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When Is the Ideal Age to Breed Bearded Dragons? (For Girls & Males)


Apr 5, 2023
bearded dragon mating


bearded dragon mating

Bearded Dragons are quite preferred reptile pets, and arguably the most well known of all lizards to be kept as pets. They are relatively small in measurement, unquestionably in contrast to Check Lizards. They are also easier to deal with, as very long as you discover to choose them up the right way to keep away from startling them and coming into make contact with with these spikes. And even though they do have to have some dwell feeding, they at the very least never necessitate the feeding of pinkies, or baby mice.

Another reason for their acceptance is that they are quick to breed. Although Bearded Dragons are usually capable of breeding from the age of around 8 months, most breeders recommend waiting around right until the pair is 18 months of age. mainly so that the female will be large enough to be capable to move the eggs. Accidental breeding is popular due to the fact it isn’t generally simple to explain to males and ladies aside, and whilst obtaining an incubator will assist eggs hatch, it is not generally important mainly because the Beardie will do a respectable work of burying and caring for the eggs.

Beneath, we glance at what age these fascinating tiny reptiles can breed, what age is greatest for breeding, and some other elements with regards to the breeding of Bearded Dragons.

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Breed With Warning

If you are looking at breeding, take into consideration what you will do with the resulting youthful. A solitary clutch can consequence in up to 20 toddlers, and just one mating incident can actually consequence in three or four clutches of eggs, which provides up to a lot of Beardie eggs. Pet retailers could not be eager to buy the youthful if they really don’t have any encounter working with you. And, though Bearded Dragons are a preferred reptilian pet, not everybody wants lizards—even less people want the locusts and roaches that they feed on. You may end up with a dozen or extra youthful hatchlings and no way to rehome them.

Even if you do have houses for them to go to, Beardies really don’t ordinarily go to a new home right until they get to all-around 10 months of age, and you just can’t reasonably keep 12 younger in a one vivarium.

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About Bearded Dragons

Pogona, much more frequently recognised as Bearded Dragon, is a genus of reptiles that is made up of a number of different species. They are named for their dragon-like overall look and for the beard of spikes that they have under their chins.

In the wild, Bearded Dragons are discovered during Australia. They are most frequently observed in deserts and subtropical areas. Even though the export of Bearded Dragons from Australia is prohibited and has been given that the 1960s, they have been bred in the U.S. and other countries around the earth since this time and they are extensively readily available in most international locations.

With typical handlings, Bearded Dragons hardly ever bite, will sit on palms and laps, and are active for the duration of the working day. They will greet their proprietors and behaviors like head-bobbing and charging throughout the area make them an intriguing pet to view and appreciate.

On the other hand, whilst they do make superior pets, Beardies do need to have rather a large amount of vivarium space. They also need exact temperature, lights, and humidity conditions, and some possible proprietors are set off by the prospect of feeding reside bugs that features cockroaches.

Bearded Dragon Mating

To breed Bearded Dragons, you have to have a sexually lively male and feminine pair. While Bearded Dragons are typically capable of mating at the age of close to 8 months, most breeders endorse that you hold out till the pair is 18 months of age. Usually, just after a 1st mating, the woman will have a clutch of eggs that are infertile and will hence not generate any youthful, whilst this is not normally the circumstance. From a one mating, the female can have three or 4 clutches of eggs, each consisting of as quite a few as 20 eggs, which signifies a solitary mating can consequence in 80 eggs. Clutches will normally be laid all around 3–4 months apart. Measurement is frequently considered much more crucial than age when it will come to best mating conditions, and women that are also small can be at chance.

If the woman is too small to be capable to go the eggs, she will come to be eggbound. This will require veterinary awareness, usually from a expert vet, normally, it can show lethal. By ready until eventually the woman is 18 months, you lessen the possibility of her being as well smaller to be able to productively develop the eggs.

When the male is prepared to mate, his beard will darken. He will bob his head more violently and more typically and the feminine will wave her arms if she is receptive. The precise mating course of action can be rather tough. The male will bite on to the female’s neck to continue to keep her in place, and although she doesn’t commonly protest this, tough biting can pierce the skin and result in personal injury to the female. The approach is commonly finished within just a number of seconds.

bearded dragons mating
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In around 4 to 6 weeks, the very first clutch will be laid. The woman will typically bury the eggs in a acceptable location. If she does not think there is a suited place, the female may possibly successfully dangle onto the eggs and can grow to be eggbound. Most specialists propose inserting a sand-crammed container into the vivarium of a gravid feminine, therefore making certain a suited laying web page and guaranteeing a healthful laying process.


The eggs may possibly incubate if left in the box, but it is ordinarily better to incubate them on your own so you can ensure best disorders. If you do intend to remove the eggs, it can be a very good idea to shift the feminine out of the vivarium while you do it. Woman Bearded Dragons will not essentially turn into aggressive if you try out to get rid of the eggs, but it is doable.

If you do take out the eggs, you want to do so very carefully. Tilting or tipping the eggs can induce the demise of the embryo within, so they have to have to be retained in the exact situation as you move them and at the time you position them in an incubator or tub.

The eggs want to be kept at all-around 28°C and humidity at about 80%. Hatching will consider in between 50 and 100 days. If you never want to commit in a skilled incubator, you can make your have working with a polystyrene box with a several inches of h2o and a pond heater. The eggs are then placed in dry containers on top rated of the h2o and the temperature can be safely controlled applying the pond heater. This also can help with humidity levels.

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Numerous Clutches

About a month immediately after the initial clutch is laid, your female may well lay a 2nd clutch. In actuality, she can lay three or even 4 clutches, despite the fact that two is the most prevalent. You will want to proceed to provide someplace to lay or hazard your Beardie starting to be eggbound, and if you want all of the eggs to hatch, you will need to have lots of incubator area due to the fact the to start with eggs will not have hatched by the time the next clutch is created.

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Bearded Dragons are extremely well known lizard pets because they are light, tolerate managing, and are enjoyable and intriguing to look at. They also breed quickly, and you will will need to keep an eye on yours if you retain two or additional Beardies collectively. If you are intentionally mating them, it is finest to maintain the male and feminine apart right until they are completely ready to breed and, when they do, be geared up for what could probably be a lot of eggs and a whole lot of hatchlings over the place of 2 or 3 months. Always make certain that you have residences for the young to go to just before you allow the eggs hatch and bear in thoughts that some pet stores could not be willing to purchase them from you.

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