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My Doggy Licked a Toad! – Here is What You Really should Know


Mar 1, 2023
dog saw a toad sitting on the table


dog saw a toad sitting on the table

Cats may well be likelier to enable their curiosity get them in precarious cases, but puppies are just as susceptible to receiving into trouble. If your curious pup will come across a toad on its outdoor explorations, it may well be tempted to lick or chew on the unfamiliar animal. Relying on where you dwell, you must be nervous if your puppy licks a toad.

In this posting, we’ll chat about the two toad species that may possibly be existence-threatening to your doggy if licked and where by in the country they are found. We’ll also record the indicators your doggy might screen if they lick a toad and what to do if you recognize them. At last, we’ll include how to keep your pet safe from near encounters of the toad kind.


What Transpires When Your Pet dog Licks a Toad

Most toads in America are covered in a toxic substance unveiled by glands on their skin. When threatened, they secrete even additional of this poison as a defense system. All daily life stages of toads contain these toxic compounds, including eggs and tadpoles.

Dogs can absorb the toad poisons by their mouth if they lick or chew a toad. They can also be impacted by ingesting h2o in which a toad has lain or contains toad eggs.

dog playing with the frog outdoors
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Indications That Could Point out Your Canine Licked a Toad

If your dog licks or eats a toad, the 1st indications you’ll in all probability notice are the adhering to:

  • Drooling
  • Irritated gums and mouth
  • Foaming at the mouth
  • Vomiting

Most species of toads your pet dog will face in the United States only induce these delicate indications and are not lifestyle-threatening to your canine. On the other hand, two species may lead to poisoning that progresses immediately from these initial gentle indications into life-threatening troubles: cane toads and Colorado River toads.

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What You Need to have to Know About The 2 Fatal Toads

Here are some particulars about the two potentially deadly species of toads your canine may possibly come across.

1. Cane Toads

Cane toads are in some cases called Bufo toads. They are the most hazardous toads your puppy can encounter in the United States. Cane toads are substantial, 6-9 inches long, with big triangle-shaped glands at the rear of their eyes. They can be tan, reddish-brown, brown, or grey with dark places on their backs. Cane toads secrete a poison recognized as bufotoxin, which impacts the heart and anxious procedure.

These deadly toads are observed only in heat, tropical locations of the United States, like Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, and southern Texas.

closeup of a cane toad sitting in the grass
Graphic Credit score: Johan Larson, Shutterstock

2. Colorado River Toads

Colorado River toads are also big and can increase up to 7.5 inches. They have shiny, wart-covered pores and skin with oval glands guiding their eyes and on the hind limbs. These toads are olive environmentally friendly to dim brown with light, product-coloured bellies.

The Colorado River toad also secretes a bufotoxin. They are uncovered only in the southern locations of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and in some cases Texas.


Symptoms of Critical Toad Poisoning

The very first signals that your dog has licked a deadly toad are very similar to those of less poisonous species: mouth irritation, drooling, foaming, and vomiting. You may well also discover bright pink gums.

Nevertheless, if your puppy has encountered a Cane or Colorado River toad, it will promptly knowledge a lot more intense signs, from time to time in as minor as 30 minutes.

These signals involve:

  • Confusion
  • Tremors
  • Seizures
  • Hassle respiratory
  • Issues strolling
  • Improved overall body temperature
  • Irregular heartbeat

What to Do if Your Pet Licks a Toad

If you suspect your pet has licked a toad or noticed any of the initial indications of poisoning, get hold of your veterinarian straight away. They might instruct you to rinse your dog’s mouth with a hose. If you stay inside of the Cane or Colorado River toad habitat, licking a toad is a probable professional medical crisis.

If you can discover the toad, attempt to consider a photograph of it to aid in identification and get your puppy to the vet swiftly. Dependent on the measurement of your doggy, cane toad encounters can be fatal in as minor as 15 minutes.

toad sitting silently with old english sheepdog watching in the background
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Keeping Your Canine Harmless From Toads

The greatest way to reduce your puppy from licking a toad is to stay clear of any encounters in the initially place. If you leave a drinking water bowl exterior for your canine, retain it elevated to stop toads from accessing it.

Toads are ordinarily extra active just after it rains and during the breeding period (spring/summertime). You’re also additional most likely to place them at night, dawn, or dusk. Retain an excess shut watch on your pet when they are exterior during these moments.

Look at examining your yard just before you permit your doggy out. Continue to keep them on a leash when strolling or hiking, especially in the vicinity of toad habitats like ponds and wetlands. Do not let your puppy consume out of ponds or puddles.



For canines in most parts of the place, licking a toad will be irritating but not everyday living-threatening, and you do not want to stress. If you reside in the household selection of Cane toads or Colorado River toads, it’s fair and even important that you do fret if your canine licks a toad. Get each and every precaution to prevent your dog from acquiring a toad, and be ready to act speedily if you suspect poisoning has occurred. Maintain the cell phone figures for Pet Poison Helpline and your closest unexpected emergency vet clinic handy.

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