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How to Paddle Board With Your Puppy: SUP Information With Strategies


Apr 4, 2023
pug wearing life vest on paddle board


pug wearing life vest on paddle board

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is a well-liked h2o exercise which is enjoyable to do with your puppy. It is a excellent way to stay neat, have pleasurable, and bond with your pet. If you’ve by no means attempted it, hold reading through as we deliver a phase-by-move manual, together with additional suggestions to enable you get started. We cover preparation, having on and off the board, and monitoring your pet to be certain that they’re getting a good time.



Just before you consider to take your canine paddle boarding, you will have to ensure that they are relaxed around drinking water and a excellent swimmer. They should be comfortable carrying a lifetime jacket, and you should have 1 that suits them easily. Before you head out for the day, we also propose checking the weather conditions to ensure that there are no thunderstorms or higher winds that may well produce risky situations.

In advance of You Start

Once you are positive your pet dog is at ease in the water, decide on a paddle board that fits your and your dog’s weight and dimensions. It need to be secure and huge to accommodate you both comfortably. You will also need to have a leash to hold your pet dog on the paddle board, daily life jackets for you and your pet, and a paddle for on your own. We advocate practicing on land to assist get your pet dog used to the paddle board. Also, pick out a quiet and tranquil spot away from other functions.

1. Set On Your Dog’s Everyday living Jacket

Corgi dog in a life jacket on a stand up paddling board
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The 1st action is to set the lifetime jacket on your dog in advance of getting into the drinking water or receiving on the paddle board. It should in shape snugly with no becoming tight the objective is for it to assistance preserve your pet afloat in case of an accident.

2. Safe Your Pet dog

Hook the leash to the paddle board D-ring to assist preserve your pet safe while on the drinking water. Some specialists also propose working with a bungee twine to avert the leash from tangling in the paddle board fin.

3. Get on the Paddle Board

woman on a paddle board with boxer dog
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With your doggy hooked up to the paddle board, you can get on, kneeling to ensure that it’s stable right before standing up.

4. Enable Your Pet onto the Paddle Board

Following, assist your pet dog on to the paddle board by encouraging them to move on from the rear. It can just take a few attempts before your pet feels cozy, so be affected individual and check out not to come to be frustrated, or your canine may possibly experience like they are disappointing you.

5. Get started Paddling

woman riding a surfboard with a dog
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At the time your dog is at ease on the paddle board, start out paddling slowly but surely, maintaining your bodyweight centered more than the board and retaining a regular, comfortable speed.

6. Keep an eye on Your Dog’s Actions

Look at your dog meticulously to make certain that they are not awkward or anxious. If they start out to pant intensely or get started whining, take a split for a handful of minutes to permit them capture their breath. Having repeated breaks will also support reinforce that this is a pleasurable, calm activity, which can assistance your pet feel a lot more comfy.

7. Get A great deal of Breaks

dog drinking water from bottle at the beach
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Even if your pet is not showing symptoms of distress, we suggest having recurrent breaks so your pet can consume water and rest in the shade to stop them from overheating, in particular when employing the paddle board on a sizzling working day.

8. Normally Assist Your Doggy Off Very first

When it is time to return to shore, solution it bit by bit and slow down. When you attain the edge, support your puppy get off initial in advance of obtaining off oneself so you can keep the paddle boat stable.

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Other Recommendations for Paddle Boarding With Your Puppy

  • If your canine is new to SUP, commence with shorter visits down the shore to assistance them get utilized to the motion via the water.
  • Use a brief leash to preserve your canine under management and avert them from jumping off the paddle board.
  • Bring a great deal of treats to enable your canine know when they are executing a little something suitable, in particular when you are initially coaching them to use the paddle board.
  • Avoid paddle boarding in particularly incredibly hot and chilly weather conditions.
  • Verify for dangers like sharp rocks, jellyfish, and particles just before getting into the water.
  • If your canine appears to be fearful or anxious, don’t pressure them into the water. Let them consider their time and get on the board at their very own pace for the greatest possibility at achievements.
  • Educate them simple instructions like “sit,” “stay,” and “come” to continue to keep them less than regulate whilst on the paddle board.



Paddle boarding with your doggy can be a pleasurable and pleasant encounter, but it’s significant to be perfectly-ready and safe before heading out onto the h2o. Get it gradual, and check your puppy to make sure that they are not suffering from anxiousness or movement illness. Commence with quick journeys together this shore, little by little having for a longer period adventures as your pet would seem far more relaxed. Usually get on the paddle board initially and leave it last so you can enable keep it stable as your dog receives on and off, and delight in your bonding time with your pet.

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