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How to Groom a Corgi – 5 Guidelines and Tips


Mar 8, 2023
groomer giving pembroke welsh corgi dog a haircut

Ah, the Corgi! From the royal household to the suburban loved ones, it appears to be that every person has a tender place for this dog breed with the lovable minimal legs, the fluffy booty, and the large perspective.

Grooming a Corgi can be a fun and rewarding knowledge, but it does need some persistence, humor, and challenging perform. Right here are some ideas and tips to get you started on giving your Corgi the grooming care it warrants.


The 5 Suggestions and Tips for Grooming a Corgi

1. Brush your Corgi often.

Corgis have a thick double coat, which suggests they drop a ton. Common brushing will help retain their coat seeking awesome and shiny, and it will also enable decrease shedding. In the course of their far more intense shedding durations in the spring and fall, they will have to have each day brushing to keep the shedding undercoat from getting mats or clumps.

Some Corgis get pleasure from the feeling of being brushed. Many others, not so substantially. If they are reluctant, you can use treats or heaps of praise to make the experience much better for both of those of you.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog with shed fur
Picture Credit score: Jus_Ol, Shutterstock

2. Give them a tub occasionally.

While Corgis really do not will need to be bathed often (their double coat deters dust from sticking) they do need a good scrub every single now and then. Recall, wet Corgis are even cuter than dry kinds! Baths also maintain their pores and skin totally free from lifeless skin and outdated fur, both of which can be annoying.

Use a light canine shampoo and conditioner, and make sure that you acquire more time to rinse all the product or service off. Hot places can outcome from pockets of trapped dampness, so you may perhaps want to use a blow dryer to make guaranteed your Corgi is extensively dry.

3. Trim their nails.

Corgis need to have their nails trimmed, just like any other breed. Extensive nails can lead to discomfort and even pain it can have an affect on your dog’s over-all posture if they are seeking to stroll and run on lengthy nails. Make guaranteed to preserve them short and analyze them for injury or accidents.

Nail-clipping is infamous doggie “ick”, and most puppies are not fond of it! So use good reinforcement and counter-conditioning to help with their stress and anxiety at the sight of the clippers. What greater excuse to give your Corgi a considerably-desired belly rub.

Corgi puppy paws with cute nails
Picture Credit: Olena Kovtun, Shutterstock

4. Clean their ears.

Corgis are vulnerable to ear infections, so it’s crucial to retain their ears clean up and dry. And no a person likes that funky scent that some pet dogs can get if their ears go also very long without currently being cleaned. Normally use a dog-certain ear cleansing option and cotton balls, and make absolutely sure not to go also deep into the ear canal. Take note: cotton swabs/Q Tips need to only be made use of by veterinarians or grooming industry experts.

5. Brush their tooth.

Just like humans, canines have to have their tooth brushed to sustain superior oral well being. This is a person part of grooming that a lot of of us are likely to ignore, to the detriment of our dog’s well being. Tooth bacterial infections like periodontitis can quickly distribute to the bloodstream and have an affect on your Corgi’s general wellbeing.

Always use a doggy-specific toothbrush and toothpaste, and brush at least two or three situations a week. And do not forget about to reward your Corgi with a address afterwards!

vet is brushing the teeth of a Welsh corgi
Graphic Credit: Masarik, Shutterstock



Grooming is an critical section of canine ownership. This is specifically legitimate for the Corgi due to the fact of their thick, deluxe double-coat of fur. Keep in mind, grooming can be a exciting and fulfilling experience for both you and your furry good friend. So seize your brush (for bot their fur and their teeth!) and get prepared for some bonding time with your favourite tiny pup!

Highlighted Image Credit rating: Makistock, Shutterstock

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