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Dutch Online Veterinarian Service Review 2023: Our Expert’s Opinion


Feb 8, 2023
Dutch Online Veterinarian Service Review 2023: Our Expert's Opinion


Our Final Verdict

We give Dutch a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5

Pricing: 5/5

Customer Service: 5/5

Value: 5/5


What is Dutch? How Does it Work?

Pet parents everywhere, rejoice! Dutch offers virtual veterinary services—not only for convenience, from the comfort of home—but more importantly, for those inopportune times when your beloved fur baby is in need of urgent medical care at any time.

With a team of licensed vets available round-the-clock, you can rest assured that you and your pet will never have to suffer the anxiety and dread of having to wait days or weeks for your vet’s next available appointment while your poor baby is already not feeling their best.

Dutch-affiliated veterinarians meet with you and your pet via Zoom, diagnose their symptoms, then prescribe a custom treatment plan to get your fur baby on the road to recovery—all without you ever having to leave your home. You can even be prescribed medication by your vet, which can be ordered and refilled directly on the Dutch platform and delivered right to your door—not to mention, free standard shipping.

One feature in particular that I appreciated was the ability to message my appointed vet through Dutch’s messaging system with follow-up questions about my dog’s treatment plan as needed. This unlimited access to ongoing care post-visit is next level, and something I’ve never been able to do with any other vets before. To me, this is one of several things that makes Dutch’s services so appealing and invaluable to a devoted pet parent like me.

Signing up for an account with Dutch is made super easy on their website (dutch.com), where you can choose between monthly and annual subscriptions, kept affordable to best fit your budget and your pets’ needs.

* It should be noted that Dutch’s veterinary telehealth services are meant to complement your usual in-person veterinary care—not completely replace it—as certain situations are best treated via an in-person vet appointment and treatment plan.

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Dutch – A Quick Look

  • Accessible, round-the-clock veterinary care services
  • Convenient virtual vet visits via Zoom video calls
  • Ongoing post-visit care with your vet through messaging
  • Prescription medication delivered right to your door
  • Affordable subscription plans to choose from
  • Should have a mobile app version (hopefully soon!)

Dutch Pricing

Dutch offers subscription membership plans—both monthly and annual—for pet parents to choose from. Pricing for their usual subscription plans is as follows:

Monthly: $25 a month (billed monthly)
Annual: $180 a year (saving you 40% overall)*
Annual + Insurance: $288 a year (includes $10,000 emergency insurance)*

* For both of these options, you also have financing options through Afterpay.

What’s more, there are often sales to take advantage of—like their current holiday sale, offering an additional $60 off an annual subscription—making Dutch’s services even more affordable.

Considering you can add up to five pets to your account, the value you get for any of Dutch’s subscription plans practically speaks for itself.

What to Expect from Dutch

Creating a profile on Dutch was super simple and straightforward. To start, I filled out some basic info about my dog, Coco. After setting up my account and password, I chose which subscription plan I wanted, and that was that.

Once my account was set up, I finished setting up my profile with more details about Coco, her general health, any issues she has, and a photo of her—to give Dutch’s vets as much upfront info about her as possible.

coco's profile on dutch

Dutch Contents

  • Round-the-clock vet care over video chat, whenever you need it
  • Over-the-counter and prescription treatments shipped for free
  • Unlimited follow-up care and messaging with your assigned vet
  • Include up to 5 pets per account
  • Monthly and annual subscription offers
  • Optional $10,000 emergency insurance


I rate Dutch’s quality a resounding 5 out of 5. I have never experienced this level of care, comfort, and ease for both me and my dog. This is my first time ever hearing of a veterinary telehealth service like Dutch, and I’m so happy I was introduced to it. As a dog mom, having the peace of mind of knowing I can schedule a vet appointment almost immediately, if ever in need, is something you just can’t put a price on. But, if you had to, Dutch’s various pricing options are all more than reasonable—which I’ll cover next.

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As detailed above, Dutch’s different subscription options are all very well priced—considering how much bang you are getting for your buck. With membership starting at $15 a month (with an annual subscription), financing options available, and various sales and deals to take advantage of throughout the year, you really can’t go wrong with Dutch for your virtual veterinary needs.

Especially, as you can include up to five pets on your account, any membership option you choose is a total steal! Hence the 5 out of 5 rating for Dutch’s pricing.

Customer Service

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Dutch to me was their stellar customer service, which absolutely deserves a 5 out of 5 score. Not only was I impressed by the service provided by the vet, but their customer service rep who I was in contact with was so very helpful in answering any questions I had about the platform, ordering prescription meds, shipping options, etc. She was even kind enough to expedite my shipping, free of charge, given the nature of Coco’s current condition—a sweet gesture that I greatly appreciated.

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Is Dutch a Good Value?

Absolutely, yes. I’m sure any other pet parents who have utilized Dutch’s exceptional services would agree that Dutch is a great value for the money. Whichever membership option you choose, you are receiving so many priceless benefits for you and your fur baby(s), including little to no wait time for appointments with licensed vets, customized treatment plans, OTC and prescription medication delivered right to your door (with free standard shipping), and most importantly, peace of mind that you and your beloved pets always have quality care available, at any given notice.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the benefits of veterinary telehealth like Dutch?

Veterinary telehealth services have many benefits including improved access to veterinary care and medical services, such as vets with specializations and expertise in areas that may not otherwise be accessible to you and your pet. Shortened wait times for services, as well as convenience and efficiency in getting your pet the care it needs when needed are other major benefits of veterinary telehealth services.

It is important to note that Dutch’s services are designed to offer a complementary option to in-person veterinary care.

What are the risks of veterinary telehealth services like Dutch?

Some potential risks of using veterinary telehealth services can include delays in veterinary medical evaluation and treatment caused by technological or equipment failures, as well as security breaches or failures associated with using online services. Additionally, veterinary telemedicine may not be an appropriate method of care for certain situations, for which your Dutch-affiliated vet may refer you to a local vet for an in-person visit if determined necessary.

Importantly, Dutch is intended for non-emergency use only. If your pet is in an emergency or life-threatening condition, please seek in-person emergency veterinary care right away.

Can any pharmacy be used to fulfill medication prescribed by Dutch?

Yes, any prescription approved by a Dutch-affiliated vet can be filled at the pharmacy of your choice, though some transfers may cost a $10 processing fee. However, using Dutch’s partner pharmacy gives you access to discounts and medication delivered right to your door with free standard shipping.

What types of pets does Dutch treat?

Dutch-affiliated  vets currently treat dogs and cats only.

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Our Experience with Dutch

My subscription to Dutch couldn’t have come in handier, at a time that I really needed it. My beloved Chihuahua-Terrier fur baby, Coco, was having some recent GI issues. After having one too many holiday treats, poor Coco had bad diarrhea for about a day and a half. That, combined with the rainy weather (and the fact that Coco hates going out in the rain), meant I was stuck cleaning up little poopy surprises all around my apartment for days. Not to mention, it being right before New Year’s weekend meant difficulty getting in to see Coco’s regular vet. Not a great end to the year!

As such, having Dutch’s services available to me and Coco came in so clutch when we were in dire need. I made a virtual vet appointment through Dutch for the next available slot—which, luckily, was only a few hours later. Our appointment was held conveniently via Zoom, and our assigned vet was so professional and informative, as well as patient, attentive, and empathetic toward our situation. She was so great, that I honestly wish I could request her as Coco’s regular vet for all future visits.

For Coco’s customized treatment plan, she gave me specific instructions on how to alter Coco’s diet for the time being, as well as some OTC treatment options to help soothe her discomfort. She also prescribed Coco some diarrhea medication, which was made available in my account right after our call, and super easy to order through the Dutch platform (and discounted, might I add).

As I mentioned above, my favorite feature of Dutch’s telehealth service was the continued care I was able to access by messaging the same vet with any follow-up questions I had—again, something I’ve never had available through Coco’s regular vet office. And she was just as attentive, detailed, and thorough in her care instructions via message as she was during our visit.

When ordering Coco’s medication, there was only the free standard shipping option available (5–7 days). As Coco’s situation was somewhat urgent, I reached out to Dutch’s customer service team to ask about paying extra for expedited shipping. After explaining Coco’s current condition, the rep assisting me was able to arrange for expedited shipping and was nice enough to waive the shipping fees for me.

With all that said, I am not only thoroughly impressed but deeply grateful to the folks at Dutch for offering such outstanding service all around. What started off as a nightmare of a situation at such an inopportune time, ended up being resolved rather seamlessly with the help and care of Dutch. It’s obvious that the Dutch team strives to bring pet parents everywhere comfort, peace of mind, and top-tier veterinary care and service. I highly recommend Dutch’s platform and services to all fellow pet parents—in fact, I’ve already shared my experience with my family and friends.

coco looking at the treatment from dutch vet



Dutch offers online vet care when you need it, through the convenience of a veterinary telehealth service and platform. With affordable membership options to choose from, pet parents (specifically, dog and cat parents) are able to access veterinary care, customized treatment plans, and even prescription medication delivered right to your door—all conveniently through the Dutch platform.

With a team of online vets available round-the-clock, pet parents can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their beloved fur babies have access to quality veterinary care whenever they need it—especially outside of your regular vet’s normal office hours. Unlimited access to licensed vets includes ongoing care and follow-ups through Dutch’s messaging system—meaning your care continues well past your video appointment, should you need it!

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