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Does Aluminum Foil Maintain Cats Off Counters? The Interesting Answer!


Feb 7, 2023
cat in the counter


cat in the counter

If you’re drained of watching your cats climb all in excess of your counters, you are not on your own. It’s a typical dilemma cat entrepreneurs encounter, and there is a ton of information about what to do. But what about all these movies you retain observing pop on social media with cats jumping off or managing away from aluminum foil? Does it do the job, and is it the best way to preserve cats off counters? The truth is that it relies upon on the cat.

We have highlighted precisely how aluminum foil will work to continue to keep cats off counters and the opportunity shortfalls it has. At last, we’ve highlighted a handful of other methods you can attempt when you’re on the lookout for ways to hold cats off your counters.


Does Aluminum Foil Continue to keep Cats Off Counters?

Yes, aluminum foil can preserve cats off counters. There are a number of causes aluminum foil helps make an efficient answer, and there are a several good reasons your cat could possibly not care about aluminum foil. Knowing how it performs is the vital to getting the most out of it and holding your cats off your counters.

Let’s get started with how aluminum foil operates. 1st, it looks distinct from what a cat expects to see. Occasionally this will maintain a cat away, and other moments, it’ll provide a cat in to examine. From there, cats never like how aluminum foil feels and seems.

Aluminum foil gives off a superior-pitched audio that human beings cannot decide on up on, but cats can. They cannot stand the crinkling seem, and due to the fact they never like the way it feels both, they do their very best to keep away from it.

However, it’s value noting that these deterrent methods only function if your cat touches the aluminum foil. If they can work their way about the foil, that’s what they’ll do. And since aluminum foil is incredibly noticeable, after you eliminate it from the counter the cat may feel that means they can go back up!

Top rated 5 Alternate Ideas and Methods to Retain Cats Off Counters

Even though aluminum foil may possibly function to retain cats off your counters, it is much from your only opportunity remedy. If aluminum foil is not functioning for you or you want to consider a thing unique, we’ve highlighted 5 other procedures you can test to retain cats off your counters.

1. Use a Sounds Maker

a variety of coins in a glass jar
Image Credit score: mnplatypus, Pixabay

Cats never like tons of sound, so if you make a ton of noise when they get up on the counter it can be a really profitable deterrent. Jars comprehensive of cash, marbles, or other comparable hard objects are a wonderful alternative.

The trouble with this approach is that you will want to pay out notice every time your cat will get on the counter. This isn’t a passive strategy, so it can involve a ton of function and observation right up until your cat gets the concept.

2. Give Them a A lot more Desirable Place

two cats on a tree looking in one direction in front of a white wall
Picture Credit score: Teixeira, Shutterstock

From time to time, the best detail you can do is only come across a greater location for your cat. Putting up a cat tower in a prime place is an superb way for you to assist your cat find a new most loved area to lounge. They continue to might go up on the counters some, but getting a far better spot to go must aid quite a bit.

3. Peppermint Spray

Picture Credit rating: silviarita, Pixabay

Plenty of specialists agree that cats just can’t stand the odor of peppermint. Increase a couple drops of peppermint critical oils to drinking water and spray all around the counters you never want your cats to visit. The usefulness of this method differs, and you are going to need to have to reapply until eventually your cat learns to continue to be away.

4. Use Sandpaper

sandpaper on white background
Image Credit score: zcw, Shutterstock

Sandpaper is an additional alternative you must place on your counters. Although sandpaper does not create the unpleasant appears that come with aluminum foil, cats really don’t like the abrasive surface.

Nevertheless, the exact problems with aluminum foil arrive with sandpaper as well. Your cats could possibly just determine to stroll all around it, and when you eliminate the sandpaper, they may appear right again to the counter.

5. Use Double-Sided Tape

double-sided tape
Image Credit score: Ekaterina43, Shutterstock

If you obtain your cat is coming back just about every time you clear away the sandpaper or aluminum foil, double-sided tape could possibly be the solution you’re searching for. Use one thing like scotch tape so it is not also sticky for your cat.

Cats really do not like the feeling of some thing sticky, so when they find out it on the counter, they ought to steer crystal clear. They also just can’t see precisely wherever the tape is, so it is harder for them to stroll all around it. Not only that, but when you choose to get the tape off the counter, they will not know and should really nonetheless continue to be away!


Last Ideas

Cats adore to climb, keep up significant, and investigate. All these matters make counters an eye-catching location for them to go and dangle out. But now that you know about a several diverse methods you can use to continue to keep cats off your counters, you can make it a challenge of the earlier!

It’ll choose a very little persistence and persistence, but there is no motive you just cannot educate your cats to continue to be off the counters in your residence.

Showcased Graphic Credit history: OceanicWanderer, Shutterstock

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