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How to Tell If a Cat Is Feral: 7 Symptoms to Look For


Mar 29, 2023
Feral cat getting acclimated to home


Feral cat getting acclimated to home
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Outdoor cats are an limitless resource of fascination and adoration by cat people today. When folks see cats outdoors, they like to automatically assume that they are lost or in need to have of assist. But not all outside cats need to have assist. There are huge differences involving stray cats, misplaced cats, and feral cats. Feral cats are the most risky kind of outdoor cat and the kinds that should really not be approached. But how can you notify if a cat is feral or stray? There are seven symptoms you can check out for in advance of interacting with a probably perilous out of doors cat.


What Does Feral Signify?

Feral cats are unsocialized out of doors cats that have experienced small to no consistent contact with people. Feral cats want almost nothing to do with men and women and are primarily wild. Feral cats are capable to choose care of them selves and reside beautifully fortunately without having humans in their life. Feral cats are fearful of individuals and will probable never ever be equipped to be domesticated.

Feral vs. Stray

While it may not feel like it at very first, there are some significant dissimilarities in between feral and stray cats. Feral cats have never ever experienced socialization with humans or have been on your own for so prolonged that human connections have faded away to nothing at all. Stray cats are outdoor cats that do not have a home with humans, but they will usually still affiliate with folks. Strays are usually cats that at the time lived within or have been cared for by people. They are extra probably to consider foods from people today and tactic people today. Stray cats have the possible to be pet cats after again, whilst feral cats will likely hardly ever be in a position to be owned by people.

That remaining claimed, here are some important signs to look for while attempting to establish if a cat is feral or stray. Feral cats are a lot more unsafe than stray cats and usually do not want support from people.

homeless feral cat looking into trash can with garbage
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The 7 Indications to Search For

1. The Cat Is Fearful of Human beings

Just one of the to start with signals to appear for in a feral cat is the worry of people. Feral cats are not employed to associating with human beings, and obtaining close to them will trigger them to run absent in dread. If cornered by individuals, feral cats will act aggressively and often assault in protection. Worry is a big indicator of a cat becoming feral, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. Shed cats and stray cats can also be fearful of bizarre people today, but feral cats will often be terrified of human beings.

2. The Cat Will Not Strategy

Some folks are delighted when stray cats arrive up to them in community. This is a conduct that feral cats will not show. Feral cats may possibly freeze or hold their length alternatively of managing absent at the sight of a particular person, but they will hardly ever solution a person. Even if you get lower, make friendly noises, or supply food, feral cats will generally stay perfectly away from you.

3. Intense Human body Language

Most animals have a struggle-or-flight reflex that will flare up when they are scared. A lot of cats will choose to operate absent (flight) instead than struggle, but not all of them will. You have to be cautious all over probably feral cats and be cautious of intense body language. Cats that puff up, arch their again, and start out showing their tooth could be receiving completely ready to battle fairly than flee. A cat that is prepared to battle when folks get close to it is a great indicator that it is feral.

Aggressive cat posture
Credit score: LFRabanedo, Shutterstock

4. Hissing

Hissing is the universal indication that a cat is agitated. Feral cats will frequently hiss when persons get as well near. If you discover a cat outside the house and it commences hissing at you, you must not solution. It is very possible that the cat is feral, and might be harboring zoonotic diseases or can injure you if they decide to attack.

5. Overall look

Feral cats dwell outside the house and are not held by people. That implies that they will frequently glimpse much unique from domesticated or stray cats. Feral cats will generally have rougher coats than pet cats. They may well also be thinner, leaner, or sleeker. They may even have injuries or symptoms of previous accidents. Apparently ample, feral cats could have much better on the lookout coats than stray cats. Stray or lost cats will be pressured and will not hold their coats as clear as they commonly do. Feral cats will have clean up and properly-stored coats, but they will seem rougher than stray cats.

a rugged feral cat ready to attack
Picture Credit rating: ivabalk, Pixabay

6. You Location Them at Evening

Feral cats are a lot more very likely to be noticed at night than in the course of the working day. Stray cats will occur out for the duration of the day in an endeavor to interact with individuals. Feral cats do not want to interact with people. They will stick much more closely to their all-natural behaviors, which are nocturnal. If you commonly see the identical cat at night time but under no circumstances all through the day, they are likely feral.

7. They Are Not Alone

In the wild, cats like to dwell collectively in teams recognized as a clowder or obtrusive. Cats will hunt on your own but devote their social time jointly with each and every other. If you location a team of cats that tend to stay alongside one another and prevent people, they are probable feral cats in a clowder/obtrusive. Stray cats or misplaced cats are utilised to acquiring their socialization and food from human beings, so they do not usually be a part of a cat clowder/obvious.



Feral cats are wild and potentially risky outside cats. They have never had any meaningful interactions with individuals, and they fortunately dwell in substantial cat colonies. Feral cats must not be approached and rarely require aid or food items from individuals. Stray cats are far more amenable to people today and have additional potential for conversation.

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