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Goughnuts Dog Toy Review 2023: Is It a Good Value?


Feb 20, 2023
Goughnuts Dog Toy Review 2023: Is It a Good Value?


Our Final Verdict

We give Goughnuts dog toy a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.8/5

Variety: 4.5/5

Materials: 4.3/5

Value: 4.6/5


What Is Goughnuts? How Does It Work?

Goughnuts is a dog toy company that focuses on durable chew toys. Goughnuts is an American company that has set out to eliminate the inherent safety issues with many cheap dog toys on the market. In order to combat the problems with chew toys being destroyed, shredded, and ingested by determined chewers, they have made their products out of thick natural rubber. Every Goughnut product has a bright red inner core that tells owners when it is time to take the toy away and replace it before it becomes a danger to their dog. If you manage to hit the red core, Goughnuts will replace your toy by sending you a new one.

Goughnuts has a variety of different types of toys that cover most play styles. They have toys for chewing, chasing, fetching, and swimming. This allows you to pick a toy that is perfect for your dog without having to worry about shoddy quality or dangerous pieces coming off of them. Goughnuts is focused on quality and durability above all else. However, that does come with some minor drawbacks. Goughnuts toys are brightly colored, but they do not have any fur, stuffing, squeakers, or scents that are traditionally used to gain and keep a dog’s attention. That is because these things jeopardize the overall integrity of a dog toy.

Overall, Goughnuts is a unique and innovative product that has an unparalleled focus on safety and quality. Their lifetime guarantee and attention to detail for heavy chewers make these toys a great option for owners frustrated by the number of toys their dog destroys on a regular basis.

goughnuts dog toys

Where to Buy Goughnuts?

Goughnuts can be purchased online directly from their website. Goughnuts are also available in a variety of dog stores and boutiques across the country. They have a list of local vendors that carry their products so you can find a store near you to check them out in person. You can find a list of associated vendors here.

Goughnuts – A Quick Look

  • Every toy is made from 100% natural rubber that is extremely durable and safe
  • Red core tells owners when it is time to stop chewing
  • A lifetime guarantee shows confidence in their product and adds a lot of value
  • Many options for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and play styles
  • No squeakers, fur, or smells
  • Some dogs might lose interest in these toys if they are used to more frills common in less safe products

Goughnuts Pricing

The majority of Goughnuts products are available for between $20 and $30. This price range includes most of their chewing rings, balls, and sticks. Some “lite” chewers are available for $10. The toughest chewers can be as much as $40. In terms of durable chewers, Goughnuts products are slightly more expensive than the average, but they also come with a lifetime guarantee that helps offset the initial cost. Shipping typically costs $3 for most standard domestic orders.

Goughnuts Contents

goughnuts dog toys in the box

Toy Types: Rings, Sticks, Water sticks, Tuggy toys, Flynuts, Balls
Warranty: Lifetime
Material: 100% natural rubber over a carbon reinforced core
Sizes: Small, medium, and large
Buying Options: Online or in-store at specified local dealers

Designed for Safe Chewing

Many chew toys pose a danger to dogs that owners often fail to realize. Goughnuts realizes that this is a problem and has designed its toys to be extremely durable. Many other chew toys will come apart after prolonged chewing and will leave pieces that dogs can swallow, leading to dangerous intestinal blockages. Goughnuts’ tough outer shell is made from thick natural rubber that is extremely difficult for dogs to pierce and shred. Even if a dog does manage to get through Goughnuts’ outer rubber shell, the interior core is dyed bright red to let owners know that it is time to stop and take the toy away before it can become dangerous. As far as we can tell, no other dog toys have a similar feature to this. This makes these toys extremely safe and durable for even the most voracious chewers.

Plenty of Variety

Goughnuts has designed a variety of different products for a variety of different dogs. They have six different types of chews and toys to entertain dogs in many different ways. They have designed thick chewing rings that are perfect for leaving your dog unsupervised. They also have sticks that are great for fetching or playing in the water. They have flynuts which are like small frisbees. They also have balls that are great for rolling and throwing. Each one of these toys comes with a guarantee and safety features that elevate them above other similar toys. Whether your dog loves to tug, chew, chase, or fetch, there is a toy available from Goughnuts. Each one is made with high-quality materials and is very weighty and durable. This allows you to find the toy that is perfect for your particular dog.

goughnuts dog toys packaging

Lifetime Guarantee

One of the best features of Goughnuts dog toys is the lifetime guarantee. If your dog manages to chew through to the red center, Goughnuts will replace your toy for no charge. All you have to do is ship the toy back so they can examine it and give you a new one. Goughnuts will examine your returned toy and can use the information to improve its products down the line. Most chew toys get destroyed, forcing you to buy a new one every time this happens. With Goughnuts, you buy their product once, and you can keep it for life.

No Frills to Keep Dogs Engaged

The only downside to Goughnuts products is that they are not adorned with any embedded smells or squeakers to keep dogs engaged. Squeakers make dogs interested in chew toys, but they also compromise the structural integrity and safety of other products. Goughnuts eliminated squeakers in pursuit of the toughest chew toys on the market, but that can leave some dogs uninterested. Similarly, these toys do not have scents or tastes to keep dogs coming back for more. Dogs have to be entertained by fetching, tugging, or chewing alone. That will be enough for many dogs, but not all dogs.

bolt sitting near the goughnuts dog toys

Are Goughnuts Dog Toys a Good Value?

Yes. Goughnut dog toys are a great value thanks to the lifetime guarantee. The sticker price can feel a little steep up front, but once you buy this product once, you will not have to buy another one again. This makes them a fantastic value for people who are used to buying new chew toys multiple times per month. Cheap chew toys will add up after you buy them repeatedly. With Goughnuts, you get one product for one price, and you keep it forever, which is a fantastic value.



How Does the Lifetime Guarantee Work?

In order to get a replacement toy from Goughnuts, you have to fill out the guarantee form, send in your damaged toy, and wait for them to send back a replacement. Owners are responsible for shipping costs which start at $9.95. You can also pay $20 upfront and have Goughnuts deal with all of the shipping labels for you.

You can read the exact instructions for invoking the lifetime guarantee here.

How Durable Are These Toys?

These toys are extremely durable. They are designed to entertain the most persistent chewers. Goughnuts have designed all of their toys to stand up to heavy chewing by large and powerful dogs. Even if the toys don’t hold up, they will send you a new one.

Where Are Goughnuts Made?

Goughnuts are designed and made in the United States. Goughnuts has its own in-house engineering team that designs and inspects its products for strength and durability. The toys are made in Los Angeles in the United States. Their headquarters are located in Modesto, California.

bolt playing with goughnuts dog toys

Our Experience with Goughnuts

My dog is a 30 lb. mutt dog named Bolt that is part Boston Terrier, part Shih Tzu, and part Chihuahua. He absolutely loves to chew and often chews for 30 minutes to an hour before he settles down to sleep at night. Due to his long chewing sessions, he cannot use regular toys because he frequently destroys them and eats small pieces off. Before Goughnuts, Bolt had to be relegated to natural bamboo chews to help keep him safe. After a week of solid chewing, Goughnuts’ toys show zero signs of wear. Despite his aggressive chewing and healthy teeth, Bolt has been unable to make a dent in the solid outer layer of any of these toys so far. His favorite toy for chewing is the medium stick, by far.

The only issue is that sometimes Bolt is not interested in the Goughnuts because of their utilitarian design. In the past, he has enjoyed ripping out squeakers and licking flavored toys. Goughnuts are very safe, but they don’t have these extra things that are used to keep Bolt engaged. Sometimes Bolt sniffs these products and walks away, bored. Despite that, Goughnuts is certainly a product that can hold up under intense chewing and look like they will last for many, many weeks to come.



Goughnuts has a lot going for them. They are very durable, very safe, and come with a lifetime guarantee. They can be purchased online or in-store at various local vendors. They are designed to entertain large dogs that chew heavily and also keep them safe. The guarantee adds a lot of value and peace of mind that you don’t usually get with other products. My dog, Bolt, will certainly be chewing his Goughnuts for many nights to come, and I feel good about letting him chew to his heart’s content, both in terms of safety and value.

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