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How Typically Do Feral Cats Transfer Their Kittens? Cat Behavior Described


Mar 21, 2023
female cat mother brings her baby to a new safe place


female cat mother brings her baby to a new safe place

Feral cats are regarded to be unbiased and reclusive. But when it arrives to their kitties, they can transfer them close to quite normally, leaving a lot of of us wondering just how often feral cats transfer their kittens. It is quite recurrent, as it turns out, close to after a 7 days. But why?

That’s what we’re here to investigate. We’ll go more than why feral cats shift their kittens, how frequently they do so, and some strategies for handling it if you find kittens in your space.


Why Do Feral Cats Move Their Kittens?

When it comes to their kittens, feral cats are exceptionally protective. If they sense any trace of hazard or come to be short on dietary and shelter sources, they are most likely to relocate in look for of safer grounds.

Sometimes, the human beings or other animals remaining around can also disturb the cats and their younger, prompting them to look for a new property. Feral cats will generally search for a safer spot with far more methods to assure their kittens’ protection.

cat drags a kitten in a secluded place
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When Do Feral Cats Go Their Kittens?

Feral cats will generally move their kittens as soon as they’re about 5 weeks old and have begun to examine the spot close to them.1 The perfect time for relocation is when the kitties are nevertheless younger, as this can make it easier for the mother cat to shift them without too substantially effort.

Additionally, they might also make several excursions in a week to assure the kitties are risk-free and taken treatment of. Their organic proclivity to request out basic safety and means signifies that they may possibly transfer the kittens every couple of times or so.

How Do Feral Cats Go Their Kittens?

Feral cats will ordinarily have their kittens in their mouths, as this is the most secure and simplest way. What looks agonizing to us is truly very pure for cats.

They might also inspire them to adhere to or transfer them a person by one particular if they will need to make various visits. No make a difference the method, although, feral cats are unbelievably protective and will always make sure their kittens’ safety.

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How to Deal with Feral Cats with Kittens

For any feral kittens you experience, it is greatest to refrain from interacting with them. It is usual to sense inclined to help, but interfering with a feral cat and its kittens can be hazardous for you and the cats.

The most effective thing to do is to observe them and be certain their security by offering foods and shelter, if doable. Executing this will also assistance with the cats’ relocation method, delivering them with more sources to care for the kittens.

Only in an unexpected emergency really should you intervene and try to rescue the kittens. If not, it’s finest to go away them be and allow nature get its study course.

If you are worried about the cats’ welfare, take convenience in knowing they have survived this way due to the fact ancient periods. Cats intrinsically know what to do and can cope with by themselves with no trouble!

What Age Do Feral Cats Depart Their Kittens?

Feral cats will ordinarily depart their kittens right after they’re six weeks old, as this is when they are no for a longer period completely dependent on the mother for survival. That remaining claimed, some mother cats may well continue to be more time if they sense their kittens will need much more protection and means.

And even when kittens commence to take a look at, a new interaction technique with the mom is formulated, continuing the subsequent stage of mastering.



Feral cats transfer their kittens all-around very regularly, usually after a 7 days until about the age of 5 to 6 months. It is all part of a feral cat’s intuition to guard its younger and continue to keep them risk-free from potential threats.

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