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Do Sibling Cats Know Not to Mate? Details & FAQ


Mar 28, 2023
Two cute Egyptian Mau cats


Two cute Egyptian Mau cats

No matter if your woman cat has had a litter and you are ready for the kittens to discover a new household, or you have taken on two siblings from the exact same litter, it is frequent to question irrespective of whether sibling kittens can mate, regardless of whether they will, and irrespective of whether it is even a poor matter for them to mate in the very first area. Very first and foremost, if sibling kittens of distinct genders are stored collectively and retained intact, they will mate. Their all-natural intuition to mate and reproduce outstrips any intuition not to mate with siblings.

And, simply because siblings carry extremely related genes, the two sibling cats are possible to have the identical abnormalities. When they reproduce, these abnormalities are most likely to existing in the young kittens and this may imply that the kittens will not survive. It also indicates that if the kittens do survive, they will be much more most likely to produce hereditary problems, so even if the kittens do survive, they are much more possible to produce disorders and get sick, as they age.

While it can feel tough to stop, sibling cats should really not be permitted to mate. In the wild, kittens will get started to enterprise away from their moms. This lowers but does not get rid of, the risk of young cats mating with siblings.


When Do Cats First Go into Heat?

Woman cats are polyoestrus, which implies that they will go into warmth many occasions a calendar year. When a female is in warmth, males close to her will attempt to mate with her. This incorporates siblings as perfectly as unrelated males.

Generally, cats go into initial warmth all through the very first spring just after they are born, and this can manifest at any time from the age of about 4 months. Most kittens have their initially heat at all over 6 months of age. As most kittens are rehomed when they arrive at 2 months of age, this can eradicate the danger of inbreeding.

ginger tabby cat lying on a sofa
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How To Cease Sibling Cats Mating

If they are held jointly, male and feminine sibling cats will try out to mate, and this can direct to genetic problems in any kittens that are efficiently born. The normal drive to reproduce is pretty powerful, which signifies you may well be ready to prevent a male and female cat from reproducing as soon as or 2 times when you see them, but they will continue to keep seeking. The only really successful ways to protect against mating are by quarantining or separating the cats or having them desexed.

1. Different Them

Separating the cats makes sure that they just can’t mate. In the limited term, this signifies quarantining any males or the woman cat so that they are unable to appear into make contact with with the other cats.

Female cats can only get expecting even though in warmth, but though it is generally evident when a feminine is in heat, silent heat can manifest and there may be days when the woman is in warmth, but the owner doesn’t discover. Consequently, non permanent quarantining may well not be a extensive-term, successful resolution.

Very long-expression separation typically takes place when the cats from a litter are sent to distinctive new houses. If you have a litter of kittens and want to maintain some of the litter, consider keeping only the males or women and acquiring new residences for the other kittens. This really should be done by the time the cats attain 3 months of age, to guarantee that you miss out on the very first warmth.

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2. Spaying and Neutering

Desexing, or spaying and neutering, is regarded as the best possibility, except the place you want to be equipped to breed the cats at a later date. There is an overabundance of cats, with a lot of in shelters and rescues, and the quantity is developing.

Spayed and neutered cats also have a longer lifespan, as they are much less very likely to develop particular cancers and other deadly ailments. Neutering is the expression that refers to the elimination of reproductive organs in male or female cats. Male cats are castrated, which is the removal of the testicles. Feminine cats are spayed: a process whereby the ovaries and uterus are eradicated.

Spaying and neutering can’t be reversed, so if you do want to breed the cats later on, this is not an alternative.



Feminine cats can have many litters of kittens every single yr, setting up possibly from the age of about 4 months. And, just mainly because a male and female cat are siblings does not naturally prevent them from mating. You will need to acquire definite action to prevent sibling cats from mating due to the fact when a female arrives into warmth, any intact male that senses the female in heat will consider to mate with her.

Look at getting the cats castrated or spayed, or, if you aren’t keeping the kittens, make sure that they are rehomed to different houses by the time the females have their first warmth.

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