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Is a Pitbull Good for a First-Time Dog Owner? All the things You Want to Know!


Feb 17, 2023
brown pitbull at the park


brown pitbull at the park

When you’re looking at bringing a new pet dog into your property, 1 of the first things you want to know is if it’s a fantastic breed for you. And as a 1st-time dog proprietor, there’s a lot you will require to understand, and some breeds make it a lot easier than other people.

So, is a Pitbull a very good breed choice for a initial-time doggy operator, or really should you get some experience with an additional breed right before bringing 1 house? There’s a whole lot to split down, and in the conclude, it is not a very simple answer and it all arrives down to what you’re hunting for in a dog. With that in thoughts, we’ll spotlight every little thing you need to have to know about acquiring a Pitbull as your to start with dog for you below.


Is a Pitbull Good for a Initially-Time Pet dog Owner?

When you appear up whether or not a Pitbull is a very good breed for initially-time doggy entrepreneurs, you get a blended array of responses. Some internet sites will tell you that Pitbulls are terrific for 1st-time doggy entrepreneurs, though others will convey to you that it is ideal to leave Pitbulls to much more professional homeowners.

The real truth lies somewhere in amongst, and to support you make an informed determination about what is very best for you, we’ve highlighted the two the strengths and drawbacks of acquiring a Pitbull as a to start with-time canine owner under.

Woman training a pitbull in the park
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Benefits of Having a Pitbull

Though there is some controversy about no matter whether a Pitbull is an exceptional selection for first-time puppy homeowners, they have a number of characteristics that make them easier to treatment for than several other breeds. We have highlighted 4 of their most effective attributes for you here:

Loving and Affectionate

Inspite of their intense popularity, the Pitbull is normally an particularly loving, affectionate, and loyal breed. They really like their families and stay to please their owners. If you’re striving to get them to do something, they want to listen, which tends to make instruction them a ton simpler than other breeds!

Great Family members Dogs

Once again, Pitbulls have a little bit of an unfair standing below. Pitbulls appreciate their family members and get along fantastic with kids, and normally, they’ll get together with other canine way too. If they watch someone as a member of the pack, they are very faithful and protecting of them.

Really Smart

When you are making an attempt to educate a puppy, you want one that is wise more than enough to figure out what you’re striving to teach them to do. Which is not a problem with a Pitbull. They are clever breeds, and when you pair this with how keen to make sure you they are, it is an great blend for initial-time pet dog house owners.

Uncomplicated to Treatment For

Although some dog breeds call for a ton of brushing, bathing, going for walks, and much more, Pitbulls are comparatively low servicing. You will require to choose them out for day by day walks and give them tons of enjoy, but from there, they do not involve rather as considerably get the job done when compared to other breeds. This is a substantial perk for to start with-time pet owners.

white pitbull with a dog harness
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Downsides of Having a Pitbull

Whilst there’s a strong situation that a Pitbull is a fantastic choice for to start with-time canine house owners, there is a purpose quite a few individuals will not recommend them. We’ve highlighted a few of the most typical factors men and women will not recommend Pitbulls for 1st-time puppy homeowners underneath.

They’re Pretty Powerful

While you could possibly be ready to get away with some education mistakes with a smaller sized pet dog, which is not the case with a Pitbull. They are very robust breeds, and any coaching issues you make with them have considerably far more serious effects.

You will want to have a constant hand when education them, and you have to have to practice them. The very good information is that they’re comparatively simple to train as opposed to several other breeds.

People Really don’t Often Handle Them the Ideal

If you look at out any neighborhood animal shelter, you are sure to obtain a Pitbull. They are the most popular dogs in shelters, and this does not have a thing to do with the breed. Alternatively, it has everything to do with how folks address Pitbulls.

A lot of people today get Pitbulls to increase them as fighting puppies, and this suggests you need to have to be incredibly watchful when receiving one from a shelter. And even if you get a good Pitbull, you are going to have to offer with tons of stereotypes when individuals see them.

If you’re not prepared for unfair judgment and stereotypes, receiving a Pitbull may well not be the most effective option for you.

It May well Be Illegal

Suitable or incorrect, there are a couple of cities during the United States and even whole international locations that ban proudly owning a Pitbull. You want to keep on the right side of the legislation, and based on where by you dwell or plan on checking out, acquiring a Pitbull might make that unattainable.

In advance of you carry dwelling a Pitbull, double-check any breed constraints for your spot. And at the time you have a Pitbull, check out out potential breed restrictions in distinctive spots prior to you carry your dog there.


Remaining Feelings

Now that you know a small a lot more about Pitbulls, it is up to you if you want to get 1 as your first pet dog. Even though there is no doubt they’re loyal and loving canines, they also have a ton of undeserved stereotypes, and they are powerful canines that need a regular hand to prepare. This could possibly make a fantastic 1st puppy for you, but they’re not the very best initially-puppy choice for all people!

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