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How Long Will My Cat Have Diarrhea Immediately after Deworming? Vet Reviewed Facts


Mar 24, 2023
cat sitting in litter box


cat sitting in litter box
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It is not unusual for cats to knowledge an infestation of intestinal parasites. Thankfully, you can get your cat dewormed to assist address parasitic infestations, but your cat may possibly practical experience some side consequences all through the process, which involve diarrhea.

Diarrhea can be activated by gastrointestinal upset triggered by the parasites or by deworming medicine. If deworming does induce diarrhea for a couple of days, it is frequently not a cause to be as well alarmed.


What Is Cat Deworming?

Gastrointestinal parasites are quickly transmitted and frequently contagious involving pets in the exact household. Some of the much more typical parasites for cats involve roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms. They can be transmitted through  fleas, mosquitoes, and other insects and scaled-down animals. Parasites can also be transmitted by feces, and nursing mom cats can transmit them to their kittens by way of their milk.

It’s popular observe for kittens to get dewormed and for grownup cats to either choose preventative medication or get dewormed just about every couple of months.1 The form of deworming will depend on your cat’s lifestyle. Veterinarians can prescribe oral or topical drugs.

The method of deworming will also count on your cat’s condition. Delicate cases can be fixed reasonably immediately, whilst more significant instances may well require various doses of medication over the span of months.

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Managing Cats Enduring Diarrhea For the duration of Deworming

Diarrhea can be a aspect influence of some deworming drugs. So, make positive to question your veterinarian for widespread facet effects for whichever medicine your cat ends up taking.

As opposed to dogs, there’s definitely no want to have your cat rapidly from foods even though going through diarrhea. Nonetheless, you can transform up your cat’s food plan to include meals that’s much easier for it to digest, which include gastrointestinal distinct diet programs. Damp foodstuff may also be useful for cats with diarrhea because the h2o written content can enable continue to keep them hydrated. Some cats can also reward from having probiotic supplements to support keep a healthful bacterial populace in their digestive tracts.

If your cat proceeds to have diarrhea after a pair of days, make contact with your veterinarian for much more follow-up treatment information. Your veterinarian can help keep an eye on your cat’s issue and prescribe anti-diarrheal treatment, if necessary.



Diarrhea is a facet impact that some cats may possibly knowledge while using deworming treatment. The difficulty can go absent on its possess immediately after a pair of days. In most instances, cats won’t have to have to quick from meals, and they can benefit from having quickly digestible foods and having probiotic health supplements.

Nonetheless, if diarrhea persists for extra than 2-3 times, or you have other issues, or your cat previously has fundamental professional medical circumstances, seek advice from your veterinarian for much more treatment guidelines. Cat deworming can consider a when, so it is best to be in dependable communication with your veterinarian. This will help your cat recuperate totally as swiftly and proficiently as possible.

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