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Does a Cat Want Their Paw Fur Trimmed? Vet Approved Ideas


Mar 17, 2023
adult cat with swollen paw because of the snake bite


adult cat with swollen paw because of the snake bite
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Some cats expand a good deal of fur all over their paws, primarily long-haired cats. Many extended-haired canines have the fur about their toes trimmed, so do cats want it trimmed as very well? Cats do not require their paw fur trimmed. They certainly can have their paw fur trimmed, but it is not a necessity for great wellbeing and hygiene.

Both way is completely suitable, but numerous imagine that if there is no purpose to trim the fur, there is no have to have to convey clippers in the vicinity of your cat’s feet and risk slicing them. In this post, we’ll analyze why selected cat breeds improve more time fur nonetheless do not need to have it minimize. We’ll also explore when it may well be needed to trim your cat’s fur and other facts for preserving your cat’s paws in very good condition.


Why Do Some Cat Breeds Have Toe Tufts?

Tufts of fur on your prolonged-haired cat’s underneath paws generally grow to 50 % an inch or much more. Two breeds most notably recognized for their for a longer time tufts of hair are the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat. These tufts of fur differ from your cat’s carpal or leg whiskers, which enable deliver extra sensory signals to your cat’s brain. The tufts are just fur—nothing a lot more. They can be trimmed without the need of harming your cat. You need to on the contrary never ever reduce cat vibrissae hairs (whiskers).

So why do cats establish tufts in the first place? Just one very likely rationale is that the paw tufts allow for your cat to walk silently, which is important when stalking prey. It also guards in opposition to abrasive surfaces, inclement climate, or insects that may possibly chunk.

cat paws resting on human feet in bed
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Why Do Some Pet dogs Have to have Their Paws Trimmed Although Cats Don’t?

Many groomers endorse that doggy paws are trimmed routinely. So why do cats not need to have this exact routine maintenance? A great deal of it has to do with measurement. Most canine are larger and heavier than cats, so their paws sink deeper into the soil when they move in the grime. This usually means that their foot hair collects a lot more particles more than time. Lots of felines are indoor cats, indicating they do not phase in sufficient dirt for their toe tufts to develop into filthy.

When Is Trimming Essential?

Though trimming is not necessary consistently for cats, there might be instances when your cat’s furry ft may well want to be trimmed. One of the primary causes for trimming a cat’s toe tufts is that they are dirty. If you detect grime trails around your home, inspect your cat’s toe tufts. If they are soiled, they could need to be trimmed.

If your cat is licking or yanking on the toe tufts, this could be another sign that they irritate your cat and need to be trimmed. 1 explanation that paw fur could irritate your cat is if it is matted. Matted fur can be painful for cats, so trimming might be necessary if you see the fur has develop into tangled.

Pet cat resting in the lap of a teenage girl, with its paw on the palm
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How to Treatment for Your Cat’s Ft

Retaining their paws healthier is an exceptional way to really encourage our cats to be energetic. If your cat’s paws are not nicely-cared for, your cat could be a lot less inclined to climb, run, or take pleasure in other functions.

How to Care for Their Paws

  • Keep your flooring clean up. Cleansing up particles on your floor can avoid it from accumulating involving your cat’s toes.
  • Protected home chemicals. If any chemicals spill on the ground and your cat walks by means of it, this could induce an harm.
  • Examine your cat’s paws regularly. Even if your cat is an indoor cat, there is a possibility that they have gotten into mischief. Test their paws often for wounds, splinters, swelling or ingrown toenails. If you notice any blood, pus, or peculiar odors, seek advice from your vet straight away.
cat paws
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How to Treatment for Their Nails

  • Trim your cat’s nails on a regular basis. Supporting your cat increase at ease with nail trimming can be a sluggish teaching approach, but it is perfectly worth it.
  • Delivering scratching spots. Cats love to scratch, which helps them extend and mark their territory. You can assist your cat’s wants by giving an suitable area to scratch even though sparing your household furniture from the claws.



Though cats do not want their paw fur to be on a regular basis trimmed, there may possibly be instances exactly where it is required. By spending attention to your cat’s paws, you will be ready to offer them with the care they need, no matter whether trimming their fur or their nails. If you at any time battle to treatment for your cat’s paws, get in touch with your veterinarian or a expert groomer for assistance.

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