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How to Teach Your Canine to Use a Puppy Ramp (6 Recommendations)


Feb 16, 2023
dachshund using dog ramp at home


dachshund using dog ramp at home

As your doggy gets older, you may have to have to regulate factors to help with the getting older method. For illustration, older pet dogs usually struggle to get on elevated parts, this kind of as beds or couches, when they get arthritis.

Doggy ramps are a valuable device to give puppies a durable, safe way to climb to their favorite resting parts, but the schooling approach can acquire a little function. Below are 6 ideas for instruction your canine to use a doggy ramp. All you want to get started out is some tasty treats, a good ramp, and some endurance.


The 6 Strategies on How to Practice Your Pet dog to Use a Pet Ramp

1. Prepare the Ramp

Ramps can be modified to suit the object they are used for, these kinds of as a sofa or bed. When you are introducing the ramp to your pet dog, it is finest to use a minimal incline that’s less daunting. Observe lying the ramp on a stable surface area, these kinds of as a carpet, to give your canine confidence utilizing it.

2. Get started With Just one Paw

If your dog utilizes the ramp on its have, great! But realistically, it could just take gradual actions to get your pet at ease and assured. Introduce your dog to the ramp by positioning 1 paw on the ramp, then supplying a handle. Repeat this phase a few times until your pet dog is comfortable.

dog with car ramp
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3. Motivate Your Canine to Transfer Onto the Ramp

The future action is to get your pet to stand on the ramp on its possess. Get started by satisfying your pet dog for putting 1 paw on the ramp, then progressively shift the handle to motivate your pet to action onto the ramp. Continue to keep rewarding for each optimistic move and progressively coax your dog to shift farther on to the ramp. Inevitably, your dog should really observe the deal with from a person conclusion of the ramp to the other.

If your puppy jumps off the ramp, repeat the past move and reward progress.

4. Clear away the Deal with

After your doggy is snug following the take care of on the ramp, change to applying just an vacant hand. The take care of is now still left as a reward for adhering to your hand, not a way to coax the behavior. Little by little do the job up to strolling from a person conclude of the ramp to the other, gratifying your puppy for optimistic techniques.

5. Introduce a Cue

When your canine gets to the stop of the ramp, have it flip close to and go back again to the starting up level. Introduce a verbal command, these types of as “up,” as you immediate the dog with your hand. Take care of your doggy for transferring at the cue.

6. Start off the Incline

With tolerance, your puppy should master the ramp on a flat surface area with self-assurance. Now, you can introduce a slight incline to get your pet dog relaxed. Operate slowly, boosting the incline only the moment your dog adjusts to the preceding placement. If you go much too rapid, your pet may possibly get anxious and jump off, setting back your progress.

dachshund on ramp
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Tips for Working with a Doggy Ramp

Teaching a canine to use a ramp is a new—and in some cases intimidating—experience.

Here are some ideas to make it go as easily as attainable:

  • Get a strong ramp with a non-slip area for good traction. Some canines are much more careful and nervous on insecure surfaces.
  • Use superior-excellent treats that your canine is joyful to work for.
  • Start off ramp schooling before your doggy demands it. If you wait right until your pet develops mobility problems, it could be a lot more tricky for your canine to sense self-confident on a new area.
  • Really don’t rush the method! If you go gradual and hold out until every move is down in advance of shifting onto the up coming, the overall procedure will go faster. Rushing can harm your dog’s assurance and just take you again to square 1.



Pet ramps are beneficial for more mature canines or puppies with mobility challenges that just cannot soar on and off substantial destinations easily. Except your dog is agility trained, obtaining it made use of to going for walks on a ramp can acquire some perform and tolerance, but it’s value it to make certain cozy spots like the mattress or sofa are even now accessible.

Highlighted Image Credit history: Masarik, Shutterstock

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