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How Prolonged Can You Go away Pet Mice Household On your own? (Vet Reviewed Info)


Mar 2, 2023
gerbil mice


gerbil mice
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The facts is recent and up-to-date in accordance with the most up-to-date veterinarian analysis.

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As considerably as other pets go, mice aren’t intricate. Of training course, they need the bare requirements like any animal. But as opposed to other common animals, domesticated mice have unique feeding and watering prerequisites. In the wild, mice can survive months with out h2o but only up to 4 times without having food. Nuts, correct?

You can leave your mouse residence for a weekend trip with sufficient food and water frequently with no dilemma. Any longer, and you are going to have to have to carry in some enable.

Let us glimpse at what needs to be performed in advance of you depart.


Before You Depart: Things Your Mice Will need

Planning the enclosure ahead of you go away is the finest way to ensure your mouse will do well in your absence. This features foods, drinking water, bedding, and entertainment whilst you’re absent.


In contrast to other animals, mice really do not need to consume a total meal to meet their power requirements. They have modest stomachs and quick-performing digestive devices that involve them to nibble continuously alternatively than eating large portions.

Simply because of this, mice want a good deal of food to survive. They need to not go for a lot more than 2 times with no food items. How a lot foodstuff to leave your mice depends on the surroundings. In the winter season, mice require much more calories to stay heat and less calories in the summer season months.

Mice are omnivores and aren’t picky, so you can go away various food choices for them to nibble. A substantial-excellent feed mouse food items will ensure your mice acquire suitable diet. If achievable, supply refreshing develop and seeds as component of their day by day allowance.

mice eating
Image Credit rating: Nature_Blossom, Pixabay


Although meals is more important than drinking water for mice, you nevertheless have to leave your mice with fresh new drinking water. Domesticated mice never have as much liberty as they do in the wild. This indicates they can not go as long with no drinking water as they commonly would outdoors.

Mice also like to dig, so stay away from applying drinking water dishes. In its place, present h2o in a sippy drinking water bottle to guarantee the h2o stays clean and contemporary.

Bedding and Cleaning

The bedding (substrate) is the basis of your mice enclosure and serves many reasons:

  • Collecting waste
  • Providing content for nesting
  • Furnishing content for digging

For these factors, mouse enclosures will need a cocktail of substrates to meet your critter’s requirements. Paper is the most common solution for digging and nesting. Still, you can choose other litter like hay, straw, torn cardboard, hemp, and coconut coir.

Whichever you opt for, the bedding requirements to be free, absorbent, and totally free of dust and artificial aromas. It need to be switched to fresh bedding at least when for every week. You’ll need to locate a person to do it for you if you are absent during this time.


Mice are curious critters that appreciate climbing, digging tunnels, and hiding in smaller spaces. Interactive toys will help keep their brains active to fulfill their organic rodent instincts.

Toys like training wheels, logs, bridges, and small animal hideouts are excellent alternatives for entertaining your mice at any time, regardless of whether you’re touring.

Mice also like to chew, so provide your mice with healthful objects like Timothy hay, wooden toys, apple or aspen branches, or block chew toys to retain people chompers chaotic.

mice inside cage
Impression Credit history: Silvia, Pixabay

Mice Without the need of Playmates

Mice are social creatures that shouldn’t be still left by itself normally. Feminine mice can be housed jointly. Nonetheless, males can be intense close to other males and really should be housed individually.

If you don’t have a different mouse in the enclosure, it is intelligent to have someone take a look at your mouse for social conversation though you are away.

Put together for Health care Emergencies

We really do not want to consider a health care emergency will come up in our absence, but it happens, so it’s clever to be prepared.

Locate the closest animal emergency hospital that will deal with rodents and go away the details with the human being hunting soon after your mice. Speak to the unexpected emergency healthcare facility about leaving your credit card data on file if you just can’t be achieved to explore therapy. Lastly, go away a provider nearby for quick transportation to the healthcare facility.


Wrapping It Up

Leaving mice at house for a few times is somewhat easy. As extended as you give all the things your mice need to have, you can get pleasure from a shorter weekend vacation with small to no get worried.

Right enclosure enrichment is crucial for mice to thrive, regardless of regardless of whether you’re away. Just take this time to strengthen the perfectly-staying of your mice just before you go away- your mice will recognize it!

Showcased Picture Credit: sonjafurter1, Pixabay

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