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National Tuxedo Cat Day 2023: When It Is & How Its Celebrated


Apr 11, 2023
tuxedo cat resting on log


tuxedo cat resting on log

If you’re the proud owner of a Tuxedo Cat, mark your calendar: National Tuxedo Cat Day happens every year on November 29th! It’s a special day dedicated to the best-dressed kitties in any room, with their fancy tuxedo coats and amazing personalities.

This article is all about celebrating National Tuxedo Cat Day, from its history to how you can make it a super fun day for your Tuxie!


What Is a Tuxedo Cat?

Tuxedo Cats are a type of bicolor cat that has black and white coat markings that resemble a tuxedo suit. Their fur pattern usually features a black coat with a white chest, belly, and paws. Sometimes, they may have additional white markings on their face or back.

Note that these are not a specific breed of cat but rather a pattern that can be found in many different breeds. You can find Tuxedo Persians, shorthairs, Munchkins, Maine Coons, and more!

Tuxedo Cats have been featured in many popular culture references throughout history, including Sylvester from Looney Tunes, Felix the Cat, and the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Interestingly, Tuxedo Cats are said to bring good luck in Japanese culture.

tuxedo cat sitting outdoor
Image Credit: yannickmcosta, Pixabay

When Is National Tuxedo Cat Day?

National Tuxedo Cat Day is celebrated annually on November 29th. The day was created to honor these beautiful cats and raise awareness about their unique coat pattern and personality traits. It’s a great opportunity for Tuxedo Cat owners to come together and celebrate their furry companions.

Origin and History of National Tuxedo Cat Day

The who, where, and why of National Tuxedo Cat Day is unknown. But we think it’s safe to say that Tuxie lovers are behind it!

In fact, Tuxedo Cats are so popular they actually have two other holidays: some people celebrate Tuxedo Cat Appreciation Day on January 20th, while others acknowledge September 9th as Tuxie Appreciation Day.

No matter which specific day you choose to celebrate, the goal is the same: to shower our Tuxie friends with love and treats on their special day.

tuxedo cat in the tree
Image Credit: bookwurmee, Pixabay

How to Celebrate National Tuxedo Cat Day

Adopt or Foster a Tuxedo Cat

What better way to celebrate Tuxies than to welcome one home? If you have the space and resources, consider adopting or fostering a Tuxedo Cat. Contact your local animal shelter or rescue organization to learn more about the adoption process.

Spoil Your Tuxedo Cat With New Swag

What’s a celebration without treats and party favors? Take your Tuxie shopping for a new toy, tasty treats, or new accessories like a collar, clothes, or bandana. Of course, pick ones in black and white!

Make Tuxies Famous on Social Media

Use social media to share your love for Tuxedo Cats with the world. Post photos and videos, repost Tuxie Cat content, and use the hashtag #NationalTuxedoCatDay to make them easy to find.

a woman working on her laptop
Image Credit: Corinne Kutz, Unsplash

Host a Tuxedo Cat-Themed Party

Feeling extra? Host an actual party for your Tuxedo! Invite your friends and family for a Tuxie-themed get together. Go all out: black and white decor, black and white snacks, and maybe even dress up in a tux to match your dapper kitty!

Create or Purchase Tuxedo Cat-Inspired Artwork

If you have an artistic side, use your Tuxedo Cat as a muse for some artwork. Make them the star of a painting or a crochet project! You can also treat yourself to T-shirts, mugs, or phone cases featuring Tuxedo Cats. Try to buy from local artists so you can support your fellow Tuxie fans!

Finally, giving back to cats in need is a meaningful way to celebrate National Tuxedo Cat Day. Consider donating to a local cat rescue or welfare organization, or volunteer to help them out. Encourage your circle to join you, so you can help even more cats.

cats in animal shelter
Image Credit: Yulia Grigoryeva, Shutterstock



National Tuxedo Cat Day is more than just a day to celebrate Tuxies and their fancy coats. It’s also a wonderful way to promote cat welfare regardless of the breed or coat color. But don’t let that stop you from spoiling your Tuxedo Cat on November 29th. They certainly deserve all the treats, love, and snuggles they can get!

Featured Image Credit: Bettina Calder, Shutterstock

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