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Trazodone for Pet dogs: Facts, Usage & FAQs (Vet Solution)


Mar 15, 2023
an open bottle of trazodone


an open bottle of trazodone
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The information and facts is present-day and up-to-date in accordance with the most current veterinarian analysis.

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If you have a dog with nervousness, specifically with storms, fireworks, and/or journey, your veterinarian may possibly have recommended Trazodone. This treatment is commonly used in veterinary drugs for small-time period nervousness and/or stress filled functions. It’s a excellent choice for these puppies who are not usually pressured all working day prolonged, but only have to have temporary anxiety-aid.

Keep on looking through to understand additional about Trazodone, its likely aspect consequences, doses, and most frequent employs.


What Is Trazodone?

Trazodone is within just the antidepressant course of medication when utilized in humans. In canines, we commonly classify it below “selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitor” (or SSRI).

SSRIs assist to continue to keep serotonin levels elevated in the mind. Enhanced serotonin in the brain will lead to much less tension, much less stress, and a calmer demeanor. SSRIs enable to decrease elimination of serotonin from the mind, creating the stages to be elevated for lengthier.

Trazodone is most commonly prescribed for shorter expression use in canines. It’s excellent for pet dogs with firework and storm phobias, panic at the vet or groomers, or to help maintain enthusiastic pups serene after a surgical treatment. Trazodone can be supplied extensive time period, but possible would not be your veterinarian’s very first preference.

Trazodone Rx medicine pills
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How Is Trazodone Given?

Trazodone is specified in oral variety. Trazodone will come in several distinctive strengths, usually pills but from time to time as capsules. Trazodone can be manufactured into a liquid, but typically this is accomplished by way of a compounding pharmacy. A compounding pharmacy is able to make many medications, such as Trazodone, into unique sorts to aid make administration less complicated. Your pet could do far better with a liquid, flavored liquid or possibly flavored tablets. All of these possibilities would need to be mentioned with your compounding pharmacist.

Trazodone is typically presented prior to a annoying celebration. You will want to try and give it to your canine at the very least 1 to two hrs prior to a nerve-racking vet appointment, the vacation fireworks, or a thunderstorm. It is best if given with only a smaller total of meals, letting it to take in into the bloodstream faster. Trazodone does not essentially want to be given with or without food, but it can in some cases induce an upset abdomen at greater doses.

The superior information is there is a fairly substantial, risk-free, dosing variety for Trazodone and pet dogs. This suggests that your veterinarian may well give you a vary that you can administer. Depending on what can make your puppy the most stressed—nail trims, fireworks, car or truck travel—your veterinarian will be equipped to figure out which dose to give your dog and when.

What Takes place If You Pass up a Dose?

Trazodone is not a treatment that requirements to be or is usually supplied extended phrase. It is most commonly prescribed for limited time period sedative and anti-panic effects. Therefore, if you overlook a dose, your pet dog will sad to say just be worked up, nervous, and/or pressured out.

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Likely Facet Consequences of Trazodone

Unfortunately, dogs may well have different sedative consequences on Trazodone. Some canines only will need to get a incredibly low dose and will be asleep for several hours. Even though some others can get the substantial close of the advised dose and even now be anxious, stressed, and/or harmful.

Trazodone can occasionally trigger nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. This is most common at increased doses. If your dog is new to the medicine, you may want to start out at the decreased close of the dosing range until finally you know if they will have any GI upset.

Extremely not often we can see serotonin syndrome with Trazodone. This is when the serotonin stages in the mind in fact grow to be too superior. Your pet would have to have to be hospitalized, monitored, and began on a diverse medication to counteract the effects of this kind of toxicity.

Because Trazodone is an SSRI, your veterinarian will have to have to be careful about prescribing it to your pet if they are on other prescription drugs. Combining distinctive sorts of sedatives can be destructive and maximize your dog’s chance of establishing serotonin syndrome.

a bottle of trazodone pills
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Often Questioned Thoughts (FAQs)

Can my doggy even now be nervous soon after obtaining Trazodone?

Certainly. Sad to say, not all prescription drugs perform the same in every single pet dog. Some dogs will be pretty sedate on a pretty very low dose, while other individuals can acquire very higher doses and have incredibly small influence. Generally communicate with your veterinarian about proper dosages and possibly combining with other medications if desired.

What if my pet dog is on other medicines for sedation?

You will certainly require to explore the use of Trazodone with your veterinarian. Some prescription drugs will result in destructive boosts in serotonin with Trazodone. Other people may possibly improve the impact of Trazodone, triggering profound sedation.

Can I get Trazodone at a human pharmacy?

Trazodone is used in the two individuals and canine. Your nearby pharmacist likely has the medicine. On the other hand, your veterinarian will nevertheless want to present the prescription of Trazodone for your pet dog soon after they have had a bodily exam. Trazodone is not a treatment you can obtain over-the-counter.



Trazodone is viewed as an SSRI in puppies, and most generally prescribed for brief time period anxiousness and strain relief. Trazodone is specified orally and arrives in a selection of strengths. You might even be in a position to get the treatment compounded to make administration to your canine simpler. Trazodone has a massive dosing array but care demands to be taken with other drugs and at increased doses.

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