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What and When Is Countrywide Cat Woman Day? (2023 Update)


Mar 21, 2023
white cat with the owner

Cats are 1 of the most well known pets in the environment, specially in the United States. We like our cats, and a lot of individuals have a lot more than one particular furry feline in their homes. Of course, “cat ladies” are at times mocked for loving cats extra than the rest of us. Nationwide Cat Lady Working day was established for individuals girls (and their cats) to celebrate the gals who take this kind of very good care of their felines.

In 2023, National Cat Lady Working day will be celebrated on April 19 around the United States. The holiday was made by creator, entrepreneur, and cat lover Susan Michals, who (with loads of help and aid) commenced Nationwide Cat Lady Day in 2017. Nationwide Cat Lady Day has assisted unfold the word that, instead than remaining the object of sarcasm and mockery, cat ladies ought to have to be applauded and revered for their like and dedication to all issues feline. Study on to study extra about this special day and how you can rejoice it with your beloved cat (or cats)!


What Is a Cat Girl?

The standard impression of a “cat lady” is a lady who owns lots of cats. One seem at the “Crazy Cat Lady” character from the preferred animated tv demonstrate The Simpsons will give you a fantastic case in point of what most people assume of when they think of cat girls.

Even even worse, during submit-medieval periods, cats, unfortunately, grew to become connected to witches and witchcraft. The to start with girl place to dying for witchcraft in England, Agnes Waterhouse, admitted just before her loss of life that she owned a cat. Sadly, this unfair link amongst cats and the occult stuck for hundreds of years, which did not help the cats or the females who liked them.

cat playing with owner
Graphic Credit: Dora Zett, Shutterstock

That depiction was precisely the challenge Susan Michals faced as the dutiful proprietor of a one cat. In her possess words and phrases, “The next I told individuals I experienced a cat, they were being like, ‘Oh, you are a cat lady, a mad cat girl.” Michals extra that “It’s not a thing to conceal. I’m a cat particular person and happy to be a cat person.” For this purpose, Michals designed Countrywide Cat Lady Day and CatCon, the once-a-year conference celebrating cats in the U.S.

Now cat women, even though nevertheless a little bit stigmatized, have turn out to be a lot more embraced than at any time right before. Michals can choose some credit for that, but so can social media channels like Instagram, the popular sketch present Saturday Night time Dwell and even superstar singer Taylor Swift, whose 2014 Eating plan Coke professional depicted her as a cat girl. In other phrases, right now, cat girls are celebrated alternatively than ridiculed, and becoming a cat woman is a resource of pleasure instead than distress and mockery.

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Do You Have to have to Personal Extra Than Just one Cat to Be a Cat Girl?

When they have been depicted for several many years as solitary girls who very own numerous cats, today’s cat lady can have a one cat (and be married if she wishes to). That is since the definition of “cat lady” has shifted considerably. No longer seen as odd and on the fringes of modern society, modern-day cat females are youthful, influential, thriving, caring, and, like their cats, fiercely independent.

So, sure, you can be a proud cat woman today though however possessing a one cat, but a lot of cat females personal a number of felines just simply because, when it will come to cats, far more of them collectively appears to be far better.

woman owner petting and playing with her cat at home
Image Credit: Stokkete, Shutterstock

What Can You Do to Celebrate Nationwide Cat Woman Working day?

Though not a genuinely acknowledged nationwide holiday for cat females and their cats, Countrywide Cat Woman Working day is the ideal day to do one thing distinctive with or all-around cats. Below are some of the greatest activities to engage in on this cat-centric holiday break.

1. Volunteer at a Cat Shelter

Most cities and cities throughout the United States have cat and animal shelters in which you can volunteer. Most desperately want volunteers, so going to a neighborhood cat shelter on Countrywide Cat Girl Working day is a ideal way to lend a hand and expend time with some fancy felines.

Close up of female volunteer holds on hands cat in shelter
Graphic Credit rating: Evgeny Bakhchev, Shutterstock

2. Blow Some Bubbles for Your Cat

Cats love chasing fairly much anything at all, but they go even much more nuts when it arrives to bubbles! What do you get when you blend bubbles and catnip? You get 1 of the most enjoyable pursuits you can consider on National Cat Lady Day! You’d be tricky-pressed to come across a cat that will not be excited and delighted in chasing right after catnip-scented bubbles, generating this a fantastic way to have exciting with your cat(s) on Nationwide Cat Woman Day!

3. Throw a Cat Woman Bash

With social media building connecting with other cat girls in your community more accessible, throwing a cat-centric bash on Countrywide Cat Girl Day is less complicated than at any time. It is also a whole lot of enjoyable, permits you to fulfill many others who share your passion for cats, and is a great excuse for some daytime imbibing of adult drinks!

women meeting with their adult cats
Impression Credit score: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

4. Start an Instagram Webpage for Your Cat

As a cat woman, you really like your cats for quite a few causes and almost certainly get pictures of them anytime you get the prospect. Why not share people pictures with the rest of the globe by way of the social media system Instagram on National Cat Woman Working day? It’s exciting, quick, does not value a dime, and is the best way to share your favourite feline images with the relaxation of the cat-loving world!

5. Undertake Your 1st Cat

If you really do not have the satisfaction of remaining a cat father or mother, Nationwide Cat Woman Day is a good day to start! Several shelters and breeders about the U.S. have open up residences on this particular working day, with savings on adoption paperwork, vaccinations, and far more. Pet shops generally have promotions and discounts, which means you can adopt a new furry pal for considerably less and commence experiencing lifestyle a lot more with your new cat!

cat getting adopted
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Closing Ideas

While noticed for generations as “crazy,” aloof, and even wicked, today’s fashionable cat girl is much from any unkind adjectives. Cat women are kind, caring persons who love the independence, class, appeal, and intelligence cats provide to the table and aren’t concerned to declare their appreciate for their great feline pals.

To help these females and their furry pals rejoice all the fantastic things about staying a cat momma, Susan Michals designed Countrywide Cat Lady Working day in 2015. This special day has been expanding each 12 months and is a genuinely well-known annual function celebrated by thousands and thousands of cat entrepreneurs. For all the cat females who adore their cats and can not picture daily life with out them, we desire you a pleased and fur-loaded Countrywide Cat Lady Working day!

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