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Do White Ragdoll Cats Exist? The Interesting Remedy!


Mar 28, 2023
Kittens breed ragdoll in autumn background


Kittens breed ragdoll in autumn background

Ragdoll cats are loving and mild companions with very long, luscious fur. This breed is usually recognized for its beautiful, silky coat, which is typically comprehensive of white fur. Nevertheless, you not often see a Ragdoll cat that is pure white, even while they technically exist. Pure white Ragdolls are identified as blue-eyed white Ragdolls and are not formally acknowledged in the breed common. Nonetheless, the white Ragdoll does exist, however it has a increased likelihood of getting congenital deficiencies. To learn more about the white Ragdoll, maintain studying.


What Does a White Ragdoll Cat Seem Like?

Pure white Ragdoll cats, except for their pristine white coats, glance the similar as any other Ragdoll cat. There is no difference in the cat’s dimension, condition, or fur texture. Most typically, white ragdolls will have blue eyes. If they never, some take into account it to be an aesthetic imperfection.

Are White Ragdoll Cats Exceptional?

White Ragdoll cats are incredibly scarce, and the cause is two-fold. Very first, there is a small chance that a Ragdoll will inherit the qualities for blue eyes and white fur.

For a Ragdoll cat to be completely white, it have to have a dominant white fur gene so that melanin does not gradually commence to change the shade of the cat’s fur. Ragdolls are ordinarily born devoid of any pigmentation in their coat then, their colour begins to take root as they age. In pure white Ragdolls, this pigmentation never ever occurs.

Secondly, white Ragdolls are exceptional mainly because breeders are hesitant to breed them. Considering the fact that blue-eyed white Ragdolls are chosen nonetheless incredibly unusual, some breeders are unwilling to just take on the monumental job of trying to make 1.

Thanks to their rarity, the blue-eyed white Ragdoll tends to be more highly-priced than other white Ragdolls, which are far more expensive than more typical Ragdoll colours. A blue-eyed white Ragdoll can price tag additional than double that of an average Ragdoll.

Angry and surprised white ragdoll cat
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What Is the White Ragdoll Cat’s Personality?

Regardless of the stunning, snowy fur, the white Ragdoll is no unique from Ragdolls with other shades or patterns. White Ragdolls are just as sweet and light as any other ragdoll and are just one of the most even-tempered cats.

Not like some cats, Ragdolls are flawlessly fine with being lifted up, and their identify even comes from their tendency to fall limp in a person’s arms. They adore to be cuddled and will snuggle with you for as long as you want. Ragdolls are social cats. Though they are not demanding, they will want a lot of attention in get to thrive.

Due to the Ragdoll’s sweet temperament and social tendencies, it is an great alternative for households.

White Ragdoll Cat
Graphic Credit rating: hiroshi, Pexels

White Ragdolls Have a Significant Likelihood of Deafness

Right before getting your heart established on a blue-eyed white Ragdoll, there is a thing you should really preserve in brain genetically, they have an very substantial prospect of remaining deaf. Genetic deafness is joined to white hair in cats and is even more intently affiliated with blue eyes and white fur. Study shows 1 that 17–22% of white cats with no blue eyes expertise congenital deafness. That share shoots up to 65–85% if the white cat has blue eyes.

These types of superior odds make hereditary deafness a important concern with blue-eyed white Ragdolls. Even with out blue eyes, there is however a good prospect that a white Ragdoll may possibly be born deaf. If you are wanting for a white Ragdoll to include to your household, do extensive study to come across a reputable, responsible breeder who can perform versus this kind of enormous genetic odds.

If you adopted or rescued a white Ragdoll and are not positive if it is deaf, there are some signs 2  you can seem for. If your cat is unresponsive to unexpected sounds, its title, or squeaky toys, it can point out that your white Ragdoll is deaf. Cats can experience abundant and fulfilling life even if they can’t listen to. However, it will be critical that you keep your cat indoors if it is deaf. Deaf cats cannot hear predators, automobiles, or other threats and will so be primarily susceptible.


Other Ragdoll Cat Colors

If you are not absolutely sure that the white Ragdoll is the proper suit for you, there are plenty of other Ragdoll hues to test out.

  • Seal Point. Seal issue cats have light-weight-coloured bodies, frequently white to fawn, with darker details on their extremities.
  • Chocolate. The chocolate Ragdoll can appear practically milk chocolate or coffee-like in shade. The foundation of the coat takes on a fawn visual appeal, with dustings of brown littered during. In some cases, a chocolate Ragdoll will be solely brown, but that is a lot less prevalent.
  • Blue. The blue Ragdoll will surface in a gray, virtually muted blue color. If you like the notion of a white Ragdoll, this may well be a good selection for you, as most of the blue Ragdoll’s system is a neat, off-white coloration.
  • Lilac. Doesn’t a lilac Ragdoll seem lovely? This cat has a frosty grey glance sprinkled with a warmer hue, providing it a purplish visual appeal.
  • Product. Cream is one more fantastic choice for those on the fence about the white Ragdoll. Cream Ragdolls occur in a warm, off-white color, nearly like a toasted marshmallow.
Seal Tortie Lynx Point Ragdoll cat
Impression Credit: jurra8, Shutterstock



Though white Ragdolls technically exist, they can be amazingly complicated to locate. White Ragdolls are exceptional beauties, whilst they occur with a considerable likelihood of hereditary deafness. If a white Ragdoll is in your foreseeable future, be sure to function with accountable breeders to ensure your cat’s health and fitness. On the other hand, if a white Ragdoll isn’t your choice, there are loads of other coat hues to opt for from. Irrespective of its fur, the Ragdoll is a welcoming companion that will surely turn into a lifelong good friend.

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