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What Are Corgi Races and Are They Ok? The Fascinating Respond to!


Feb 13, 2023
corgi dog races at canterbury


corgi dog races at canterbury

Corgis are without doubt a single of the most lovely puppy breeds, but there is so significantly additional to them than their lovable appearances. Although they seem really chubby, these puppies can basically be rather athletic!

You may have seen the the latest craze about Corgi races on the world-wide-web. Most question irrespective of whether the activity is even ethical, though many others hurry to register their very own pup for the up coming race. The good thing is, Corgi races are solely ethical, as pet dogs only participate in this sport the moment a yr.

Immediately after the leisure race is above, the Corgis are cost-free to go house with their families. If you are intrigued in seeing or participating in Corgi races, you are at the ideal spot. Here’s every little thing you want to know about Corgi races and how your canine can take part.


What Are Corgi Races?

A lot of think Corgi racing is identical to greyhound racing, an market much like horse racing. Having said that, a Corgi race is a straightforward leisure occasion that happens at the time a yr. Unique tracks, these types of as Emerald Downs in Washington, manage and televise these races.

On a smaller sized scale, nearby communities occur with each other to arrange their individual Corgi race. Most of the time, these races are only for entertaining, but some might use this possibility to maintain fundraisers for pet-relevant charities.

Corgi races are similar to human observe occasions, showcasing multiple heats along with one particular remaining championship race for all the warmth winners.

welsh corgi jumping
Picture Credit: Miroshnikova Arina, Shutterstock

How Do Corgi Races Operate?

Not like other pet dog races, Corgi race rivals are not professional racers. These are simply residence pets entered into the function by their operator to take pleasure in a entertaining day total of managing and rewards. As well as, there’s a possibility that the pup could finish up on Television set!

In most instances, owners will will need to fork out entry fees to sign up their Corgis for the race. Each individual warmth only will allow a certain selection of Corgis, which is why popular races utilize random lotteries to pick the entrants.

It’s also truly worth noting that Corgi races really don’t allow you to guess because they’re meant to be a reduced-stress recreational occasion suited for family members. You are going to usually report that the Corgis never have a tendency to observe the policies and stop up creating the party far more adorable and humorous.

The set up is commonly basic considering the fact that these puppies are not educated athletes. The Corgis hold out at the starting line together with their proprietor and race toward the end line, not too considerably absent, to another household member waiting around for them.

You can imagine how these untrained pups forget about about the keep track of and the race’s guidelines, selecting to chase each and every other or run the improper way. Luckily for us, this is basically section of the attraction, which is why Corgi races are the ideal way to have some spouse and children-welcoming enjoyment on the weekend.

Of training course, the winning Corgi receives a prize, which may possibly change depending on the race and its site. At the Emerald Downs race, the champion Corgi gets an tremendous trophy to enjoy with!

Professionals and Downsides of Corgi Racing

The social media response was definitely optimistic when Corgi races were being first televised. Who does not enjoy viewing some limited-legged, chubby pups romp around a observe to their most loved particular person?

Additionally, these functions can be a excellent way to increase cash for pet-relevant charities or any other excellent lead to while entertaining an viewers of pet enthusiasts. They can also be a good way to support your Corgi socialize with other Corgis and have a day of entertaining pursuits.

Of study course, it is even now essential to keep in head that competition may perhaps danger personal injury if the other Corgis close up attacking each and every other. Considering that Corgis are normally friendly and playful, this isn’t common in most Corgi races.

Other than that, there is also the danger of a warmth stroke because these races are typically held in the summertime. If you maintain them appropriately hydrated and very well-fed, your pups must be fine.

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Is Corgi Racing Moral?

Greyhound racing is recognised and criticized for its numerous moral complications, which is why this sport is regarded illegal in most states of the US. Some properly-recognised challenges with this activity incorporate regular accidents, inhumane housing, cruel remedy, and even doping.

Nonetheless, Corgi races are absolutely nothing like greyhound racing, even although it may be uncomplicated to presume usually. Corgis only attend these races the moment a calendar year with no prior schooling. There are no stakes with these races they are completely for leisure or fund-raising uses.

The very best way to describe it is just like having your Corgi to the dog park, other than that they may well gain a trophy if they run the swiftest! Just after the race and routines are about, the Corgis go back again house with their families.

Nonetheless, some have pointed out the ethical dilemma of attending a Corgi race held at a horse racing observe. Because horse racing is also very controversial owing to cruel instruction procedures, illegal doping, and on-monitor injuries, people today do not take pleasure in the affiliation with the sector.

Are Corgi Races Safe?

Indeed, Corgi races are solely safe. In advance of entering, the owners should supply proof that their Corgis are up to date with their needed pictures. In most conditions, you won’t need to have to be concerned about heat strokes considering that Corgi race locations generally have shade tents, easily obtainable drinking water, wading pools, and other cooling measures for your pup.

black and white cardigan welsh corgi dog running agility course
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In which Do Corgi Races Take Spot?

There are no distinct venues for Corgi races. Any location that’s big enough to accommodate an audience and a brief race monitor is fantastic sufficient for the Corgi race. Most organizers are inclined to decide for horse race tracks when the spot is not energetic.

Horse racing organizers normally use an once-a-year Corgi race to promote their impending horse race and bring in extra viewers. Emerald Downs is a excellent example, as it was able to entice 13,000 puppy lovers to its annual Corgi race in 2018.



Corgi races are an lovely and humorous occasion for leisure or fund-boosting needs considering that anyone loves to watch these brief-legged pups are unsuccessful to abide by the regulations. Unlike other animal races, these races are totally moral and safe for your canine.

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