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How Much Do Cocker Spaniels Shed? Facts & Care Tips


May 18, 2023
woman brushing cocker spaniel


woman brushing cocker spaniel

If you’ve never had a Cocker Spaniel, you might look at their beautiful locks and think their coats require extensive grooming. Cocker Spaniels are considered moderate shedders, so you won’t have to deal with as much fur on your furniture as you might have first thought. However, Cocker Spaniels require regular grooming sessions to avoid tangling or matting. To keep your dog’s fur healthy, you must brush it daily, which can be pretty time-consuming. Below, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about a Cocker Spaniel’s fur.


Do Cocker Spaniels Shed?

Cocker Spaniels do shed; they might not shed as much as a Golden Retriever, for example, but in relation to their size, they are considered to shed moderately. The good thing is, the more their coats are brushed and maintained, the less likely they are to shed, so it’s in your interest to keep up with their grooming routine.

As with most dogs, Cocker Spaniels have “shedding seasons,” which means there are certain times when you will notice more fur around the house. Cocker Spaniels also have delicate coats, so more work is involved in keeping them healthy.

grooming cocker spaniel
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When Is “Shedding Season?”

Cocker Spaniels have a double coat, and you’ll notice it sheds heavily during spring and autumn. This isn’t something isolated only to Cocker Spaniels, however. In spring, shedding keeps them cool in preparation for the summer, and they shed their fur in autumn for the cold winter snap. This means you have to groom them more often during these times.

divider-pawHow to Care for a Cocker Spaniel’s Coat

There are many ways to care for your Cocker Spaniel’s coat to reduce how much they shed.

  • Establish a routine: Establishing a grooming routine will ensure that your dog will get used to being groomed, making it much less stressful for you and them. Daily brushing will ensure your Cocker Spaniel sheds less and means their coats won’t tangle or mat.
  • Use the correct brush/comb: Pick a dog-friendly comb made of metal with medium spacing between the teeth. If you encounter a knot when brushing your dog, pick it apart slowly so you don’t hurt them. A slicker brush is gentle on sensitive areas like their ears, where their fur is particularly thick, and the skin tends to be very thin at the edges.
  • Pick the right products: Purchase vet-recommended products for bath time; they are gentler on their coats and skin.
  • Provide a nutritionally balanced diet: The condition of your Cocker Spaniel’s fur also reflects how good their diet is. If you pick a high-quality and nutritionally balanced dog food, their coat will be stronger and healthier for it.
  • Ensure water is readily available: Dehydration can cause the skin and fur to become crusty and dry. Their skin will crack, and their hair will not be healthy looking. Ensure your dog drinks enough, and contact your vet if you are ever worried.

divider-dog pawAre Cocker Spaniels Hypoallergenic?

No dog is truly a hypoallergenic one. However, some shed less and produce less dander that triggers pet-related allergies than other breeds. Unfortunately, Cocker Spaniels are not one of those breeds.

If you suffer from allergies, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a Cocker Spaniel; as we mentioned, you can control their shedding with regular grooming, and there are medications you can take to control your symptoms. However, it is sometimes easier to manage if you pick a dog that is hypoallergenic. There is a Spaniel with a hypoallergenic coat: the Irish Water Spaniel. It is a large Spaniel that requires lots of daily exercise and has a thick, curly coat like a Poodle.

woman having an allergy to a Cocker Spaniel dog
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Final Thoughts

If you’re here because you’re thinking of getting a Cocker Spaniel, we can certainly see why; they’re happy, playful, patient dogs that are an excellent addition to every family they join.

Cocker Spaniels are considered moderate shedders; while they are not the most high-maintenance animals regarding their grooming needs, their coats require significant care and attention, which is sometimes more than some owners can handle. However, the more you care for their coat, the less they will shed, and the healthier they will be.

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