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What’s the Difference Between a Dachshund, Dotson, and Doxin?


Feb 23, 2023
cream long haired dachshund outside


cream long haired dachshund outside

There are several dog breeds that have a few nicknames to describe them. So many have nicknames, in fact, that it can get a bit confusing when you try to figure out what breed is what.

The Dachshund breed is one of those dogs. Or is it the Dotson or a Doxin? Is it the same dog breed? The answer is yes. A Dachshund, Dotson, and Doxin are the same breed. Believe it or not, these aren’t the only three nicknames this little wiener dog has.

The Dachshund is a bubbly, adorable, cute-as-a-button breed that makes a great canine companion. However, it does get confusing with the many names the Dachshund breed has to carry around.

We’ll talk about the breed’s history, exactly how many nicknames it has, and more below, so you’ll go away a bit less confused than you were when you got here.


What Is the History of the Dachshund, Dotson, and Doxin Breed?

Believe it or not, Dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers in Germany. Afterward, they were trained to flush badgers out of their homes or habitats. It’s thought that the Dachshund was first created in the 15th century, but no concrete proof exists. The first verified account of the dogs in Germany occurred in the 17th century.

red long haired dachshund dog outdoors
Image Credit: Kristina Chizhmar, Shutterstock

Has the Dachshund Breed Evolved?

All dog breeds evolve over time, and this breed is no exception. While you can still see a few hints of their hunting background, Dachshunds are smaller than they were in the 17th century. However, the breed is still funny, gorgeous, energetic, loving, and laid back, just as their ancestors were before them.

Is Your Dachshund a Crossbreed?

Yes, Dachshunds are a crossbreed. They were bred by breeding the dwarf gene into a larger hunting dog, and your little wiener dog was the result. It’s thought that the breeding was selective and may have included Hanover Hounds, Terriers, Pincers, Bloodhounds, and even the German Bibarhund. This, however, isn’t known to be a fact; it’s only an assumption.

red dachshund dog in the autumn forest
Image Credit: Anna_Bondarenko, Shutterstock

How Many Nicknames Are There for the Dachshund Dog Breed?

Here are some of the most common nicknames for the Dachshund:

  • Hot Dog
  • Wiener Dog
  • Doxin
  • Dotson
  • Dachel
  • Dexel
  • Doxy
  • Doxie
  • Daxen
  • Doxen
  • Techel
  • Doxhund
  • Sausage Dog
  • Weiner Dog (Spelled with “ei” instead of “ie”)

What Is a Doxin or a Dotson?

A Doxin and a Dotson are the same exact thing as a Dachshund, just called by a different name. It’s thought that this name change came about because many pet owners couldn’t pronounce Dachshund the right way, and Doxin or Dotson was easier to pronounce.

mini dachshund standing on log
Image Credit: Shedara Weinsberg, Shutterstock

A Few Fun Facts About Your Little Weiner Dog

Now that you know most of the nicknames for this dog breed, we’ll give you a few facts that you might not have known.

1. Dachshunds Come in Many Colors

The Dachshund dog breed comes in a variety of colors. These colors include the following:

  • Fawn and Tan
  • Chocolate
  • Fawn
  • Red
  • Wheaten
  • Wild Boar
  • Blue and Cream
  • Blue and Tan
  • Black and Cream
  • Black and Tan
  • Cream
  • Chocolate and Cream
  • Chocolate and Tan
  • Fawn and Cream
  • And more
Miniature Blue and Tan Dachshund
Image Credit: Adam Lovelace, Shutterstock

2. Hot Dogs Named After this Dog

You would think that the Dachshund got its name from the food, but in reality, the food got its name from the wiener dog instead. It’s thought that since these puppies were favorites with German butchers, they first sold hot dogs in the dog’s shape and called them Dachshund sausages. It wasn’t until later that the name was changed to the hot dog instead.

3. Dachshunds Are a Favorite of Celebrities

Not only are they popular with average pet owners, but they are also cherished by many celebrities. They are also popular with artists and authors and end up in many paintings and books. Some of the celebrities who have owned Dachshunds include:

  • David Bowie
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Jack Black
  • Adele
  • Kirsten Dunst
  • Fergie
  • Andy Warhol
  • Leonard Nimoy
a red dachshund puppy looks at the camera while outdoors
Image Credit: Olga Murzina, Shutterstock


Final Thoughts

Now that you know there is no difference between the Dachshund, Dotson, and Doxin, you are free to go out and adopt one of these adorable animals. No matter how many nicknames or colors this little dog comes in, the fact remains that they are a pleasure to own and are fun to be around. Once you’ve decided to give this wiener dog a forever home, you can decide which nickname to give your pet.

Featured Image Credit: Valeria Head, Shutterstock

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