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Do Hamsters Know When Another Hamster Dies? What Science Suggests


Feb 27, 2023
hamster hiding under its bedding


hamster hiding under its bedding

Hamsters are commonly solitary animals, but they can occasionally be housed jointly if you have the appropriate species and a suitable introductory period of time. If you have far more than a single hamster dwelling together, you may possibly be curious about what will materialize when one of them dies. Will your living hamster(s) mourn for their misplaced companions?

Hamsters can unquestionably miss their cage mates when they pass absent, but they will not grieve in the identical way sociable animals like guinea pigs would. Retain looking through to master additional about housing hamsters in pairs and the grieving approach they could go through when their cage mate passes absent.


Do Hamsters Know When One more Hamster Dies?

Even though quite a few men and women really don’t believe of hamsters as friendly and affectionate pets, they absolutely can be. If you keep hamsters alongside one another in a cage, one particular will definitely see a modify in their environment when another hamster passes away. It’s vital to try to remember that most animals have no notion of death, so your pet won’t fully grasp that its spouse has died but will feel that it’s absent somewhere else for the time remaining.

Your pet might turn out to be pressured or disappointed as it adapts to lifestyle without the need of its cage mate. But don’t forget, it has expended time altering to lifestyle with this other hamster, so it can strike them rather difficult when that other creature is not there any longer.

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Graphic Credit: Martin Javorek, Pixabay

Can Loneliness Kill a Hamster?

You are almost certainly wondering if your living hamster will succumb to loneliness just after shedding its cage mate. This is extremely unlikely. Hamsters are very solitary creatures in character, and most want residing on your own, so whilst your residing hamster may possibly bear an adjustment period soon after the demise of its cage mate, it is not very likely to pass absent due to loneliness.

To aid simplicity the transitionary time period, we suggest spoiling your hamster. Get it new toys and expend added time participating in with it. Look at for symptoms of lethargy and make guaranteed it is feeding on sufficient.

small hamster on the floor
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Should I Get My Remaining Hamster a New Cage Mate?

If your dwelling hamster reveals symptoms of disappointment and loneliness following its cage mate passes absent, you could possibly think having another hamster is the answer. This is not a excellent strategy. The sensitive equilibrium that existed in the surroundings your hamsters shared will be upset by the loss of one particular pet. Placing a new hamster into the cage will only result in challenges.

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Do Hamsters Require to Be Retained in Pairs?

No, hamsters never have to have to be housed with other hamsters. They aren’t like guinea pigs, which will have to be stored in pairs. In actuality, specified species shouldn’t be housed with each other at all. For illustration, Syrian and Chinese hamsters aren’t in a natural way sociable species and do much better when they are held by yourself. In addition, housing two incompatible species collectively can lead to territorial behaviors and fights. Hamsters can even get aggressive enough to get rid of one yet another.

That reported, some varieties, like dwarf hamsters, can be housed together securely, furnished they are introduced to a person a different at a youthful age.divider-hamster

Closing Thoughts

Bonded hamsters are a rare event but not entirely unheard of. If you’re blessed enough to have two hamsters that can be housed collectively, you may perhaps observe some behavioral modifications in your dwelling pet when its cage mate passes away. Your remaining hamster will adjust to the changes in its natural environment, but it might take some time. Whilst it may audio like a good idea to get one more hamster to preserve your dwelling pet firm, this is not advised as it can lead to fights and territorial habits.

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