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How to Secure Leather Couches From Cats (8 Quick Ideas)


Feb 8, 2023
How to Protect Leather Couches From Cats (8 Easy Tips)


domestic cat laying on leather couch

You like your cat, but you also appreciate your leather sofa. So, if your favorite feline has taken a shine to clawing at your leather-based sofa, you are going to want to be in a position to shield the couch from it. But how can you do that?

There are in fact quite a several strategies you can deter your cat from sinking its claws into your leather-based sofa! And most of them are basic to do, so you can use a variety of these strategies to make sure your pet doesn’t continue on making use of the sofa as a plaything. Maintain looking through for 8 suggestions on how to secure leather-based couches from cats!


How to Safeguard Leather-based Couches From Cats

1. Increase extra scratching posts to your dwelling

Cat using a scratching post
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Almost certainly the best way to get your pet to halt using your leather-based couch as a scratching publish is to merely integrate far more scratching posts through the household. You are going to want to have at minimum 1 put up (or scratch pad) in close proximity to the sofa, so you can persuade your cat to scratch there alternatively than the sofa (while nevertheless making it possible for the cat to do what it wishes in the same spot). But make confident you have lots of other scratching spots in your dwelling, far too, so your feline is familiar with it has options.

2. Utilize scratch guards

Scratch guards are extremely advantageous for holding your cat from scratching your leather couch. These are made to be attached to a sofa (or other items of home furnishings) with tape and can be integrated very considerably any where on the couch’s floor (especially on the sides and corners the place kitties most like to flex their claws!). Technically, scratch guards will not cease your cat from scratching, but considering that it will claw at the guards and not your leather couch, the leather will be harmless. And when these guards have met their stop, you can get them off and substitute them with new ones.

3. Make use of a sofa include

snow bengal cat on sofa
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If more scratching posts or a scratch guard doesn’t perform with your pet, you may want to invest in a couch deal with. The leather-based on your couch will no longer be in a position to be noticed, but at minimum it’ll be harmless. And you can remove the addresses when you have firm, so your sofa can really be noticed, if you prefer. Couch addresses are very classy these days, and there are tons of sofa cover choices, so you are sure to come across 1 that goes with your décor.

4. Maintain the cat’s nails small

This is just one of the easier methods to maintain your leather couch secured from the cat—make certain your cat’s claws are regularly trimmed! You are going to will need to trim nails every 3–4 months, but it will go a very long way in retaining your leather-based sofa intact. If you are not confident in your capacity to reduce your pet’s nails, you can consider it to your vet or a groomer who can get the task done.

5. Give your cat its own home furniture

a gray and white shorthaired cat lying on a blanket at home
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Perhaps your cat is captivated to leather due to the fact it enjoys the sense of it, or maybe your cat just likes to dangle out on the household furniture. So, why not get your pet its possess piece of furniture (if possible fake leather), so it can do whatever it needs with it? There are so lots of solutions you can opt for from when it arrives to cat household furniture, but a kitty sofa or loveseat is probably the best possibility to mimic your leather couch. Set your cat’s preferred blanket or pillow on the home furnishings and give treats to them to entice it into utilizing the new home furnishings. With any luck ,, shortly, your cat will dismiss your sofa on its have!

6. Redirect your pet’s awareness

Just about every time you capture your cat with its claws sunk into your leather, redirect its interest elsewhere. You can interact your pet by taking part in with it, providing it a deal with or toy, or getting them cozy up to a diverse texture, these kinds of as a soft blanket. By redirecting their consideration each time it tries to claw the furnishings, you’re schooling your pet to overlook the leather-based in favor of anything a lot more enjoyment.

7. Assure your feline is finding plenty of training

birman cat
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You could possibly not believe so given that cats rest so frequently, but felines do get bored. And if your pet is bored and entire of pent-up energy, it may possibly acquire it out on the leather-based sofa. But if you assure your cat receives a great deal of workout and playtime each individual day, it’ll be significantly less possible to have interaction in damaging behavior because of to boredom. So, consider a couple of minutes out of each individual working day to engage in with your cat!

8. Use spray deterrents

You will require to be a bit very careful if you use this idea, so you do not use a product or service that damages the leather of your couch, but spray deterrents can be quite useful! Felines have an astounding sense of scent, which signifies that some scents odor downright awful to them. So, if you spray your couch with one thing smelling of citrus, eucalyptus, lavender, or rosemary, it ought to be a quite very good deterrent. You are going to probably need to spray the couch down a few of moments a day, but it’ll be value it!



Felines and leather-based couches are not constantly a good blend, but the two can coexist with each other. You merely will need to make it, so your pet doesn’t want to scratch the leather-based on your couch. Thankfully, there are a number of approaches you can go about deterring the cat, no matter if it’s by positioning scratch guards on the couch, incorporating additional scratching posts into your home’s décor, covering the sofa with material, partaking your pet in perform and physical exercise, trimming your pet’s nails, getting it furnishings of its possess, or employing spray deterrents. Use a mix of these tips to ensure superb success!

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