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Skijoring With Puppies 101: The Coolest Winter Activity for Individuals and Their Dogs


Feb 23, 2023
dog skijoring with owner


dog skijoring with owner

Skijoring is a canine-run sport intensely influenced by puppy mushing. Having said that, as an alternative of demanding a sled and a pack of dogs, skijoring entails one particular or more puppies pulling a skier on cross-country skis. Feel of skijoring as a leveled-up way to choose your pet dog out for a wander, but alternatively, the tables are turned, and your canine will effectively be getting you out for a walk.

Whilst some winter season sports activities are best left to the Arctic doggy breeds, skijoring is good because virtually any pet dog can take part. But for the reason that it is a activity, you still have to have to do some diploma of coaching with your pup prior to heading out on the trails to attempt your hand at it.

Keep examining to find out anything you have to have to know about this terrific leisure winter action.


How Does It Work?

The sport’s name, skijoring, comes from the Norwegian term skikjøring, which basically translates to “ski driving.” If we get absent all the technicalities of the sport and glimpse at what it is at its most fundamental, skijoring is simply pairing cross-country skiing with a towing agent. You don’t necessarily have to skijor with canine it can be accomplished with horses, reindeer, or even motorized vehicles.

When skijoring, both equally the human and the canine dress in harnesses that get linked with a tow line. The dog runs by way of the snow, pulling the human behind them. This activity can be carried out with just 1 puppy or up to 4.

Skijoring has been affected by pet sledding, but there are no whips or reins included at all, as a substitute relying heavily on the enthusiasm of the pup. The human will provide some electric power with their skis and poles just as a usual cross-region skier would.

As with puppy sledding, the pet is directed by voice commands that explain to it when to end, start, slow, and switch.

skijoring dog racing
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What Form of Tools Is Needed for Skijoring?

Skijoring is not a activity you can do without the need of the right devices and gear.

Your dog will need a skijoring harness system and security against the cold and snow. A higher-good quality skijoring package should include a harness, a belt that goes all over your hip, and a shock-absorbing towline that will connect your hip belt to your dog’s harness. Please be aware that a skijoring harness is not a basic collar or harness that you’d use for strolling your canine. As an alternative, it’s a specialised piece of products developed particularly for the activity.

Your puppy need to be putting on booties at the bare least to shield it from snow and ice chunks. You could also desire to invest in a wax paw ointment to avoid any cracking or dryness from exposure to the components. Based on your dog’s breed and coat thickness, you could also want it to wear a heat jacket.

You will need a set of traditional skis and poles, along with high-excellent and warm winter season boots that do the job with your ski bindings. In addition, you’ll want to put on appropriate outfits for winter season adventuring, such as foundation and mid levels, a wind-blocking outer layer, heat socks, a hat, and gloves.

Where by Did Skijoring Originate?

The persons of Scandinavia employed skijoring as a way to journey all through the severe and snow-included wintertime months. The unique animal employed for this sport was reindeer. The Scandinavian people today would be towed at the rear of reindeer on wood skis, providing them a helpful and simple mode of transportation.

In 1924, equine skijoring was a sport played in the course of the Worldwide Winter season Sports activities 7 days, a multi-activity function that was held from 1907 to 1929 in France. This party set the phase for the sports’ inclusion through the second Olympic Winter Game titles held in Switzerland in 1928.

The equine version of skijoring designed its way to the United States soon after American visitors fell in adore with the activity following remaining exposed to it in destinations in which it was widely presented as a recreation action.

This activity is nonetheless very preferred, with over 30 skijoring races all through the U.S. and Canada established for this winter. In addition, Reindeer skijoring races however come about nowadays in some locations of Scandinavia.

skijoring man skiing runs with husky in harness
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divider-pawRewards of Skijoring

Skijoring is a good leisure winter activity for several explanations.

It is a excellent hybrid activity best for puppies and human beings that love the wintertime months. It can split up the monotony of these chilly wintertime days, providing both equally proprietor and pet with a great bonding working experience and good workout.

Canine of all breeds and sizes can participate in the activity, delivered they have enthusiasm. Even tiny breeds can go skijoring if they like it. The operator will need to have to deliver added pull ability themselves to compensate for their dog’s lack of power.

Negatives of Skijoring 

The most significant drawback of skijoring is the specialised tools necessary for participation. You can not use a common collar and leash, so you will need to have to spend some dollars on the proper equipment, which can be high-priced. This could be a roadblock for some individuals fascinated in skijoring as it is one thing that wants scheduling and education ahead of it can be attempted.

Another downside of the sport is that your doggy wants to have a sure total of instruction to participate. As we’ve described right before, skijoring is not a activity you can come to a decision to attempt one early morning and expect to be out on the trails that same day. Your canine will need to find out commands off-skis right before you can effectively get pleasure from the sport.

siberian husky dog pulls skier in a winter dog sport competition
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Commonly Asked Queries (FAQs)

Can any pet go skijoring?

However, not every pet dog is slice out for the sport, but this is not a sport reserved only for doggy mushing breeds like Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies. Canines of all dimensions and breeds can effectively go skijoring with their house owners, even little breeds like Dachshunds. Enthusiasm for the sport appears to be to subject considerably far more than the breed or dimension of the pet. Of class, you will not sense as considerably pull electricity if you have a lesser breed, so you must be expecting to present additional of the pulling ability by yourself.

The crucial is ensuring your puppy is intrigued in collaborating and nutritious sufficient to do so. Your canine really should be in excess of a year old, healthful, and routinely active.

skijoring dog racing in winter on skis
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How can I introduce my pet dog to skijoring?

Ahead of you strap your canine into the gear vital for skijoring, look at with your vet 1st. They should do a actual physical test to see if your pup is all set to commence a pulling activity like this. As described earlier mentioned, most vets will not advocate puppies under the age of one particular to take part as they are continue to expanding.

When you get the environmentally friendly light-weight from your vet, experience absolutely free to strap your doggy into its equipment and start out training. We advocate practicing the cues you’ll use even though skijoring in a massive open area. You can even get started teaching prior to there’s snow on the floor.

Will I be in a position to participate in this activity?

Virtually anyone can love skijoring as it is a very light activity that’s easy on the body. If you do occur to tumble, the snow gives a good smooth landing place.

We advocate receiving snug on skis ahead of you get started skijoring with your pup. Go cross-place snowboarding until you’re comfy maneuvering and halting on your skis.



Skijoring is a enjoyable, hybrid wintertime sport that supplies a excellent option to work out in those chilly months of the year. Whilst most dogs can participate, this exercise is finest remaining to pet dogs in excellent bodily ailment with enthusiasm for discovering. The exact regulations implement to the human interested in the sport they want to be in good health and fitness as this is an stamina exercise that can be really demanding on the entire body. We advocate getting a bodily accomplished for both equally you and your pet right before you absolutely commit to the sport and commit all the funds on acquiring the correct gear.

If you’re specified the environmentally friendly light-weight to check out skijoring, start training oneself and your pup in the off-season so that by the time the snow starts traveling, you’ll the two be prepared to strike the trails.

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