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Stafford Canary: Images, Care Guide, Temperament & Features


Feb 23, 2023
Stafford Canary


Stafford Canary

The Stafford canary is one of lots of kinds of widespread canaries that are retained as home pets. These compact little birds are about 5 inches long when thoroughly developed, and most have colourful feathers. A lot of Stafford canaries are bred for conformation uses. At first established by breeding the pink variable canary and Gloster canary jointly, this hen has proven recognition amongst parrot fans close to the environment.


Species Overview

Common Names: Stafford canary
Scientific Title: Serinus canaria domesticus
Grownup Measurement: 5 inches lengthy
Daily life Expectancy: 10–15 decades


Origin and History

This is a relatively new variety of canary that was produced in Stafford, England. These birds ended up 1st launched to the environment in 1987 by using the British Nationwide Exhibition bench.

It was not till 1990 that the Canary Council of Great Britain recognized the Stafford canary as an official breed. They are now acknowledged as an founded hen type in both of those the U.K. and the United States. Nowadays, equally crested and non-crested can be revealed in official exhibits and competitions.


The Stafford canary is a docile bird that can be timid about individuals and does not take pleasure in staying all around loud noises and commotions. They like expending their time in an enclosed habitat exactly where they sense protected and cozy relatively than hanging out in the open somewhere in the house.

That mentioned, these excellent-natured birds do appreciate interacting with their entrepreneurs. Their timidness calls for a mild hand and disposition. They should be housed in a house that doesn’t see a lot foot targeted traffic or expertise substantial levels of sounds. If the habitat is roomy ample, these birds can feel relaxed dwelling with other canaries and finches.

  • Light and uncomplicated to interact with
  • Normally simple to Care for
  • Vibrant feathers make them fun to look at
  • Timidness can be a dilemma for energetic and loud homes
  • Susceptible to popular ailments, such as avian pox and mycoplasma

Speech & Vocalizations

Stafford canaries are not recognised for saying human text. The males, even so, do communicate through singing. Occasionally, the singing seems like a collection of tweets, though, other situations, it sounds like an genuine track. Males are the loudest and most vivid singers, specifically when they are looking for a mate. Placing them in a habitat by on their own can outcome in them singing additional normally.

Stafford Canary Colours and Markings

These beautiful very little birds arrive in two diverse shades: purple and rose. Some have light-weight-coloured markings on the suggestions of their wings, close to their eyes, and on their chests. Other folks have darkish markings that search like an overlay for the reason that the crimson and rose colours glow by way of. Their beaks are typically white or “peach” in shade, and their eyes are normally small, dim, and spherical.


Caring for the Stafford Canary

The Stafford canary is fairly straightforward to treatment for, which would make them suitable for very first-time pet entrepreneurs. They involve an enclosed habitat to stay in, a person that’s massive plenty of for them to unfold their wings and hop about a handful of occasions from a single end to the other. Their habitat really should be outfitted with bedding, a handful of branches to climb and perch on, and a swing.

Their cages must be cleaned out generally, at minimum when a 7 days, to limit the possibility of bacterial infection and pest infestation. Even though these birds do not intellect spending time by itself or with a fellow bird for company, they appreciate interacting with their human companions in a quiet and mild way.

Frequent Wellbeing Problems

Like all canaries, the Stafford canary is a hardy animal that is not prone to a lot of health and fitness issues if domesticated and effectively cared for. Mite infestations are the most important concern for the reason that if not caught in time, they could be deadly. Cleaning a bird’s habitat typically is an effective way to prevent the chance of mite infestation.

Canaries that stay outside can be exposed to canary pox, which is spread by mosquitoes. For this reason, we advocate often trying to keep your pet Stafford canary indoors or in an enclosed outdoor surroundings that mosquitoes simply cannot penetrate. Standard veterinarian checkups will enable make sure a secure, satisfied, and nutritious life for this type of chook.

Food plan and Nutrition

These minor birds must consume a comprehensive industrial food stuff as a major supply of vitamins and minerals. Supplemental snacks ought to contain compact quantities of fruits, veggies, and eggs. They can also take in seeds, but their meals ought to contain extra than that. Seeds are fatty and do not consist of all the natural vitamins, minerals, and other vitamins and minerals that are required for ideal health and fitness. If you’re in doubt, a veterinarian can recommend a dietary system centered on items like your bird’s age, overall health, and way of living.


Stafford canaries are self-ample when it comes to work out. They can get all the workout that they have to have in the consolation of their habitat by bouncing from department to department, flapping their wings, and using their swing. They might also get pleasure from traveling inside a safe and sound and silent bedroom wherever they can not escape.


Wherever to Undertake or Buy a Stafford Canary

This type of canary is offered by breeders in the course of the United States and somewhere else in the earth. If you cannot uncover a breeder in your location to perform with, while, you may have to travel out of town or even out of state to discover a fowl that you want to consider residence with you. Alternatively, you can check with community pet outlets, as lots of market a variety of canaries and finches. If they really do not precisely have Stafford canaries, they can probably resource 1 for you or endorse sellers to inquire with.



Stafford canaries are wonderful minimal birds that are enjoyable to view and usually uncomplicated to acquire treatment of. Their vibrant feathers make them distinguishable from other sorts of canaries, and they never mind having habitat mates. These are docile and timid animals, but they are not from paying quality time with their companions.

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