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Do Rats Have Inner thoughts? Here’s What Science Claims


Feb 28, 2023
black and white domestic rat


black and white domestic rat

There is a wonderful deal of dread and hatred directed at rats, and that animosity has existed for generations. It doesn’t help that rats ended up blamed for spreading 1 of the worst plagues in human heritage, which killed at minimum 25 million people today in the 14th century.

But lots of individuals retain them as pets and will swear that they make excellent companions. So are rats close friends or enemies, and more than that, do rats actually have thoughts? Science states certainly! Rats are quite capable of expressing a range of adverse and good emotions.

Listed here, we talk about what kinds of thoughts rats encounter and what science has to say about them. We hope that this will also help clear up widespread misconceptions about rats!


Are Rats as Poor as We Feel?

For generations, rats have had a negative reputation as condition-ridden pests. Let us split this down by initial hunting at a several fallacies that lots of persons imagine about rats.

cute pet rat sleeping
Impression Credit: Ezume Photographs, Shutterstock

The Black Demise

It was extensive explained that rats triggered and spread the bubonic plague in Europe and Asia in the course of the Center Ages. Then it was considered that fleas on the rats were to be blamed. This still emphasized that rats were the induce, albeit indirectly.

Nonetheless, a review in 2018 uncovered various will cause for the spread of the bubonic plague, including fleas and lice.1 But these kinds are considered to be observed specifically on human beings by yourself.

People today through the Center Ages did not bathe all that often, so fleas and body lice were common. This makes more perception than rats spreading the ailment, significantly due to how rapid the plague spread.


One more widespread myth about rats is how filthy they are. This 1 most likely stems from the brown rat, which is the most typical rat located worldwide—it is also recognised as the sewer rat.

Owing to the plague and observing rats scurrying all over in trash and sewers, a lot of persons imagine that they are dirty animals. But it may perhaps shock you to discover that rats are rather fastidious groomers and thoroughly clean on their own routinely all through the working day.

Rats hardly ever need to have a bathtub and are even likely to give them selves a brief groom immediately after they’ve been picked up and held. Rats are as cleanse as canine and cats or even cleaner!

big brown rat outside
Picture Credit score: blende12, Pixabay


It’s also a widespread myth that all rats are aggressive and won’t be reluctant to chunk. Wild rats are more possible to chunk, but like most wild animals, wild rats will normally go out of their way to avoid any make contact with with humans. If they are cornered, this is when they will chunk and look extra aggressive.

But domestic rats are generally fairly sweet and affectionate animals that adore paying out time with their entrepreneurs. In fact, a different typical compact pet, the hamster, is more likely to bite than a pet rat.

If a pet rat does chunk, it is probable from anxiety, health issues, or hormones or because they odor food stuff on your fingers, which can transpire with lots of other pet species.

What Varieties of Emotions Do Rats Have?

Rats are capable of expressing several emotions, some of which may surprise you!

two black and white rats
Graphic Credit: Anton Watman, Shutterstock


Scientists in Switzerland found out that when rats are joyful and feeling positive feelings, their ears flush a vivid or deep pink colour. Their ears also transfer into a a lot more “relaxed situation.”

The researchers used tickling to evaluate favourable feelings, which in previous scientific tests, was proven to be some thing that rats love. Rats are individuals, even though, and not all love being tickled.

The review was utilised only with rats that confirmed that they savored it by always returning to the hand for extra tickling. The scientists would acquire a photo of a rat, tickle it, and then right away choose a different photograph. Pink and relaxed ears were being noted as a indication of pleasure.

Just one of the primary reasons for the analyze was to improve the top quality of lifetime for lots of of the rats utilised in experiments.

domestic pet rat and a toy house
Image Credit score: Bilanol, Shutterstock


A 2014 study described an experiment that confirmed that rats are able of regretting their actions.

The researchers set up a check comparable to when we need to wait in line at a restaurant. One particular “restaurant” experienced the ideal food stuff but a prolonged hold out time, and yet another “restaurant” experienced a quick hold out but foodstuff that wasn’t as interesting.

In this scenario, when the rat gave up on the ideal foodstuff and moved to the space with the not-so-great possibility, they would usually glance back at the previous “restaurant.” When the experiment was recurring, they would remain for the captivating foods with the extensive wait around time.

This indicates the rats modified their actions and conclusion-making, suggesting a sort of regret. When humans knowledge regret, the orbitofrontal cortex section of the mind results in being lively. These rats experienced energetic orbitofrontal cortex throughout the experiment, which helped scientists figure out that the rats ended up suffering from regret.

curious white pet rat looking out of a cage
Picture Credit rating: Kirill Kurashov, Shutterstock


Another study found that rats opted to aid their companions above consuming a little something sweet. The rats experienced the solution of eating chocolate or freeing a cage mate that experienced been restrained. This transpired even when both equally rats experienced had no precise social contact with every other.

At the time freed, the two rats would consume the chocolate with each other. To highlight the intelligence of rats, they ended up under no circumstances taught how to open up the cage doorways, which were being tricky to open up. But the rats would maintain attempting till they opened the doorway and freed the other rat.

Like with the joy review, this one highlights that rats experience empathy and should similarly be dealt with with empathy in return.

pet rat eatng
Picture Credit rating: jarleeknes, Pixabay

Rats Are Wonderful Creatures

Rats knowledge feelings that all residing creatures come to feel, these kinds of as concern, anger, and panic. But additional exploration has demonstrated how amazing rats genuinely are! They have been acknowledged to trade favors and slice deals with other rats. For example, they will trade food for grooming and vice versa.

They understand when they’ve forgotten a little something, and evidently, they dream of a better foreseeable future, just like we do. Their empathy also interprets to the means to read pain in other rats’ faces, and they will try to assistance when they can.


If you’re in the market for a different type of pet, rats make unbelievably incredible companions. They are smart and loving, arguably even much more so than most other rodents.

It is been tested by science that most animals have emotions, together with the prolonged-misjudged rat.

Showcased Picture Credit rating: Varga, Pixabay

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