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Is Scented Cat Litter Negative for My Cat? Vet Authorized Steering


Mar 24, 2023
cat litter box cleaning


cat litter box cleaning
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Cat owners know the problems of dealing with the odor of their cat’s poop and pee. From air fresheners, right air flow, all the way to frequent cleaning, many cat mothers and fathers search for ways to handle the intense smell their cats go away in the litter box.

A single common resolution in the discussion is the use of scented litter in the hopes of managing undesirable odors. But is it harmless for your cat? Well, of course it can be secure, but it relies upon! Nowadays, there are a assortment of scented cat litter that use natural scents and are thought of safe and sound for cats, but the use of scented cat litter may possibly depend fully on how your cat responds to it. Apart from your cat’s desire and response to the scented cat litter, there are also some wellness hazards to contemplate when picking out scented cat litter.

Below, we will operate down the important matters to know about working with scented cat litter and the issues to enjoy out for!


What is Scented Cat Litter?

Scented cat litter refers to any type of litter that involves fragrances and aromas in its formulation. Whilst a lot of scented cat litters comprise odor-absorbing ingredients, the intention of including scents in the cat’s litter is to mask the undesirable scent from your cat’s droppings.

Aside from masking the odors, lots of cat parents decide on scented cat litter for the simple explanation that it gives the place a additional pleasurable odor altogether, which can enable locations of the property in require of some odor repelling!

There are different forms of litter, this kind of as clay litter, crystal litter, and even biodegradable or flushable litter, all of which can have scented variants. With the availability of numerous scented cat litter solutions, it is important to take into account the substances in them to make absolutely sure they’re safe for your cat.

Even though many cats use scented cat litter with no trouble, some cats might not react to them extremely well and might like the unscented selection instead.

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Synthetic vs. Obviously Scented Cat Litter

Artificially scented cat litter makes use of synthetic fragrances, though naturally scented cat litter makes use of natural components that absorb odors. The natural way scented cat litters are generally favored since of their delicate aroma and use of natural substances, creating them safer and less too much to handle for cats. Natural cat litters are also extra sustainable and ecosystem-pleasant, producing them a superior alternative.

Artificially scented cat litter frequently has more rigorous fragrances that can be awkward even for human beings. The actual numbers are tough to establish, but cats have around in excess of 200 million smell receptors, making their sense of odor 14 instances extra sensitive than that of people.

Purely natural scented cat litters are absolutely the much better selection, but no matter of whether or not it is all-natural or artificial, be positive to very carefully inspect the substances used, as properly as how your cat reacts to the scent.

Potential Dangers of Utilizing Scented Cat Litter

The use of the natural way scented cat litters really should commonly be secure for cats, but they may possibly not be for anyone. Though they may possibly odor nice to us, scented cat litters can potentially overwhelm some cats with their scent, leading to irritation and behavioral problems. Fairly than aiding with your cat’s droppings, this can lead to pressure, panic, and litter box avoidance as an alternative. When introducing scented cat litter, observe how they answer to it and see if they like it or not.

In a natural way scented cat litter might not be suited for cats with sure health problems. For instance, it may perhaps be most effective to use unscented cat litter for those who have a background and are susceptible to respiratory, pores and skin, or urinary problems.

They may well be at danger for respiratory issues from the inhalation of odd fragrances and particles from the scented litter, as effectively as digestive concerns in the rare situation of your cat ingesting litter. Some cats may perhaps also have sensitivities, which may possibly result in pores and skin allergy symptoms and irritations.

Cats with a record of urinary tract issues are also recommended to stay away from scented cat litter owing to the danger of recurring challenges owing to the probable irritants in the cat litter.

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Signals to Look at Out For

When we all want our residence smelling nice and new, we nonetheless want our cat to be happy and cozy. Here are a couple of negative signs that could convey to you your cat may perhaps not be responding effectively to the scented cat litter.

  • Visible indications of worry and stress and anxiety
  • Litter box avoidance
  • Problems respiration
  • Coughing, wheezing, sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Runny eyes
  • Visible skin irritations
  • Consistent scratching and irritation
  • Constipation, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Improved frequency of urination

Must you notice any of these indicators, it’s very best to consult with with your veterinarian for correct medical session and tips.

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Unscented Cat Litter

Unscented cat litter is the primary and safest bet, as they have no extra scent or fragrance to mask the odors left by your cat’s droppings as in comparison to the scented versions. Like the scented litters, they can come in clay, crystal, and biodegradable litters.

Unscented cat litter is considered safer for the reason that they purposefully do not have any scent, eradicating the danger of mind-boggling your cat’s perception of scent, and the component listing is held less difficult. They are also considered the much better possibility for cats who are inclined to well being ailments, this sort of as respiratory concerns, allergic reactions, and urinary tract complications.

Inspite of getting no smell, numerous varieties of unscented cat litter may also comprise numerous components also existing in scented litter that are manufactured for absorbing odors, this sort of as baking soda.

When picking out an unscented cat litter, you are also likely to have to pick out the sort of litter that is ideal for your cat whether or not it is clay, crystal, or biodegradable. Just make confident you discover a little something that is cozy for your cat!


Closing Views

Normally talking, scented cat litters are not fully lousy or hazardous for cats, but they do have their threats and are undoubtedly not for every cat. They can overwhelm cats with scent sensitivities and can also put them at threat for a selection of overall health issues.

Even with this, scented cat litter is not tagged as destructive, and lots of cats close to the globe use scented cat litter with no trouble. Maintain in brain that no cat is the same, and that your cat could have a distinctive overall health profile and unique preferences. Just make guaranteed you select a cat litter that retains your cat happy and comfy!

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