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How to Shield Bird Nests From Cats (8 Recommendations & Tips)


Feb 13, 2023
lovebird on nest


lovebird on nest

Did you know that cats eliminate roughly 2.4 billion birds1 yearly in the United States on your own? It’s real. Cats have contributed to the extinction of more than 60 unique species of birds, mammals, and reptiles. When we sure adore our feline mates, there is no denying the severe impression they can have on the ecosystem.

Irrespective of whether you have out of doors cats your self or a myriad of roaming community cats in your region, it is not a undesirable plan to take into account having measures to guard your yard birds from the quick claws and jaws of these carnivores, but cute, predators.

Continue to keep reading through to find ideas on safeguarding chook nests from cats.


How to Safeguard Chook Nests From Cats (8 Recommendations)

1. Retain Your Cat Indoors

If your kitty will become a predator for the neighborhood birds, keeping it indoors is a superb foolproof way to hold your backyard site visitors risk-free.

If your cat absolutely must go out, only permit them to be outside when you can supervise them. You ought to also contemplate holding them indoors at minimum an hour ahead of sunset and an hour immediately after dawn, as birds have a tendency to be the most lively at these instances.

If your cat prefers to be an outdoor cat, attempt to keep it indoors for the duration of the breeding time, at least. This is typically throughout the spring, while it can be earlier or later, based on the bird species in your property.

A different possibility is to devote in a completely enclosed cat patio (or catio) to give your kitty the advantages of paying out time in the new air with no endangering the wildlife in your garden.

F2 savanna cat indoor
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2. Think about Wherever You’re Placing Nesting Boxes

Cats and other yard predators like raccoons will understand quite speedy that your birdhouses and nesting boxes are trustworthy foods sources. This signifies that you’ll will need to make accessing the nest as hard as probable to avert these predators from gaining access.

The increased you can get them off the ground, the far better. Hold them at the very least eight ft off the ground and, ideally, 10 to 12 ft away from shrubs to minimize the likelihood that your cat can reach them.

Hold the birdhouse and nesting boxes as significantly absent from any of the massive trees in your garden as you can. Cats are experienced tree climbers and great jumpers, so they will not wait to leap from tree to nesting box. Also, eliminate any nearby branches that could be stepping stones for cats to accessibility the residence.

Examine your brush piles and shrubbery during the nesting period to see if floor nests or fledgling birds are current.

3. Contemplate the Birdhouse Style

When purchasing for a new birdhouse, or hunting at DIYing your personal, contemplate how cat-evidence the style and design is.

Steep roofs can assistance prevent cats.

Really do not choose a birdhouse with perches. Birds don’t want them to enter the home, and they only definitely act as a perfect handhold for predators.

The birdhouse opening must be the best dimension for the chicken species you’re hoping to draw in. If it is too significant, predators can easily accessibility the nest.

The colors of the birdhouse matter, as well. Select all-natural shades that will aid it mix in much better with its environment. Browns and darkish greens are the best choices and will be the most beautiful to birds. You might even consider decorating the birdhouse with natural elements to aid conceal it much better.

orange bird on top of birdhouse
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4. Use Repellents & Deterrents

Applying a cat repellent near the bird’s nest is a different terrific option for deterring your kitty. You can almost certainly make a Do it yourself repellent with issues you presently have in your kitchen area.

Citrus peels, black pepper, garlic, and citronella oil can repel cats. Scatter them all-around the bird’s nest, but remember that they’ll need to have to be reapplied often to remain helpful.

A motion-activated sprinkler can retain cats away, but it may well lead to overwatering if it isn’t put strategically.

An ultrasonic cat deterrent could be useful to continue to keep away stray and community cats. They are activated by motion sensors and emit ultrasonic alarms that startle the would-be predators and ship them jogging.

5. Opt for Landscape Sensibly

If neighborhood cats are a challenge, you might contemplate re-landscaping your lawn. Pick out plants that in a natural way repel cats, such as thorny bushes or these with solid scents. Sharp mulches are a different fantastic resource you ought to have at your disposal.

white birdhouse on a red brick wall with climbing roses
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6. Use Deterrents on Your Trees

If your cat is gaining access to the hen nests by climbing your trees, you could possibly look at just one of two tree-defending options—a baffle or scat mats.


7. Tree Baffles

A baffle is a sheet of steel or plastic that suits snugly all over tree trunks. Its slippery surface area functions as a barrier to stop cats and other critters (e.g., squirrels) from climbing up. You can acquire baffles at the shop, but DIYing a single is tremendous basic and quickly.

You can also obtain cone-shaped baffles. These are formed like e-collars and are adjustable to in shape the circumference of your tree. They’re tremendous quick to put in and will also discourage raccoons and squirrels.

8. Scat Mats

A scat mat is a sheet of plastic spikes that can be put anywhere in your household or property exactly where you do not want your cat to be. Even though they’re not made especially for trees, the mats are adaptable sufficient that they can be bent and connected together until finally it is broad enough to wrap all-around your tree.


Final Views

When it might consider some time and energy to cat-evidence your birdhouses and nesting packing containers, the end consequence will be well worth it. Birds will glimpse to your lawn as a protected sanctuary and will retain coming again time following time, and you won’t will need to get worried about your kitty contributing to the cat-fowl predation challenge.

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