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  • Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

My Cat Will not likely Leave Me By yourself, What’s Going On (Vet Approved Reasons)


Apr 3, 2023
cat waking up his owner

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The data is present-day and up-to-day in accordance with the most current veterinarian analysis.

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Cats can be very persistent in their attention trying to find. Some cats will bombard their homeowners with meows. Other cats will do silly matters like sit on their head or stand on their keyboards. Some cats will doggedly abide by a individual close to all day, no issue exactly where they are or what they are carrying out. So, what the heck is heading on? Why won’t your cat leave you alone? Some persons enjoy this level of awareness from their feline companions, but other people today discover it distracting, annoying, or obnoxious. The motive your cat is performing this way can be due to a amount of distinct components. Listed here are some factors that your cat may possibly not want to leave you by yourself.


The 6 Causes Your Cat Won’t Leave You By yourself

1. Panic

Cats have a name for being aloof and solitary, but they can experience extreme bouts of nervousness like any other animal. Just one of the major reasons your cat will not go away you by itself is owing to stress. Cats can put up with from separation panic and can exhibit some certainly clingy actions when you get dwelling. If your cat is bombarding you with interest in search of conduct when you get household, they could be joyful to see you just after dealing with separation anxiety when you ended up absent.

Cats can also put up with from other forms of anxiousness. If you have other pets, they may possibly be scaring your cat and generating them sense not comfortable. If you not long ago received a new cat, your preceding cat may well be seeking you out for interest and protection. Cats can also feel panic if the litter box was transformed or is entire, if you have a short while ago improved their meals, or if they have been denied accessibility to their preferred hiding sites. All of these factors can final result in your cat refusing to leave you alone in hopes that being around you will help their stress abate.

Making an attempt to discover and ease the source of your cat’s stress can enable reduce your cat’s obnoxious behaviors as nicely.

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2. Warmth

If you have a feminine cat that is unspayed and has a short while ago turn into extra clingy and ever more vocal, these are very clear indications that she has started off her heat cycle. If you are not scheduling to breed your cat, you want to make absolutely sure she has no make contact with with males and is kept securely within your residence right up until you can get her spayed.

3. Starvation

Think it or not, your cat could possibly only imagine they are hungry. Some cats are extremely foodstuff inspired and will grow to be remarkably obnoxious if they want to be fed. If your cat is particularly clingy all through the early morning or evening several hours, they might basically be making an attempt to get your interest to feed them. This form of behavior can occur whether you have a rigid feeding program or not. If you have a feeding plan, cats will find out it and start to pester you all over feeding time.

4. Really like

Some cats are really affectionate. If your cat retains bothering you, it may just be emotion adoration and appreciate. If your cat is pestering you for animals, appreciate, interest, or lap-sitting, it may well basically be an affectionate behavior. If your cat is meowing fortunately or purring, these are indications that they are bothering you for the reason that they like you and want to shell out time with you. Vets frequently see cats that are extremely affectionate with their homeowners, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.

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5. Ailment

However, from time to time your cat bothers you mainly because it does not feel nicely. If your cats are ill, they could start behaving in unusual approaches. If your cat does not typically hassle you and they start out currently being clingy and annoying out of the blue, it could be a trigger for worry. If your cat is performing odd, would seem lethargic, won’t eat, and is bothering you far more than typical, you may possibly want to take it to the vet to have it checked for symptoms of injury or health issues.

6. Late Pregnancy

If you have noticed that your unspayed female has set on bodyweight and her nipples are far more apparent than ahead of, probabilities are that she will shortly deliver a litter. Feminine cats can develop into rather clingy and affectionate in close proximity to their labor day, specially if it is their 1st pregnancy. This post goes through anything that you require to know about what to anticipate and how to get ready when getting a kitten litter.


Are the Interactions Anxious or Helpful?

1 way to gauge what your cat is feeling is to choose the style of interactions you are obtaining with your cat. When your cat is bothering you, next you, and pestering you, do they feel playful? Does your cat feel happy, or does it appear to be agitated or anxious? Does your cat seem to be to want a little something, or do they just want to be near you? Is your cat purring or inquiring for animals?

If your interactions with your cats experience nervous, then the cat could be bothering you because it is nervous. That usually means your cat might be experience lonely or suffering from separation stress and anxiety. It may well also indicate that your cat is not feeling excellent and is attempting to get your notice.

If the interactions with your cat are mostly welcoming, then it is likely that your cat is experience attached, lovey, or playful. Your cat may well just be incredibly satisfied to see you and has determined to go after a further bond.



Some people today really don’t intellect when their cats are super clingy and lovey, but other folks find it obnoxious or bothersome. Cats’ clingy behavior can be a outcome of anxiousness, health and fitness problems, or just pure enjoy. The exact motive your cat is acting the way it is will depend on the cat’s identity, previous behavior, and latest setting.

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