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Top 12 Benefits of Having a Pet Camera – Great Reasons to Have One


Feb 17, 2023
a smart camera on wooden table


a smart camera on wooden table

When going to work, most dog owners must leave their pets alone at home. It can be stressful because you worry about what they might get into or whether their barking is bothersome to neighbors. In addition, your pet may experience unpleasant emotions such as loneliness, stress, and boredom if left alone for lengthy periods.

A pet camera is an excellent solution for busy owners. A pet camera is a device packed with high-tech gadgets that allows you to check on your animal companion wherever you are. These devices come in many different sizes and shapes, but they all share the same goal: to give you confidence that your pet is safe and well-behaved.

Here are the top 12 benefits of having a pet camera.


The 12 Benefits of Having a Pet Camera

1. Stop Worrying About Your Pet’s Health

When owners have to leave their pets alone at home, one of their top concerns is that these animals can hurt themselves, consume something harmful, or suffer an injury but have no one to help. With a camera, you can check on your pet whenever you want to, ensure they’re all right, and then carry on with your day without worrying.

furbo 360 dog camera app

2. Discover More of Your Pet’s Habits

How many times have you wondered what your pet is up to or how they live a day without you? With a camera, you can observe your pet’s activities throughout the day, the things that attract their attention, and their favorite activities when you’re not home. You may discover many habits that you were previously unaware of.

3. Interact with Your Pet Even When You’re Away

Animals, especially dogs, will miss you when you’re away. This is when technology can help! Many cameras on the market have speakers, and some even offer secure video streaming, allowing pet owners to talk to their animal friends who are at home. This interaction will enhance the relationship between owners and pets and allow you to keep an eye on your pets.

close up image of dog looking at the camera

4. You Can Be More Productive at Work

You might think that having instant access to check on your pet’s condition regularly will reduce your productivity. However, studies have shown that taking a short break in the middle of the workday can significantly increase employees’ productivity. You can focus better and finish your work more quickly when you are happy and stress-free. And nothing is more relaxing and uplifting for your mood than seeing your pet companion on camera.

5. You and Your Pet Are Always Entertained

Some cameras have features that allow you to provide treats to your pet. Some even include a laser pointer for your cat or other animals to play with. You and your pet can have a lot of fun together remotely. Pet care has indeed reached a new level thanks to technology.

cat plays with a laser pointer
Image Credit: Seika Chujo, Shutterstock

6. Preventing Destructive Behavior

Unwanted behavior usually results from boredom, so interacting with your pet during breaks is a great way to provide mental stimulation. This will make them less bored and help reduce their anxiety, hyperactivity, and destructive behavior.

7. Discourage Undesirable Behavior

Whether you have a cat who loves to scratch your favorite furniture or a dog who barks nonstop and annoys neighbors, the camera’s speaker will help you to check in on your pets and correct their bad behavior.

cat scratching furniture
Image Credit: RJ22, shutterstock

8. Reinforce Good Habits

With a convenient treat-dispenser camera, you can reward your animal companion at home for acceptable behavior to reinforce their good habits. Ask your pet to do something, then give them a treat when they obey your commands. This way, you can also use your camera to train your pet even when you are at work.

Cameras help you record beautiful, touching, or funny videos of your pet doing the cutest things. A lot of people enjoy watching pet videos, so if you don’t mind, share your pet’s funny footage with friends on social media.

man watching cat videos on laptop
Image Credit: McLittle Stock, Shutterstock

10. Uncover Separation Anxiety

A pet camera is a great device to use if you want to confirm that your companion has separation anxiety. With the aid of this device, you can observe their actions and body language all day to help you determine whether or not they’re experiencing separation anxiety.

There are common signs of separation anxiety that you could catch on camera:

  • Barking and howling
  • Urinating and defecating
  • Destruction
  • Pacing
  • Escaping

After recording the footage, if there is an issue, you can consult with a pet therapist or a vet to determine the root of it. Regardless of whether you spot a problem, observing your pet’s behavior is an eye-opening and beneficial experience. You’ll have a better overview and insight into how to help your precious friend feel good.

11. Calm Your Pet

If you get a camera with a two-way speaker, you can talk to your pet to see how well they are doing and comfort them in a calm tone if they are unhappy and overexcited.

sleeping brown dog on gray fabric bed
Image Credit: Tj Kolesnik, Unsplash

12. Security

A pet camera can also serve as a security camera because they work pretty much the same way. However, pet cams often have a few extra pet-specific features that can make them more helpful, such as a treat delivery function and pet-safe lasers.


If you are a busy owner, installing a pet camera can change your life and put an end to all the worries of leaving your animal friend at home. As you can see, pet camera options are plenty, so make sure you consider the brand’s reputation and choose something that fits your budget. Also, don’t forget to look at verified user reviews and ratings before making an order.

Featured Image Credit: Jinning Li, Shutterstock

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