesome animals can are living 10 years or more time. But can these well known animals recognize their names? Completely. Guinea Pigs are intelligent, and most are completely aware of what their identify is, whilst they may not react or occur when referred to as without the need of training.


Do Guinea Pigs Realize Folks?

Indeed, significantly those people who feed and treatment for them. Guinea Pigs will normally commence squeaking when they listen to their beloved man or woman approaching their cage. And some will even squeak in reaction when owners communicate to them. Many will comply with beloved individuals all-around when permitted a little bit of cage-totally free exploration time.

Guinea Pigs are incredibly social animals, so they usually appreciate becoming all-around their family members members and are usually dialed into their owners’ activities. Some house owners report that their Guinea Pigs will even try to lick their fingers and take pleasure in sitting on their laps. Guinea Pigs never have fantastic vision, so they generally recognize individuals by odor.

female cuddles with guinea pig
Graphic Credit rating: Ocskay Mark, Shutterstock

Can Guinea Pigs Find out to Do Tricks?

Yes, Guinea Pigs are trainable. Trying to keep schooling classes limited is finest anything around 10 minutes is way too very long to remain effective and pleasant. Guinea Pigs often reply to treats and praise, so you have a couple of reward solutions. To instruct a guinea pig to reply to their title, connect with your pet and reward them with a treat when they come. It generally can take incredibly very little time for Guinea Pigs to study methods.

Do Guinea Pigs Demand Training?

All animals, Guinea Pigs provided, need actual physical action and mental stimulation to continue to be joyful and wholesome. Animals that really do not get plenty of day by day exercising are at greater danger of creating conditions this sort of as heart sickness, bumblefoot, and diabetic issues.

Offering an enclosure of at the very least 7.5 square toes presents Guinea Pigs a good deal of room to operate close to and have exciting when left alone. Greater enclosures are even greater. Numerous choose remaining active early in the day, which is not often hassle-free for human beings with early morning tasks.

Guinea Pigs also require regular time outside their enclosures to examine and delight in some liberty. Aim for wherever from 1 to 4 hrs of day-to-day supervised exploration time. Make confident to child-evidence the location to avoid your pet from chewing on cords or ingesting anything potentially harmful. Most Guinea Pigs don’t climb very perfectly, so it’s ordinarily fantastic to concentrate on ensuring parts close to the ground are very clear of inviting objects to nibble on.

guinea pig inside toy tunnel
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Do Guinea Pigs Like to Be Held?

It relies upon a great offer on the animal’s character and socialization. Guinea Pigs are prey animals, so their intuition is to cover in the existence of greater creatures (like people) capable of harming them. But as domesticated animals, they’ve largely been bred to settle for human speak to. Animals that are lovingly taken care of when young normally delight in a excellent cuddle or two.

But some in no way get to the point wherever they come to feel cozy being handled. Furnishing Guinea Pigs with secure hiding places usually offers a sense of security that could improve their willingness to interact with individuals. Guinea pigs that love being held are generally relaxed and curious. Likely rigid, freezing, or battling when managed are symptoms of distress.

Do Guinea Pigs Miss Their Proprietors?

Guinea Pigs kind bonds with individuals who treatment for them and shower them with enjoy and awareness. Guinea Pig entrepreneurs constantly report becoming greeted with squeaks and even energized tiny jumps just after remaining absent from their animals, making it distinct that Guinea Pigs bond intensely with their beloved persons.

Guinea Pigs do very best when living with at minimum 1 similar companion, and pets that reside devoid of yet another Guinea pig in some cases grow to be lonely and frustrated. Symptoms of Guinea pig loneliness, depression, and boredom involve hair chewing, hiding, refusing to be taken care of, and normal irritability. Placing enclosures in central parts frequented by relatives customers typically presents animals a feeling of comfort and inclusion. Don’t forget that much larger enclosures are needed when housing many animals, as inadequate place frequently results in conflict and anxiety.



Guinea Pigs are sweet and loving little mammals that have been held as pets for centuries. They bond with people who treatment deeply for them and spend loads of high-quality time petting, cuddling, and grooming them. Guinea Pigs are fairly clever, and most acknowledge their names some will even whistle somewhat to greet their favorite men and women.

While they can be timid, most can study a trick or two with patience, treats, and reward-centered teaching. They are extremely social animals that do ideal when surrounded by loving companions and usually like living in pairs or groups.

Showcased Graphic Credit: mgventer10, Pixabay

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