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Feliway Classic Cat Calming Diffuser Vet-Approved Review (2023 Update)


Apr 2, 2023
Feliway Classic Cat Calming Diffuser Vet-Approved Review (2023 Update)


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The information is current and up-to-date in accordance with the latest veterinarian research.

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Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Feliway Classic Cat Calming Diffuser a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Scent: 5/5

Easy to use: 4/5

Price: 3.8/5

Cats are wired to communicate through feline facial pheromones, so it’s no wonder why Feliway is so popular. Feliway classic is a synthetic hormone that mimics cat’s natural facial pheromone. This is a comforting pheromone that provides a sense of reassurance for cats in their environment. Feliway acts the same way for adult cats, helping them stay calm under different stressors

In other words, it helps your cat brush off negative feelings with good vibes.

Here’s what Feliway won’t do: it won’t change your cat’s personality or stop cat-on-human aggression. Frankly, not every cat responds to these “good vibes.” Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

But we all know how frustrating dealing with an emotional cat is. If you have a stressed cat spraying, showing aggression, hiding, scratching, and other abnormal behavior, keep reading. Feliway could be the answer you’re looking for.


Feliway Classic Cat Calming Diffuser – A Quick Look

  • Odorless to humans
  • Medication-free option
  • No side effects
  • Veterinary-approved
  • Up to 700 square feet in coverage
  • Results are difficult to note
  • Moderately priced
  • Diffuser heads should be replaced every 6 months
  • No refill indicators
  • Takes up an entire outlet
  • Diffuser sometimes leaks


Floor coverage: 700 square feet
Color: Translucent
Capacity: 48 milliliters
Auto shutoff: No
Rotating Plug: Yes
Longevity: 30 days

Diffuser vs Refill

Two parts of the Feliway diffuser are crucial to understanding how the product works: the diffuser and the refill.

The refill is the jar of liquid you purchase every 30 days. This is the good stuff that makes the magic happen.

The diffuser is the wick inside the jar that transfers the liquid to the outside world. When you purchase a Classic Feliway Diffuser, you’ll receive several wicks that need to be changed monthly along with the refill.

divider-catWhat to Expect from Feliway Classic Cat Calming Diffuser

Odorless to Humans

The most common question about Feliway is whether or not humans can detect the synthetic pheromone. You can’t, so only cats can enjoy its relaxing sensation.

In fact, you can’t even smell or see Feliway, making it difficult to know if it’s even working. Thankfully, the diffuser has an indicator light that tells you when it’s on.

Feliway Optimum Enhanced Calming Pheromone 30 Day Cat Diffuser Refill

An Alternative to Medicines

Giving cats a pill is a hassle, especially for picky cats that refuse to eat wet food with medicine hidden in the gravy. Feliway is nice because you don’t have to deal with any prescription prep. Just plug it in, and let the magic happen.

As we mentioned earlier, a veterinary appointment is unnecessary, but Feliway is still vet-approved.

No Side Effects

Unlike medication, there are no side effects with Feliway. The worst that can happen is your cat is unaffected by the pheromone, although you might have to clean up an oil spill. Some users report the oil leaking and spilling onto the wall and floor.

The Results Aren’t Always Obvious

For some cats, the results are apparent. Cats stop fighting, hiding, and spraying, and are generally more loving and gentler. But that isn’t the case for all cats.

The results might be hard to observe. Depending on how long the signs have been present and how severe they are, it may take longer to see effects. Ideally, you should be using Feliway alongside other measures, such as environmental enrichment, to get higher chances of success. If you just use Feliway, your cat may not respond as effectively.

Feliway Optimum Enhanced Calming 30 Day Diffuser for Cats

The Price Is OK…

Feliway is nice, but we must question whether it’s worth the price, and there are two major factors affecting Feliway’s effectiveness.

The biggest concern with the price is the quality of the diffuser. Many people report their diffusers leaking, overheating, or simply not working. However, most people don’t have trouble with the diffuser.

Overall, do you note any changes in your cat? If nothing changes after one month of using Feliway, don’t waste your money. But if you see results, why not put the product to good use?



Does Feliway Work on Dogs?

No, Feliway can only work on felines. No other species can process the pheromone.

Where Should You NOT Put a Feliway Diffuser?

To maintain effectiveness, keep the diffuser away from frequently opened windows, behind drapes and furniture, or in a room less visited by your cat.

sphynx cat under blanket on sofa at home
Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

What Are the Differences Between the Classic and Optimum Feliway?

Classic Feliway covers the most common stressors: scratching, spraying, hiding, and home changes. The Optimum is an advanced formula that helps reduce stress in situations like tension and conflicts with other pets.

You can use either formula to help your cat. People usually start with the Classic and move up to the Optimum if necessary.

Can I Use Feliway Around Other Animals?

Feliway is safe to use around other animals.

Does the Plug Fit Horizontal Outlets?

The diffuser can be turned 90 degrees to fit horizontal outlets.

FELIWAY Classic Cat Calming Pheromone Diffuser 48ml

divider-catWhat the Users Say

With all the information we’ve gathered, is Feliway worth it?

It’s certainly worth a try. Feliway doesn’t fix the problem; it acts more as a band-aid for the actual problem. Sometimes we can fix those problems directly. Other times, we must help our cat deal with the changes.

Feliway has helped thousands of cats through environmental changes like moving, new pets, babies, and more. The only way to know if it works on your cat is to try it on for size.



Feliway classic is a synthetic facial pheromone that cats have produced since the beginning of time. It keeps your cat relaxed and agreeable or at least minimizes the stress of dealing with environmental changes.

If you can offer your cat a chance to decompress, even for a little bit, why not try it out and see if it works? The worst that will happen is nothing.

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