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How to Measure Your Pet for a Harness (Dimensions Chart Integrated)


Feb 11, 2023
small dog wearing lift harness


small dog wearing lift harness

Though a pet dog collar is valuable as a tag carrier, each individual pet wants a harness as it presents more aid and protection when taking your dog for a stroll or operate in the park.

Getting the proper dimensions harness is significant for your dog’s safety and consolation, and which is why studying how to attach a canine harness appropriately is this sort of an important talent for doggy entrepreneurs to have. Dog harnesses usually have a created-in sizing, and it is important to measure your doggy to guarantee the harness suits correctly.

In this write-up, we’ll focus on how you can measure your canine for a harness, how it ought to healthy, and the forms of harnesses that are offered.


Ahead of You Start out

Even though harnesses are frequently marketed by excess weight, it is most effective to use a measuring tape to get a much more precise measurement. Being aware of equally your dog’s body weight and measurements will assist you discover the finest dimension harness for your dog.

The identical strategies really should be used to measure your pet, regardless of whether it is small, medium, or huge. Just make guaranteed that you adjust the placement of the tape measure relying on your dog’s specific dimensions.

If your pet tends to go all-around a large amount and doesn’t ordinarily stand nonetheless, get a family members member or pal to help you maintain your canine in area though you take measurements.

french bulldog on th grass with harness
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The 4 Techniques to Evaluate Your Pet for a Harness

A puppy dimensions chart will usually display four measurements: neck girth, upper body girth, system duration, and fat. Combining these measurements and excess weight will help you establish the appropriate measurement of your dog’s harness.

1. Neck Girth

The circumference of your dog’s neck is measured about the place the collar hits. Wrap the tape measure just beneath the narrow part of the neck, wherever your puppy ordinarily wears a collar. If you are doubtful, the appropriate spot is just above your dog’s shoulders. You will begin just higher than their shoulders, at the nape of their neck, and wrap the tape down to the leading of their chest and around to satisfy the other close. Recall, you will need two fingers to in good shape comfortably concerning your doggy and its harness, so permit for that area when measuring.

dog standing on the meadow while owner adjusting the harness
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2. Upper body girth

The chest girth is the circumference of your dog’s chest. Find the widest component of your dog’s upper body to measure your dog’s girth. The widest portion of a dog’s upper body is typically proper at the rear of the armpits, but measure from the bottom of your dog’s rib cage.

3. Entire body duration

Entire body duration is measured from the base of your dog’s neck to the foundation of its tail or from the beginning of its shoulders to the conclusion of its hips.

merle great dane dog in harness lying on grass
Picture Credit score: Ralphs_Fotos, Pixabay

4. Pounds

Weight can also participate in a part in deciding the proper size. You can weigh your pet making use of an standard toilet scale. Weigh yourself and then keep your puppy although standing on the scale. Subtract the to start with determine from the next to get your dog’s fat.


How Need to a Puppy Harness In shape?

A canine harness should healthy snugly close to your dog’s system, but it should really never be much too limited. There is a typical rule of thumb for analyzing if your dog’s harness suits effectively and is cosy adequate not to cause discomfort or irritation. Of training course, different harnesses are readily available that will be suited to certain breeds, and just about every harness will have to have a distinctive solution to fit them accurately.

The moment you have healthy the dog’s harness snuggly all-around your dog’s chest, place two fingers in each area of the area between the harness and your doggy. If the fingers in shape easily, you can be confident that the harness sizing will not trigger pain or soreness, and your puppy won’t be able to escape it. If the two fingers never match easily, you are going to have to have to change the harness and match it adequately. For harness dimensions 0–4, the bottom stomach strap need to be 4 fingers away from the dog’s front legs on the other hand, for harness measurements Child 1 and Baby 2, a width of two fingers is ample.

Most harnesses are quickly adjustable by tightening or loosening the straps.

white pitbull with a dog harness
Graphic Credit history: Lee Hardy, Unsplash

Kinds of Harnesses

The function of a dog harness is to guide your doggy although they walk and reduce pressure when they pull. They have straps that wrap around the dog’s torso and contain clips and D rings for the leash. Quite a few have their very own features and positive aspects.

The different kinds include things like:

  • Back clip harness
  • Entrance clip harness
  • Step in harness
  • Dual clip harness

A back again clip harness is ideal if your pet does not pull during walks and is properly-experienced to wander beside you. The leash effortlessly attaches to the harness midway together the back to keep stress off the throat.

A front clip harness is perfect if your dog tends to pull when strolling. There is a ring on the front chest strap to connect the leash, and this placement will enable end your pet from pulling. The draw back of this leash is that it can in many cases get tangled in the dog’s legs.

A puppy techniques into the straps of a action-in harness with the two entrance paws, and the harness is then fixed at the back again. This harness is suitable for pet dogs that never like to have a thing pulled about their heads.

Twin clip harnesses permit the leash to be hooked up to possibly the back again or entrance clip. This makes them extra versatile and can be utilized for possibly a mild stroll or on a stroll the place you may well need to have a lot more control.



A dog harness with the correct fit is vital for the convenience and safety of your pet. Most puppy harnesses appear with a sizing chart following using your dog’s proper measurements and weight, you can uncover the ideal harness. Your dog’s harness need to match snugly but must by no means be also tight, and a person way to ascertain if it’s far too restricted is by inserting two fingers amongst the strap and your dog’s physique to establish if it is a comfy and functional match.

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