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How Higher Can Savannah Cats Leap? The Stunning Answer


Mar 14, 2023
F1 Savannah cat


F1 Savannah cat

As a more recent crossbreed involving the African Serval and the domestic Siamese, the Savannah Cat is the closest way for feline fanatics to own a wild cat that the legislation will allow. In simple fact, possession is nevertheless not permitted in all sites. For illustration, the state of Ga, as perfectly as New York Metropolis ban Savannah Cats completely, even though other locations this sort of as Vermont restrict ownership to F4 generations and later. Every single subsequent technology loses some of the untamed qualities of the primary blend, but the Savannah Cat is however significantly diverse from domestic cats due to their physique and athletic abilities. The Savannah Cat can soar around 8 toes tall, which is an common 3 toes taller than your normal house cat. Let us see how this appealing breed compares to very similar animals to truly gauge the awesomeness of this trait.


How Substantial Can the Savannah Cat Bounce When compared to Other Animals?

Whilst the tabby on your porch could possibly apparent 8 toes if they are in very superior shape, the Savannah Cat consistently clears 8 feet and can quite possibly bounce even larger. Their ancestor, the African Serval, can really realize a 9-foot jump. The ordinary domestic cat can soar up to 6 situations their peak, which is nonetheless an remarkable feat compared to other species. Even so, their wild ancestors have them conquer by a long shot.

Animal Vertical Jump Peak
Savannah Cat 8 feet or additional
Domestic Tabby Cat 5 feet or more
African Serval 9 toes
Golden Retriever 4–6 toes
Adult Human 1–3 toes
Rabbit 2–4 ft
Dolphin 15–30 toes

Though the cat may well boast just one of the tallest bounds on land, the dolphin is the reigning champion of the sea. They can soar up to 30 ft in the air earlier mentioned the h2o, which is why they are so quickly noticed throughout seaside vacations.

Of system, not every single dolphin can jump 30 ft in the air, just as just about every human just cannot leap up to 3 toes. The all round situation of the personal creature determines their soar much more than their species. For case in point, the greatest vertical leap a human attained was 8 feet. Nonetheless, a modest 1–3 feet is normal. As a result, some Savannah Cats may perhaps bounce to a height closer to the Siamese than the Serval, or vice versa.

F2 savannah cat lying
Picture Credit history: Kolomenskaya Kseniya, Shutterstock


How to Hold Your Savannah Cat Contained

Now that you know your Savannah Cat can breezily leap above your fence, let’s talk about how to maintain them properly in your yard so they don’t turn into misplaced or harm.

1. Hold Them Inside Except if You are Observing Them

Distracted by a fluttering bird or a scurrying squirrel, the Savannah Cat can get away in a flash before you can sign up what took place. You shouldn’t depart your Savannah outdoors unattended since they can run absent so speedily. If your garden isn’t enclosed, you ought to only let them out on a leash. Remember, even if there is a fence, your Savannah cat can very easily bounce or climb over it except it is at least 8 feet substantial. You may well attempt setting up rolling bars or fence extensions to keep them inside of the boundary.

2. Take Them on Walks with a Leash and Harness

Savannah cat on leash
Image Credit rating: Jarry, Shutterstock

Demanding at the very least 2 hours of everyday exercising, the Savannah Cat demands far more bodily action than your normal cat. They can develop into restless if they’re trapped within for way too long, which will make them additional identified to escape, so you must make positive they meet their workout quota with a walk. Leash them onto a harness intended for cats, under no circumstances a collar. Cat’s necks are much too delicate for collars and because they really don’t have collarbones, they can effortlessly slip absent.

3. Motivate Them Indoors

In addition to their each day stroll, your kitty should have a good deal of indoor pursuits to keep them occupied. Catnip pouches, cat trees, and other feline-welcoming toys are excellent strategies to have interaction them in unbiased playtime.



Savannah Cats keep some of the wild characteristics of the African Serval. Whilst they simply cannot very achieve the 9-foot bounce which is attainable from the Serval, they can still very clear at the very least 8 toes, which is significantly better than domestic cats and most land-dwelling mammals at large. If you are fortunate adequate to treatment for a Savannah Cat, you should really make absolutely sure your lawn is secured so they just can’t escape and take them on every day walks to release their monumental bounds of power.

Featured Graphic Credit rating: Katerina Mirus, Shutterstock

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