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How Extensive Can Chinchillas Go With no Food items and Drinking water? (How to Treatment for Your Chinchilla)


Mar 1, 2023
smart chinchilla looking at the camera


smart chinchilla looking at the camera

Chinchillas are adorable minimal creatures that make common pets. Hailing from the Andes Mountains in South The united states, these very little creatures have hair as smooth as velvet, and they can live up to 20 a long time with suitable treatment. Talking of good treatment, if you’re thinking of owning a chinchilla, you may well ponder how to treatment for them effectively to give them their best daily life. You also may question how prolonged chinchillas can go with no food stuff and drinking water.

All domesticated animals need to have accessibility to food items and drinking water at all times, but in case you are absent from home generally and want to know the reply to this dilemma, chinchillas should really go no more than 24 hours devoid of food stuff and h2o. Browse on to study a lot more about these intriguing minimal creatures and how to properly treatment for them.


How Prolonged Can Chinchillas Go With out Foodstuff?

We have stated that chinchillas can go up to 24 several hours without having meals, but that does not necessarily mean you really should go that extended if you can prevent it. Chins have a higher rate of metabolism and can eat constantly—ideally, they shouldn’t go with no food items for additional than 12 several hours, but 24 hours is doable if totally important. If you have to leave your chin alone for up to 24 several hours, ensure you depart out plenty of food items and h2o to go over the time span.

beige velvet chinchilla
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How Very long Can Chinchillas Go Devoid of H2o?

The very same rule applies to water. Your chin need to have accessibility to h2o 24/7, but if, for some cause, your chin runs out and you are not there to refill it, your chin can go for a number of times without h2o. Their natural habitat is dry, rocky ailments in the Andes Mountains, and they are equipped to endure with minor to no h2o for various days, but it is not encouraged. Remember, your chinchilla is domesticated and will depend on you for suitable foodstuff and h2o.

Dehydration is a concern for your chin to go without drinking water. Even while they can technically survive a number of days without it, they nevertheless need drinking water to preserve their physique temperature awesome. Dehydration is a hazardous ailment that can lead to intestinal blockages, kidney injury, and even loss of life. Signs to observe for are lethargy, dim urine, dry droppings, and skin tenting.

The ideal way to preserve contemporary water for your chin is by attaching a h2o bottle to its cage. Verify the water bottle every day and retain it total, as your chin will consume any place from 2 to 4 ounces of h2o everyday. Clean up the bottle regularly and examine it usually for microorganisms buildup. You should really also swap the drinking water each individual working day with fresh new, new water.

short-tailed chinchilla
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What Do Chinchillas Consume?

Hay and pellets are the most well-liked menu goods for chins. Chins are herbivores and call for a significant-fiber eating plan that consists of Timothy hay, botanical hay, orchard grass, meadow hay, and oat hay. Chins have a sensitive digestive procedure, and it’s imperative to supply them with the essential vitamins and minerals they will need. In the wild, they are adept at surviving on vegetation and roughage, and they cannot tolerate rich foods high in body fat. You can feed pellets, but restrict to 1 to 2 tablespoons day by day, as providing as well lots of pellets can lead to weight problems.

You can give your chin the occasional treat, this kind of as dried apples, dried bananas, dried cranberries, and raisins, to name a couple. Bear in mind that dried fruits are high in sugar and ought to only be presented as a address 2 to 3 occasions a 7 days in smaller quantities.

Treats and Treats to Stay clear of

Chins can turn out to be obese, which can lead to a variety of wellbeing concerns. It is clever to stay away from retail outlet-bought chinchilla treats due to the fact they have a tendency to be high in sugar, oils, and fats—not to point out preservatives. Chins have a challenging time digesting acidic foods, so keep away from citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruit. Corn can be deadly to chinchillas, and chocolate is significant in sugar and unwanted fat and can make your chin ill. Usually verify with your veterinarian before providing your chin human food items to guarantee it is risk-free for your chin to eat.

chinchilla eating a nut
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How to Treatment for Your Chinchilla and Continue to keep It Safe

Obtaining a chinchilla as a pet arrives with a great deal of accountability. Recall that chins can are living up to 20 yrs when appropriately cared for and that solely depends on you. Your new chinchilla mate will need an adequately sized, multi-level cage that is risk-free and protected. Chins want a great deal of hiding spots in situation they get fearful, and PVC pipe is a fantastic way to give hiding spots.

They also have to have objects to climb on for exercising and be certain to provide a great deal of toys for stimulation. The temperature in the cage ought to not exceed 80 levels, and if you are living in a very hot, humid climate, assure you run your AC. Paper and hardwood shavings make superb bedding substrates for these small fellas, but be positive to discard any bedding with urine or feces. You should really also clear the cage every month with cleaning soap and h2o.


Chinchillas are adorable, domesticated rodents that make exceptional animals. With right treatment, they can dwell up to 20 many years. It’s vital to supply your chin with food and drinking water 24/7, but if for some explanation you tumble limited from time to time, chins can survive several days without having foods and water—although this is not great.

If you are going on vacation or have to vacation for function, we endorse possessing a close friend appear to stay or pop in each and every working day. Chins can get lonely and frustrated, and owning human conversation will enable. Make certain your chin is acquainted with the human being, as they could get pressured and fearful about an individual they’ve never achieved.

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