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My Cat Is Only Having Treats, What’s Likely On? Vet Authorised Explanations


Apr 3, 2023
calico cat having treats

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Cats are notoriously picky eaters. If you’ve experienced cats in your lifetime, you’ve most probably expert this. You will go buy certain cat food items, typically very high-priced, only to observe your cat turn their nose up and wander absent with no even hoping it. Though it is annoying, this actions is component of daily life with cats. Even so, when your cat starts off to prevent food stuff altogether and is only focusing on their treats, this can be a little bit alarming, even for veteran cat owners.

There are quite a few causes your cat may possibly be consuming their treats and very little else. Most likely, like us human beings, they get pleasure from the flavor of their treats since they are equivalent to our junk meals. Then yet again, there could be far more really serious issues at the rear of this adjust in actions. Let us choose a deeper look underneath and assistance you ascertain what’s occurring with your kitty.


Explanations Why Your Cat Is Only Having Treats

When there are many good reasons your cat is only taking in treats, knowing every single a single can aid you greater decide what is taking position with your feline friend. Let’s just take a appear at these motives beneath so you can pinpoint what is up with your feline friend.

maine coon cat eating treats outside
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Dislike of Their Meals

Cats can be incredibly picky. You may perhaps be furnishing them with the exact dry foodstuff they’ve constantly savored but anything has transformed and now they dislike it. This could be a small formulation alter the enterprise has not promoted, a variation in texture, or even a change in the aroma of the foodstuff. Recall, your cat’s senses are significantly a lot more superior than yours. They can decide on up on the most subtle improve and establish the meals is no for a longer time their go-to.

Shedding Their Urge for food

Treats are tastier than typical cat meals. If your cat’s all round appetite is decreasing, it may well like the treats to kibble. Cats can have times in which they only are not into eating, but a prolonged loss of urge for food can be concerning. Various medical situations can guide your cat to eliminate its appetite. If this proceeds or you discover other indications these kinds of as vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, or fat reduction you really should timetable your kitty a go to with the veterinarian for a checkup.

Treats Flavor Superior

Not only are cats picky, but they are also the kings and queens of acquiring their way. If your cat enjoys their treats, or you’ve switched to an overly delicious brand, it may trigger your cat to press its meals to the side in hopes of conning you into supplying a lot more of the very good stuff.


Is Only Having Treats Dangerous for My Cat?

Sadly, when a cat only eats treats, serious issues can arise. Like most animals, cats require certain nutrients to be balanced. This implies they have to have a balanced eating plan of protein, fats, and carbs. The cat food items you purchase at the retailer or online is created to fulfill your cat’s desires. When your cat may perhaps be more drawn to specific brand names owing to the taste, most on the sector follow guidelines to guarantee your cat’s dietary specifications, even so, the high-quality does fluctuate. Treats are not held to the very same requirements. Treats are a compliment to your cat’s diet regime and are not meant to be a major supply of diet.

There are also medical problems linked with your cat only having treats. If a cat avoids food stuff or eats sparingly for many days it can contract hepatic lipidosis. This illness is also regarded as fatty liver syndrome. When cats aren’t feeding on, their bodies will attempt to digest their possess unwanted fat to supply them with the nourishment they need. This effects in an too much volume of fats mobilized to the liver. Because the liver is not able to process it all, the extra fat accumulates inside the liver cells, disturbing its form and functionality.. This sickness is most often discovered in overweight cats but can influence any cat that is not having effectively. In most scenarios, prolonged hospitalizations are essential due to the fact this sickness is difficult to deal with. The issue is probable to be deadly if not addressed on time.

Person giving treats to a cat
Picture Credit: Svetlana Rey, Shutterstock

How Do I Take care of the Difficulty?

Of study course, if your cat is only ingesting treats, you are going to be worried. In an endeavor to solve the situation, the initial matter you need to do is plan an appointment with your veterinarian. Most probable, your vet will want to conduct blood operate or a few lab exams to make sure there is nothing erroneous with your cat medically. If there is a dilemma, seek treatment method immediately. If your cat is in very good well being, then it’s time to glimpse at the food items by itself.

Cat foods makes alter matters from time to time. If that is the problem you are facing, it might be finest to find a different brand. Ahead of you do this, even so, make positive to examine the expiration day on your latest foodstuff to see if it has long gone lousy. Also, examine for staleness or odd smells. If any concerns are current, test a clean bag of meals ahead of you commence the experience of discovering a new brand. You might also want to consider adding soaked foods or cooked, unseasoned meat to the food items to entice your cat. The moment they taste their beloved yet again, they might get back on routine with taking in. Then yet again, they might only try to eat the garnish and wait around for their treats. We advocate that you possibly absolutely halt providing treats for a even though or determine out a way to only give treats as a reward for having their foodstuff very first. Do this even if they only get a few mouthfuls at the commencing you can get the job done your way toward slowly escalating this volume.


Final Ideas

It’s very clear to see that a cat that only eats treats is not receiving every little thing it requires nutritionally. If your cat is preventing their food items and ready for you to offer you treats, you want to act quickly to rectify the issue. No matter if it’s a thing professional medical, a alter to the food’s system, an out-of-date bag, or a actions issue, obtaining to the base of things is the only possibility that you have.

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