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Do Guinea Pigs Know When An additional Guinea Pig Dies? (How They Grieve)


Feb 28, 2023
Two guinea pigs on the grass


Two guinea pigs on the grass

The demise of a pet is a tough blow for any individual, including other animals in the dwelling. As social animals, guinea pigs do greatest when they stay with a companion and will variety shut bonds with other guinea pigs that they live with. Guinea pigs undoubtedly recognize when their mate dies and will grieve the loss just like you do.

Comprehending how your guinea pig reacts to the loss of life of their companion will assist you establish how to support their recovery. Supporting your surviving guinea pig can also assistance ease your discomfort far too.


Do Guinea Pigs Grieve the Loss of Their Good friend?

If you have by no means dropped a guinea pig ahead of, you are almost certainly not familiar with how other guinea pigs will react to the reduction of their close friend. You may well also be wondering irrespective of whether they grieve the reduction on their own. Depending on how robust the bond among the guinea pigs is, the surviving guinea pig will pass up their companion and grieve for them in distinct means.

For illustration, if you have a team of guinea pigs, the decline could possibly be tempered by the existence of the other individuals, however some individuals that ended up closer to the misplaced guinea pig could feel the loss much more. If you only have two guinea pigs, the dying of one particular can be a difficult blow to the remaining guinea pig, and they could possibly show a a lot more powerful response.

Sleepy guinea pig
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How to Convey to If Your Guinea Pig Is Grieving

Considering the fact that they can not communicate, knowing what your guinea pig is sensation can be tough. If you are not acquainted with the signs of a guinea pig’s grieving process, it can be straightforward to job your devastation onto them or even think that they really do not treatment at all, particularly if they carry on as normal. Like us, although, particular person guinea pigs have special strategies of dealing with decline.

Your guinea pig will demonstrate their grief in numerous approaches. Some will shed their appetite, stare into space for extended periods, or refuse to perform, although others will search relentlessly for their missing close friend.

You need to observe your guinea pig carefully after the loss of life of their companion. Unexpected alterations in their setting, like the reduction of a close friend, can tension them out and set them off their food stuff. If they do not try to eat for a extended time because of to their grief, it can direct to liver challenges.

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Encouraging Your Guinea Pig Grieve

Section of the restoration approach for you and your guinea pig is helping them take the loss of their companion. Serving to them grieve will enable you equally to course of action and alter to the absence. Here are a few techniques to assist you and your guinea pig grieve.

Allow Them Say Goodbye

Although it could look weird, inserting the deceased guinea pig back again in their cage for a though can assistance your remaining guinea pigs alter. If the loss of life took place right away, your other guinea pigs most likely previously interacted with their companion’s system, and you can get rid of it.

However, if the guinea pig dies when they are outside the house of the cage thanks to an accident or for the duration of a journey to the vet, your remaining pets will miss out on out on this time to say goodbye. By putting the useless guinea pig again in the cage for a couple minutes, you are going to be providing your remaining guinea pigs the time that they require to start off grieving.

Some guinea pigs will overlook the physique, though other folks will interact with it by sniffing, licking, or making an attempt to rouse them. When this can be heartbreaking to watch—especially when you are working with the reduction yourself—it’s an necessary aspect of serving to your guinea pig recognize and get started therapeutic from the loss.

happy guinea pig
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Clear Out the Cage

Some guinea pig house owners will comprehensively clean the cage immediately after the dying of a person of their pets. This will remove the lingering scent of your missing guinea pig and make it much easier for your surviving guinea pig to recognize their absence.

If your guinea pig can continue to smell the existence of their close friend, it may possibly confuse them and encourage them to devote for a longer time looking for their companion fairly than working with the reduction. Totally substitute the bedding and toys, and thoroughly clean any bowls utilised by the other guinea pig.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to get rid of the scent of their mate completely—especially if you have a timid guinea pig that will get stressed easily—give your guinea pig some thing new instead. Introduce new toys to play with, or make a new cardboard dwelling for them to explore.

Shell out High-quality Time Jointly

Guinea pigs are social animals, and if they are on their possess after shedding a companion, loneliness can make their recovery course of action more time. This will make it even extra significant for you to established aside time to socialize with your guinea pig.

Even if they dwell in a team, your guinea pigs can still reward from paying quality time with you. By interacting with them, you can assistance avert them from dwelling on their dropped companion by supplying them a little something else to focus on. They’ll nonetheless overlook their buddy, but they’ll also be distracted by the consolation that you supply them. Paying out time with them can also assistance make a bond.

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Give Them Time

Over all else, the most important thing about dealing with bereavement is letting for time. The demise of a companion—whether it’s a pal or a beloved pet—is devastating for absolutely everyone, even if the animal is as little as your guinea pig. Neither you nor your guinea pig is envisioned to recover from the decline right away.

Although some guinea pigs could possibly only want a several times or a 7 days, other individuals might overlook their buddy for many weeks. No make any difference how lengthy it will take or how heartbreaking their unhappiness is, supplying them the time they will need is crucial to enable their restoration.

Should You Get An additional Guinea Pig?

The suffering of losing your guinea pig can make the prospect of adopting another one complicated. This is some thing to critically look at, however, particularly if your remaining guinea pig is on their own. You really do not will need to bounce straight into adopting a new pe, of course. Give on your own and your guinea pig a couple weeks to get more than the loss just before looking into adoption.

Introducing a new guinea pig can aid your surviving guinea pig by providing them an additional companion to bond with. Regretably, we can not devote all day with our guinea pig, but one more furry buddy will present convenience through their presence.

We proposed adoption over getting a new guinea pig. This way, you’ll be supporting a further animal. Try to remember to introduce the guinea pigs slowly by keeping them in individual cages right before progressively escalating the time that they invest jointly.

Two Guinea pigs under the rocks
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Despite the fact that little, guinea pigs consider up a large sum of area in our hearts. Shedding just one can be devastating. It’s not just you who will grieve the death of a guinea pig, though the surviving guinea pig—or pigs, if you have far more than one—will grieve the decline far too.

To assistance your guinea pig modify, give them time to say goodbye and devote lots of time with them. Also, look at introducing a new guinea pig for them to bond with once they’ve recovered from the preliminary loss.

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