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Do Guinea Pigs Like to Be Held? (How to Keep Them Safely and securely)


Feb 28, 2023
female cuddles with guinea pig


female cuddles with guinea pig

Do you want to snuggle with your guinea pig each individual day in pure bliss? Present it off to your mates, and boast about how considerably your guinea pig enjoys you? Of program you do. But there is an artwork to keeping a guinea pig. If not, you possibility dropping it on the floor, and no one desires that.

Fortunately, guinea pigs tolerate remaining held so lengthy as they rely on the person keeping them. In this write-up, we’re breaking down the ways to holding a guinea pig effectively. We’ll even protect how to hold a guinea pig to trim nails since, let’s encounter it, which is a whole unique ball sport. Let us get begun.


Bond With Your Guinea Pig First

How constructive are you that your guinea pig enjoys you and trusts you? It is an critical concern since if your guinea pig fears you, you won’t have considerably luck holding it.

Guinea pigs are as opposed to cats and canines. They never rub on your legs, bounce in your lap, and obey commands to please you. Guinea pigs are prey animals that are afraid conveniently, so they have to sense protected in your presence.

Below are a number of signs that your guinea pig trusts you:

  • Your pig doesn’t hide when you solution the cage or feed it
  • Your pig willingly sniffs your hand
  • Your pig licks your hand
  • Your pig permits you to pet him/her
  • Your pig “wheeks” when it sees you
  • Your pig sleeps around you

If your guinea pig does the opposite of any of these signals, it indicates you have to have to improve your romantic relationship with your guinea pig ahead of keeping it.

hands holding guinea pig
Graphic Credit: Dmytro Vietrov, Shutterstock

How to Keep Your Guinea Pig With no Scaring It

So, you’ve set up a reliable romance with your guinea pig. Excellent! It is time to try buying up your pig.

Picking up a guinea pig is very simple as very long as you do so confidently. If you are anxious, your pig will be able to tell, so rest and enjoy the approach.

1. Observe Your Pig

Prior to buying it up, notice your pig and make your mind up if it wants to be held. You don’t want to hazard dropping it, so ensure your pig comfortably resides in your arms with out squirming. If it attempts to run absent or chunk you, walk away and consider again later on.

guinea pig in the arm
Image Credit rating: The Escape of Malee, Shutterstock

2. Examine Your Surroundings

Make certain no loud noises or predatory animals like cats and canine are nearby, as this could frighten them and make the experience poor for everyone involved.

3. Use Two Fingers

Normally use two arms when picking up your pig. Their legs may well be quick, but they’re fast and limber and will leap out of your arms if you are not cautious.

Utilizing two fingers also will help them truly feel harmless and secure and not like staying hoisted in the air. A very good way to do this is by hooking your fingers all around a person of the front legs. It will give your pig a greater feeling of protection and reduce it from squirming.

guinea pig
Picture Credit history: Lipatova Maryna, Shutterstock

4. Hold Your Guinea Pig Whilst Sitting down Down

You really don’t have to do this every time, but it is a very good plan to sit down when holding your pig for the initially time. Then, you really do not have to be concerned about dropping your pig from far too substantial if it escapes from your palms.


Holding a Guinea Pig to Trim Nails

Keeping your guinea pig to trim its nails is a small different because you have to placement it to achieve the toes. This isn’t straightforward, but it can be done with some practice.

To trim the nails, always maintain your guinea pig firmly against your entire body even though sitting down. Never maintain your guinea pig way too limited. Usually, you will scare or even harm your pig.

The pursuing movie is a excellent illustration of how to keep your pig when trimming its tiny toenails.

Time Out of the Cage

You can keep your guinea pig having said that a great deal you want as extensive as its standard wants are fulfilled in the enclosure. Guinea pigs are social creatures, so repeated cuddle periods significantly make improvements to your pig’s very well-currently being. Soon ample, your pig will happily accept a snuggle invitation.

How Do I End My Pig From Squirming?

When you very first hold your guinea pig, it will squirm a bit, and that is good. Picture if a 50-foot huge picked you up. You’d possibly squirm, too.

Finally, your guinea pig will quit squirming. That comes with constructing have confidence in and perfecting your pig-holding technique—a organization but mild grasp.



Keeping a guinea pig actually is a handle. If the guinea pig enjoys you, it will like becoming held as significantly as you adore snuggling its potato-formed entire body. These furry rodents are extremely social and want great companionship (and delicious treats).

Get your time, use equally hands, and sit down if you have to. Soon, you are going to grow to be a guinea pig-holding pro!

Showcased Image Credit: Ocskay Mark, Shutterstock

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