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How Many Tooth Do Cats Have? The Surprising Remedy!


Feb 9, 2023
a vet examining a black and white cat


a vet examining a black and white cat's teeth

Have you ever puzzled just how several teeth cats have? Nicely, the response may well surprise you! In accordance to professionals, cats have a whopping 30 teeth! That’s right—almost as quite a few as individuals. But a cat’s enamel are smaller, sharper, and far more specialised than ours.

Let us acquire a nearer search at the anatomy of your feline friend’s chompers to fully grasp their form and perform.


How Lots of Tooth Does a Cat Have?

1st, let’s start off with the basic principles. Like individuals, feline teeth consist of two sets: little one teeth (also known as deciduous or milk tooth) and grownup teeth. The little one teeth start off to arrive in at about two months aged, and all of the grownup teeth will be in spot by six months.

Adult cats have 30 enamel,1 broken down into four categories: incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. The incisors are the 12 compact teeth positioned in the front of the mouth and are made use of for grooming and greedy meals.

The four canines, situated just powering the incisors, are employed for tearing and biting prey. 10 premolars help with slicing and crushing food, even though four molars are applied for grinding.

Now that you know how lots of teeth cats have, let us look at why it issues.

cat with open mouth and teeth
Image Credit: Birgit, Pixabay

How Your Cat Employs Its Tooth

Your cat’s tooth are made to do far more than just chew their meals. Experiments have demonstrated that cats use their enamel for interaction, defense, and grooming.

When a cat would like to exhibit submission or give a friendly greeting, it might provide its muzzle for you to rub, which is known as “muzzling” or “muzzle bumping.” On top of that, cats might also rub their bodies towards you to demonstrate affection—a conduct recognised as “bunting.”

Cats also use their enamel for defense when they really feel threatened by predators or other cats. If a cat feels cornered, it may perhaps hiss, arch its back again, and carry its tail to look greater and far more overwhelming. If this fails, it may vacation resort to biting or scratching as a previous-ditch energy to defend by itself.

Ultimately, cats use their teeth for grooming reasons. Cats will usually lick their fur and claws to continue to keep on their own clear and hydrated. They also have an instinctive inclination to gnaw on things—like toys and furniture—which allows to maintain their teeth in top problem.

Guidelines to Preserve Your Cat’s Tooth Wholesome

While cats are masters of taking care of their individual dental health, there are some factors you can do to assistance hold your cat’s tooth in the finest shape probable.

Very first and foremost, common brushing is important for a healthy mouth. You ought to brush your cat’s enamel at least twice a week with toothpaste exclusively created for feline use. It’s also critical to just take your cat for typical checkups with the vet, who can cleanse and look at your cat’s teeth extra thoroughly.

You could also take into consideration introducing dental treats or kibble that have been specifically made to lower plaque develop-up on the teeth and gums. And finally, offer toys and other objects you can use to hold your cat’s tooth thoroughly clean and healthful.

No issue their range of tooth, with a bit of do the job, your cat can have an impressively potent set of chompers!

brushing cat's teeth
Image Credit score: cynoclub, Shutterstock



From 26 to 30 teeth in its proverbial arsenal, a cat has the capacity for an array of different culinary activities. While not as large and potent as our personal pearly whites, cats cunningly make use of their minuscule molars in remarkable strategies!

As a accountable cat owner, it is essential to be knowledgeable about your pet’s oral hygiene and give them with significant treatment for their continued very well-staying. By scheduling common checkups at the vet, brushing consistently, and giving specific treats especially intended for cats’ dental health and fitness, you can preserve your cat’s teeth gleaming white!


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Featured Image Credit: didesign021, Shutterstock

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