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What And When Is Ginger Cat Appreciation Working day (2023)?


Mar 24, 2023
Ginger cat getting brushed


Ginger cat getting brushed

Ginger cats are unique they have exceptional personalities, as all cats do, but they’re normally so shiny and beloved that their owners fall madly in love with them no make a difference their breed. That is precisely how Ginger Cat Appreciation Working day came about! Ginger Cat Appreciation Working day is an worldwide celebration for all ginger cats close to the earth and is observed every single 12 months on September 1st.


What Is Ginger Cat Appreciation Working day?

Ginger Cat Appreciation Working day is a worldwide celebration day for ginger cats of all creeds and breeds. Ginger Cat Appreciation Working day aims to unfold enjoy and appreciation for ginger cats and convey knowledge of their unique qualities to the general public. Lots of ginger cats are ready in rescues for loving houses, so Ginger Cat Appreciation Day is the great way to attract probable adopters and match the orange kitties to their perfect eternally people.

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day is also a terrific prospect for men and women to devote some time with any ginger cats they know or even strays. Giving them extra notice, offering foodstuff, or even seeking into homing or rescuing a stray ginger cat are all wonderful methods to exhibit appreciation on this special working day.

Cute ginger cat lying in bed
Picture Credit history: Konstantin Aksenov, Shutterstock

Who Launched Ginger Cat Appreciation Day?

A software developer established ginger Cat Appreciation day and employed his abilities to build a firm that carries just one particular ginger cat’s legacy and aids stray animals all-around the US. Chris Roy founded Ginger Cat Appreciation Day in 2014 and pledged to rejoice all ginger cats in honor of Doobert, an orange and white tabby cat that adjusted his lifestyle.

Doobert the Cat

Chris achieved Doobert in 1997 when he was only a runtish ginger kitten. Having pity on him, Chris brought Doobert into his residence, and the pair quickly fell in cat adore. Doobert stayed with Chris’ household for 17 years and was whole of lifetime, appreciate, and passion. When he handed away, Chris was understandably devastated. But, with that grief came a new strategy that would honor Doobert and support other needy animals.

Doobert the App

Chris applied his program advancement knowledge to discovered Doobert, an application that will help match and transportation pets needing a loving property with their new permanently households. Launched in May well 2014 (the similar 12 months Doobert the cat passed away), Doobert makes use of engineering to provide sensible methods to lots of complications rescues and pet fosterers experience. Chris has a perseverance to Doobert on the app’s site, which plainly demonstrates how considerably the ginger cat changed his existence and aided him recognize his objectives.

Ginger tabby cat hiding under the bed
Impression Credit: Konstantin Aksenov, Shutterstock

How Is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day Celebrated?

Ginger Cat Appreciation Working day can be celebrated in lots of strategies, as it’s a a lot more gentle-hearted holiday getaway that includes all ginger cats. You could give your individual ginger tabby a distinctive address, for case in point, or you could choose to pick a ginger kitten if you have been prepared to undertake a new feline close friend.

There are lots of approaches all those in the group can celebrate Ginger Cat Appreciation Day and assistance their area orange feline population examine out some of the tips we had underneath:

  • Take a look at a ginger cat in a area rescue for some awareness and cuddles
  • Donate to your regional cat rescue
  • Take into account adopting a ginger cat or kitten
  • Have a ginger cat-themed social gathering to increase income for a nearby rescue heart
  • Obtain your ginger cat a particular address

Quite a few rescue centers will use Ginger Cat Appreciation Working day to clearly show off any ginger cats they have in their facility, engaging cat fans to give them a great house. Quite a few will also maintain fundraisers or open times about this date, with centers and shelters around the globe submitting on social media as a shout-out to these special orange felines.

Petting a ginger cat outside
Graphic Credit rating: dashkabudich, Pixabay

Why Are Ginger Cats Particular?

Ginger cats generally have adorable, shared quirks and characteristics, which make them extra particular to their proprietors.

Here are some a lot more fascinating facts about ginger cats:

  • 80% of all ginger cats are males!
  • They are typically observed as quite affectionate, clingy, and loving
  • Ginger cats have “freckles” all-around their noses and muzzles
  • All ginger cats are tabbies!



Ginger Cat Appreciation Day is a particular working day reserved for the orange-toned feline inhabitants. These cats are normally incredibly special relatives associates, so considerably so that the founder of Ginger Cat Appreciation Day, Chris Roy, focused equally the working day and an app just after his loving orange tabby, Doobert. Ginger Cat Appreciation Day is observed on September 1st just about every yr throughout the world, so stop by a shelter in close proximity to you and give a ginger cat some well-deserved really like!

Highlighted Graphic Credit: Konstantin Aksenov, Shutterstock

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