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Kong Kitty Kong Cat Toy Critique 2023: Execs, Negatives & Verdict


Feb 22, 2023
Kong Kitty Kong Cat Toy Review ft


Kong Kitty Kong Cat Toy Review ft

Our Closing Verdict

We give Kong Kitty Kong Cat Toy a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Most pet owners have listened to of the KONG brand name. This brand name turned famous for providing sturdy chew toys for canines that were being practically indestructible. However, they have due to the fact expanded their toy line considerably, even into the cat arena. The Kitty Kong is a person this kind of toy that is designed particularly for felines.

Like most Kong toys, it is intended to be stuffed. You can use treats, peanut butter, kibble, or equivalent foods to things the ball. This keeps your cat entertained and turns the toy into a little bit of a puzzle.

With that explained, this Kong toy is really slim and not designed for chewing. Luckily for us, most cats do not chew, so that is not a big issue. It is made of rubber and intended to roll and bounce. Nonetheless, it involves a large amount of output from your cat to be entertaining.


Kong Kitty Kong Cat Toy – A Rapid Glimpse

Kong Kitty Kong Cat Toy

  • Can be stuffed
  • Cheap
  • Unpredictable bouncing
  • Small sufficient for younger cats
  • Not for chewing
  • Dispenses treats a bit much too very easily

Light-weight Development

Cats are not as potent as canine. Consequently, to make this toy usable, it was intended to be really light-weight. With 1 swat of a paw, the toy can go traveling throughout the place and hold your cat’s awareness. The light-weight design and style will allow it to bounce unpredictably and significant. These erratic actions mirror prey animals, enticing your cats to hold playing.

Nevertheless, the light-weight design also makes this toy less sturdy than others by the similar manufacturer. This isn’t the exact Kong toy made for canines. Alternatively, it is much thinner. Fortunately, most cats do not chew a lot, so this is considerably less of an situation.

With that stated, there are some cats out there that do chew. In this situation, this likely is not the very best toy option for them. It is rather straightforward for cats to shred this toy if they set their mind to it.


Compared with most cat toys, this a person can be stuffed with treats or your cat’s regular food items. In this way, you can change it into a puzzle toy to hold your feline entertained for several hours. To some extent, you can regulate the problems by deciding on what to stuff the toy with. Incorporating kibble or really hard treats makes the toy pretty simple, as these tiny items will fall out with each swipe of your cat’s paw.

Having said that, you can include peanut butter or soaked food and freeze it for a much more hard obstacle. This alternative will continue to keep your cat active for a even though, as they won’t be ready to eliminate the treats faster than it melts.

With that said, over-all, this toy is a great deal a lot easier to use than other individuals out there. Therefore, for cats that are applied to puzzle toys, you could want something a little bit harder.

cat playing with a purple KONG Kitty KONG Cat Toy
Graphic Credit history: Chewy



Is the Kitty KONG the exact same as the dog KONGs?

The cat KONG is not created the very same as most doggy KONGs. The materials is comparable, which encourages bouncing. Having said that, it is a lot thinner and not created for chewing. It appears comparable to the Senior Dog KONG, which is not created for a great deal chewing, both.

How massive is the Kitty KONG?

The Kitty KONG is exceptionally tiny. It is the identical dimensions as the more smaller KONG pup toy. Specially, it is about 2.25 inches by 1.5 inches. Consequently, it functions properly for very modest cats, however extremely substantial cats may come across it a bit also smaller.

What can you use to fill up the Kitty Kong?

Any cat-harmless foods can be made use of to fill up the Kitty KONG. For occasion, you can use your cat’s frequent meals or catnip. Treats are a typical possibility, as effectively. Canned pumpkin, peanut butter, and comparable persons foodstuff can also be used.

Cat playing with Kong Kitty Kong cat toy
Graphic Credit history: Chewy

What the Users Say

We spent tons of time reading testimonials for Kitty KONG on the net to get a nicely-rounded plan of how this toy performs for different felines.

General, this toy would seem to be hit-or-miss. It is not a chew toy and not almost as strong as other KONG toys. Many people showed images of the KONG breaking in fifty percent or the lesser close popping off. Thus, don’t anticipate this to be as resilient as other KONG toys.

However, some others documented no problem with the toughness.

Many cats appear to be to think about this toy indifferently. It is quite diverse from the toys you usually obtain for cats. It isn’t odd for cats to appreciate it when it is stuffed with treats and ignore it at all other instances.

There ended up quite a few grievances about the dimensions, as well. On the other hand, some buyers documented that it was too smaller, though other folks assumed it was also major. For that reason, the only way to know for sure is to test it out you. The enterprise demands to make distinct sizes for unique cats, however they only offer you one particular measurement at this time.



The Kitty KONG is an exciting cat toy that does not resemble most other toys on the market place. It works very best for felines that get pleasure from balls and similar toys. You can stuff it with treats to entice your cat to engage in with it, and the erratic bouncing is perfectly-beloved by numerous.

Nevertheless, this toy isn’t as long lasting as other KONG toys. Thus, it may possibly not be an fantastic selection for cats that chew. In addition, it is only out there in just one dimensions, building it inappropriate for very large or modest cats.

Featured Impression Credit history: Chewy

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