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My Canine Ate an Ink Pen! Here’s What to Do (Vet Answer)


Apr 4, 2023
blue ink and cartridge on paper


blue ink and cartridge on paper
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The data is present and up-to-date in accordance with the most up-to-date veterinarian exploration.

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If your canine has eaten an ink pen, you need to speak to your veterinarian straight away. Ingestion of any non-foods objects can direct to obstructions and be harmful to the wellness of your dog, so you should not hesitate in looking for care.

It can often be hard to know how much of a odd object your pet has eaten, as you may well only see its remnants on the flooring. Nonetheless, given that humans do not have X-ray eyesight, it is superior to be protected than sorry and go to the vet’s workplace. Consider all the “evidence” with you so your veterinarian can see particularly what they ate and make a decision on treatment from there.

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Is Pen Ink Poisonous to Dogs?

Ink is dye blended with a base solvent of water or oil such as benzyl alcoholic beverages. Ink eaten in smaller quantities, these kinds of as what is an everyday ballpoint pen, is not likely to be poisonous to a pet. Whilst they may perhaps get a stained tongue, throat, and fur, they possibly won’t turn into sick from it.

What is more of a problem is the plastic encasing of the pen. Canine are notorious for eating matters that they shouldn’t, and from time to time these objects pass by way of the intestines without having a issue. Nevertheless, in other scenarios, they never.

pen ink and cartridge
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What Occurs If My Dog Eats Plastic?

Plastic, no matter if swallowed whole or chewed into small items, can become caught in a dog’s stomach and intestines. This will cause a blockage and stops digesta from passing via the gastrointestinal tract. After obstructed, it only normally takes a compact total of time for the afflicted component of the intestines to deteriorate and swiftly develop into toxic to the human body, causing severe ailment. This can be lethal with no correct veterinary awareness.

What Are the Symptoms of an Obstruction?

Scientific indicators can vary, though they will generally involve some or all of the adhering to:

  • Vomiting
  • Inappetence
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Belly suffering
  • Lethargy
  • Dehydration (sunken eyes and pores and skin tenting)
  • Constipation
  • Whining
  • Restlessness

How Is an Obstruction Addressed?

Your vet will usually perform diagnostic exams to figure out whether your puppy has an obstruction. This involves bloodwork and diagnostic imaging, these types of as X-rays and an belly ultrasound. Although the vet might not be ready to plainly see the object that is blocking the intestine, there will be selected markers that arouse suspicion. From time to time, it can also be felt on palpation of the stomach.

The place the item is will affect the procedure. If the plastic is in the tummy and an endoscope is out there (a digital camera that can be handed down the throat into the stomach), the plastic could be in a position to be eradicated via endoscopy beneath sedation or anesthesia. If the plastic has presently designed it down to the massive bowel or colon, the affected individual will be supported in permitting the plastic go on its very own. Having said that, if the plastic is suspected to be in the modest intestine, surgery is expected. In most situations, surgical procedure is the most frequent remedy.

Intestinal surgical treatment is a important abdominal method. It usually requires a number of days of hospitalization and roughly 2 months of recovery. For the duration of the course of action, the veterinary surgeon will lower into the intestine to manually clear away the item(s) and repair any harmed intestine around it. The result is ordinarily greater the before your pet is taken care of. If you suspect that your puppy has ingested one thing that they should not, it is constantly best to get them assessed, specially if they are demonstrating signs of sickness.

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What Do I Do If I’m Not Guaranteed That My Pet dog Ate a Pen?

It is often greater to be risk-free than sorry, and if you’re unsure whether or not your puppy has swallowed any bits of plastic, a phone contact to your veterinarian for tips is suggested.

Normally, monitoring for indications of digestive obstruction is very important. If you notice any variations to your puppy, go to your vet as soon as possible.



It is a real truth universally acknowledged that a solitary pet dog in possession of an possibility will try to eat factors that they shouldn’t! If they have a specified predilection to stationery and you come across the carcass of an ink pen as evidence of their transgression, please connect with your veterinarian promptly. Usually, make certain to continue to keep objects of fascination out of their reach and to safeguard your home to safeguard your pet dog and avert them from getting any inconvenient (and high priced) snacks!

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